Read the dialogue filling in the missing words. In pairs, use your names to act out similar dialogues.

· Where do you 1) _____ Susan?

· In a flat, near my office.

· How big 2) _____ it?

· Not 3) _____ big. It's a two-room flat.

· And a kitchen and a bathroom?

· Yes, of 4) _____.

· And what about the rooms? Are 5) _____ big?

· The living-room is, but the bedroom is a 6) _____ small. But it's O.K.

· Is it expensive?

· No, it's quite 7) _____, really.

· And are you happy there?

· Yes, I am, but it isn't perfect, you know.

· Oh, what's wrong with it then?

· Well, there's a lot of traffic to the street outside, so it's a bit 8) _____.

· Is that all?

· No, it's also a bit cold there, the heating isn't very good.

· Where would you really like to live?

· I'd like to have a small cottage near 9) _____ sea with an orange tree in the garden.

· Oh, dear, what 10) _____ sweet dream.

Before reading

Use the pictures and tell about your ideal house.








Read the text and tick the correct word in the given sentences.

1. My name is Catherine, I’m thirteen/thirty years old.

2. My father works on a farm/factory, my mother does housework.

3. There are many farms/forests and fields/fans around.

4. At the weekend/week my mother bakes the pies and we ride a horse with father.

5. In winter we like to toboggan/to go out and make the snowman.

My House

My name is Catherine, I’m thirteen years old. I was born in a small village called Melexa and I live there. My father works on a farm, my mother does housework. I go to school and my younger brother tarries at home with mother. It’s very beautiful in our village both in winter and summer; there are many forests and fields around. Besides that the Syas river runs in our village. There is a horse, two cows and also goats and chickens on our farm. Early in the morning before going to school I help my mother to milk the cows or feed the chickens. There is a real Russian stove in our wooden house and when it’s cold my brother and I perch on it to warm ourselves. At the weekend my mother bakes the pies and we ride a horse with father. In May our whole family plants potatoes. Apple, plum, cherry trees strawberry plants and raspberry canes grow around our house at our parcel. In summer we swim in the river, gather berries and mushrooms in the forest. Besides that my father can cook very delicious shashlik. In the evenings we go fishing. In winter we like to toboggan and make the snowman. I love my rustic home.


After reading

Explain the words and phrases in bold as in the example.

Village is a small community or group of houses in a rural area, larger than a hamlet and usually smaller than a town, and sometimes (as in parts of the U.S.) incorporated as a municipality.

Vocabulary game

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