Choose the correct word to complete the text. The first letter of the verb is given.

L_ _ _! This is my b_ _ _ _ _ _. It's neat and t_ _ _. There is a b_ _ n_ _ _ to the w_ _ _. There are two s_ _ _ _ _ _ on the w_ _ _. There is an old trunk in f_ _ _ _ of the b_ _. There are s_ _ _ balls and a racket on the trunk. There is a c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ next to my b_ _. There is a w_ _ _ _ _ behind the c_ _ _ _ _ _ _. There are s_ _ _ p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ and medals on the shelves. There are c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ and a teddy bear on my b_ _. There aren’t any t_ _ _ on the floor. There isn’t a b_ _ _ on my b_ _ or under my b_ _. There isn’t a b_ _ _ _ _ _ _ in my b_ _ _ _ _ _. There is a colorful r_ _ on the floor. I l_ _ _ my b_ _ _ _ _ _!

Put the words in the correct order to make sentences. The capital word is the first word of the sentence.

e.g.: white house The is Peter´s. The Peter’s house is white.

1. The dog barks the to neighbours new.

2. have a We house got new.

3. He after is home never noon at.

4. do the housework I for my parents.

5. The kitchen downstairs is.

3. Some people prefer to live in a house, while others think that there are more advantages living in an apartment. Are there more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house rather than in an apartment? Write a short text about it.

CPO. 1. Translate the sentences from your native language into English.

Вчера погода была ужасная. Был дождь. Кеше ауа-райы өте нашар болды. Жаңбыр болды. 2) Какая погода была вчера? Великолепная. Кеше ауа-райы қандай болды? Керемет. 3) Вчера погода была хорошая. Небо было голубым. Кеше ауа-райы жақсы болды. Аспан көк болды. 4) По небу плыли несколько белых облаков. Аспанда бірнеше ақ бұлттар қалқып жүрді. 5) Небо было покрыто тучами. Аспан қарауытып тұрды. 6) Было очень холодно. Өте суық болды. 7) Вчера было туманно. Кеше тұманды болды. 8) В январе был мороз. Қаңтарда аяз болды. 9) В апреле погода была очень переменчива. Сәуірде ауа-райы өте құбылмалы болды. 10) Ты смотрел вчера прогноз погоды по телевизору? О, да, обещали хорошую, солнечную погоду. Сен кеше теледидардан ауа-райы болжамын көрдің бе? О, иә, ауа-райы жақсы, ашық болады деді.


CPCOП. 1. Translate the text from English into your native language.

House of My Dream


Everyone likes dreaming. Dream is a hope for better things. It helps us to overcome the difficulties of our daily routine. A dream depends on people, on their education, nationality, character and other things. People imagine they have a lot of money, own family, an expensive car. Other people imagine themselves to be presidents of different countries or whole planets, etc.

I'd like to tell you about the house of my dream. I'd like to have my own house on the bank of a beautiful river with crystal water, surrounded by high mountains, covered with green forest of evergreen trees.

I would live there with my wife and two children. I imagine my house to be a 2 storeyed building. Near the front side it has a facade with columns and steps up to the front door. There are also two balconies and a terrace in my house. The windows are in the shape of arches. Through them you can see a wonderful landscape. There are lots of fir trees and flowers around the house. And you can walk in the shade of these trees listening to the birds singing.

As you come through the front door, you find yourself in a large hall with an open fireplace. One of the doors leads to the living room. This room faces the south, so it's very sunny and has a lovely view of the whole valley. In the middle of this room there's a thick Persian carpet.

There are few units of furniture in this room. On the left there's a leather sofa and small table nearby, on the right you can see home cinema and satellite receiver. There are two armchairs in the corner of this room. In the living room we spend our evenings chatting with each other, children play with a kitten.

Then a wide staircase takes you to the first floor where there are four bedrooms. My children's rooms are really vast. The wallpapers are very colourful in bright shapes. Also there are lots of toys to play with.

In the basement there is a big garage for our cars. We have got two cars: one for me and one for my wife.

Behind the house there is a swimming bath, covered with glass. There are some plastic armchairs around the swimming bath. Our house looks peaceful and calm and the calmest room is my study. Next door to the study there is our library. It is a huge room with thousands books on history, astronomy, physics, science fictions, fantasy, poetry, etc. Someone might think that it is an antagonism, because everything we want to read we can receive via Internet, but I like real books, to handle them in my hands, to read them page by page. As for my children, they prefer associating with their friends.

We have many different electrical appliances in our house. They make our life more comfortable. Also we have some robots to help us. They look after the house, grow vegetables in our garden and involved in cooking. So, we enjoy having greens and fresh vegetables on our dinner table during long winters. Our house is a beautiful place at any time of the year. In winter it's warm and cozy, in summer there is so much to do outside.

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