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Unit 9. Our Nice Neighbors

Vocabulary Practice

1. t / a (thank) 2. a / s / t (babysit) 3. e / l (help)

4. b / k (bake) 5. c / a (coach) 6. e / h / o (neighbor)

Sentence Practice

1. Mom and I are baking cookies.

2. We will give them to our neighbors.

3. They help us all the time.

4. Thank you for babysitting me.


1. Our neighbors are very nice people.

2. I give Mrs. Jones cookies.

3. Thank you for coaching my soccer team.

4. We feel very happy.


cookies, neighbors, nice, help, babysitting, happy


Unit 10. What Is It?

Vocabulary Practice

Sentence Practice

1. It is on your face.

2. It has two holes.

3. You canТt see or hear with it.

4. This body part helps you smell.


1. Can you guess this body part?

2. It looks like a triangle.

3. It helps you breathe clean air.

4. It filters dirt out of the air.



guess, holes, triangle, breathe, wet, nose

Unit 11. They Are Monsters!

Vocabulary Practice

Sentence Practice

1. Desk, Eraser, and Pencil are talking.

2. Why is your face so dirty?

3. Why are they so mean to us?

4. No one has an answer.


1. It is nighttime at school.

2. Some students draw on me.

3. Why are there holes in your body?

4. Some students poke me with pens.


nighttime, dirty, draw, holes, monsters, throw


Unit 12. My Strawberry Plant

Vocabulary Practice

Sentence Practice

1. Dad brings me a small plant.

2. I donТt see any strawberries.

3. I put the plant in our garden.

4. It also grows white flowers.


1. This is a strawberry plant.

2. Its leaves get bigger.

3. They become big, red strawberries.

4. My strawberry plant is wonderful!


plant, strawberry, water, bigger, grows, wonderful

Unit 13. New Robots


Vocabulary Practice

Sentence Practice

1. Some robots also do chores for us.

2. Scientists are making a new kind of robot.

3. They can have nice chats with us.

4. ArenТt these new robots interesting?


1. They do dangerous jobs for us.

2. These robots are not for doing work.

3. They can read our faces.

4. They understand our feelings.


factories, chores, scientists, technology, feelings, interesting

Unit 14. Happy MotherТs Day

Vocabulary Practice

1. s / e (seed) 2. e / a / g (message) 3. e / r / t (decorate)

4. b / o (bloom) 5. l / w / p (flowerpot) 6. b / a / a (breakfast)


Sentence Practice

1. I write her a card too.

2. I want to do something new.

3. How about giving your mom a special flowerpot?

4. Your mom can watch them bloom.


1. I make my mom breakfast.

2. Decorate a flowerpot with paint.

3. Write a sweet message on it.

4. She will love this gift!


breakfast, ideas, special, decorate, message, bloom



Unit 15. The Donkey and the Dog

Vocabulary Practice

1. wag 2. lap 3. barn

4. jealous 5. donkey 6. terrible

Sentence Practice

1. A man has a little dog and a donkey.

2. The donkey feels jealous.

3. The man loves the dog more than me!

4. He sees the dog jump on the manТs lap.


1. He cares for the dog a lot.

2. The donkey sees the dog wag its tail.

3. He does the same.

4. What a terrible donkey!


cares, jealous, same, lap, terrible, barn



Unit 16. Where Is My Bat?

Vocabulary Practice

Sentence Practice

1. I play baseball with my friends.

2. Today I canТt find my bat.

3. IТm really angry at him.

4. I lent it to him last week!


1. I ask my brother Dan.

2. I donТt believe him.

3. He always loses my things!

4. I see my friends.


baseball, bat, believe, holding, lent, sorry

Unit 17. A Snowy Day

Vocabulary Practice

1. melt 2. shape 3. point

4. spider web 5. snowflake 6. agniying lass

Sentence Practice

1. Tom, Will, and Jodi look at snowflakes.

2. This snowflake looks like a flower.

3. The snowflakes have different shapes and sizes!

4. TheyТre also melting away really quickly!

1. It is snowing.

2. They use magnifying glasses.

3. Mine looks like the sun.

4. They all have six points!



snowflakes, magnifying, spider, shapes, points, melting



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