Present Simple tense of the verb to be

Positive Negative Question
I am/ Im I am not/ Im not Am I?
You are/ Youre You are not/ You arent Are you?
She is/ Shes She is not/ She isnt Is she?
He is/ Hes He is not/ He isnt Is he?
It is/ Its It is not/ It isnt Is it?
We are/ Were We are not/ We arent Are we?
They are/ Theyre They are not/ They arent Are they?

The verb To be is used

With ages Carlos is fifteen. Zara is fourteen.

With nationality words I m Kazakh. She is Spanish.

With jobs Jim is a teacher. Are you a student?

With an adjective You are right. I m happy. It s easy.

With this/that This is my bike. Is that your seat?

In questions Is Jim here? Are you nineteen? Are they from London? Is it easy?


1. Write a, an, or nothing to complete these sentences:

1. This is book. It is my book. 2. I have sister. My sister is engineer. 3. I have no handbag. 4. Is this watch? - No, it isnt watch, its pen. 5. He can see pencil on your table, but he can see no paper. 6. Give me chair, please. 7. We wrote dictation yesterday. 8. They have dog and two cats. 9. I have spoon in my plate, but I have no soup in it. 10. My sisters husband is doctor.

2. Put in the if the speaker and hearer, probably know exactly which (one/ones). Put in a/an, or - (no article) if not.

1. sun is yellow. 2. Whats weather like? - weather is fine. 3. sky is grey today. 4. earth is planet. 5. We had English lesson yesterday. teacher asked me many questions. 6. Nick went into bathroom, turned on water and washed his hands. 7. He is doing his room. homework is difficult. 8. It is very dark in room. Turn on light, please.

3. Put in the or a/an

1. Do you play piano? 2. There is big black piano in our living-room. It is at wall to left of door opposite sideboard. My mother likes to play piano. She often plays piano in evening. 3. boys like to play football. 4. What do you do in evening? I often play chess with my grandfather. 5. Where are children? Oh, they are out of doors. weather is fine today. They are playing badminton in yard. 6. What games does your sister like to play? She likes to play tennis. 7. Do you like to play guitar? 8. What colour is your guitar? 9. When we want to write letter, we take piece of paper and pen.10. When my grandfather wasyoung man, he studied physics.

4. Complete sentences with the correct form of the verb (am, is, are):

1. I a freshman. 2. This lesson easy. 3.You a teacher. 4. Your books on the table. 5. Today Monday. 6. Mr. Ross and Mr. Judd lawyers.7.They old friends. 8.The book interesting. 9. He a doctor. 10. We from Kazakhstan.

5.Answer these questions with yes or no answers:

e.g: Is Hong Kong in Thailand? No, it is not.

Are bananas yellow? Yes, they are.

1. Are you from New York? 2. Is it cold in Alaska? 3. Are diamonds expensive? 4. Is Rome the capital of Italy? 5. Is Tina Turner a singer? 6. Are you 21 years old? 7. Is rice your favorite food? 8. Are horses small animals? 9. Is Ivan Lendl a tennis player? 10. Are you and your friends in the park now?

Pronouns (personal and possessive)

I my mine
You your yours
He his his
She her hers
It its its
We our ours
They their theirs

6. Write the correct possessive adjective for these sentences:

1. These are parents. 2. Ive got watch. 3. Is this car? 4. Do they like new house? 5. Have you met teacher? 6. Whos got money? 7. I dont like teacher. 8. Have you got passport? 9. He forgot keys. 10. They changed hotel.


7. Use the correct possessive adjective (or a name) to complete the sentences:

1. My English teacher is American. name is . 2. Samir is Lebanese. first language is Arabic.3.Rosa and Maria are Mexican. first language is Spanish.4.Our dog is all black. name is Rover. 5. My family is Canadian. first language is French. 6. My name is . What is name? 7. Sofia is Italian. last name is Di Carlo. 8. Tom and Jim are brothers. last name is Wilson.



First day at school

Listen and decide whether the sentencesare true or false.


1. Jing and Tania are in the same class.

2. Their teacher is a man.

3. Jing knows where the classroom is.


Listen again and put the conversation in order.


Tania: Nice to meet you, Jing. What class are you in? Jing: Im in class 1B. Andyou?

Tania: Me too. Im in Class 1B too. Jing: Whos our teacher? Tania: Mr Smith.

Jing: And wheres our classroom? Tania: This way. Come with me. Jing: OK. Great.

Tania: Hi. Im Tania. Whats your name? Jing: Hello. My names Jing.



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