Ex.46 The be going to form

Put the verbs in brackets into the be going to form.

1 You (miss) your train.

2 The pressure cooker (explode).

3 When you (pay) the bill?

4 She (dye) the old curtains blue.

5 We (make) this whisky bottle into a lamp.

6 What you (do) with this room? ~

I (paint) the walls in black and white stripes.

7 The umpire (blow) his whistle.

8 You (eat) all that?

9 That man with the tomato in his hand (throw) it at the speaker.

10 That door (slam).

11 The bull (attack) us.

12 It (rain). Look at those clouds.

13 The cat (have) kittens.

14 The men in the helicopter (try) to rescue the man in the water.

15 That rider (fall) off.

16 These two men (cycle) across Africa.

17 The Lord Mayor is standing up. He (make) a speech.

18 He (grow) a beard when he leaves school.

19 This aeroplane (crash).

20 I (stop) here for a moment to get some petrol.

21 You (ask) him to help you?

22 I've lent you my car once. I (not do) it again.

23 I have seen the play. Now I (read) the book.

24 Small boy: I (be) a frogman when I grow up.

25 I (not sleep) in this room. It is haunted.

26 We (buy) a metal detector and look for buried treasure.

27 You (reserve) a seat?

28 I (plant) an oak tree here.

29 The dog (bury) the bone.

30 I (have) a bath.

31 I (smuggle) this out of the country.

32 There was very little blossom this spring. Apples (be) scarce.

33 I don't like this macaroni. I (not finish) it.

34 I (not stay) here another minute.

35 They (try) him for manslaughter when he comes out of hospital.

36 We (make) a lot of money out of this.


Ex.47 The present continuous and the be going to form

Planned future actions can be expressed by the present continuous tense with a time expression or by the be going to form with or without a time expression. The present continuous is mainly used for very definite arrangements in the near future. The be going to form can be used more widely.

Use the present continuous where possible in the following sentences and put the remaining verbs into the be going to form.

1 I (play) bridge tonight with Tom and Ann.

2 He (have) an operation next week,

3 It's very cold. I (light) a fire.

4 We (have) some friends to lunch tomorrow.

5 I've bought a piano; it (be) delivered this afternoon. ~ Where you (put) it? ~ I (put) it in the dining room.

6 You (go) to the auction tomorrow? ~ Yes, I (go) but I (not buy) anything.

7 I've reminded you once; I (not do) it again.

8 I (have) my hair cut this afternoon.

9 My nephew (come) to stay with me next weekend. ~

Where you (put) him? ~

I (put) him in the room in the tower.

10 Our class (start) German next term.

ll (spend) a few days in London next week.

12 The Town Council (build) a new school here.

13 What you (tell) the police?~ I (tell) them the truth.

14 He (start) tomorrow.

15 The Queen (open) Parliament next month.

16 The Prime Minister (speak) on TV tonight.

17 This shop (close) down next week.

18 When you (have) your next lesson? ~ I (have) it on Monday.

19 I (collect) my new dress this afternoon.

20 We (take) the children to the seaside this summer.

21 I (give) him a football for his next birthday.

22 She (sing) in her first big concert next month.

23 He (go) to Spain for his holidays. ~ He (fly)?~ No, he (go) by boat.

24 She (see) a specialist next week.

25 He (wash) the car?

26 He (ring) me up tonight.

27 The inspector (ask) you a few questions.

28 Her parents (give) a party for her next month. They (invite) sixty


29 Have you got a ticket for the big match on Saturday? ~ No, I don't even know who (play). ~ France (play) England.

30 They (launch) a ship this afternoon. You (come) to see it?

31 What you (do) with the money?

32 I (pick) you up at 6.30; don't forget.

33 Where you (go) tonight? ~

I (go) out with Peter. He (call) for me at eight.

34 I (compete) in the bicycle race tomorrow.

35 Mr Pitt has just phoned to say that he (not come) back till Wednesday night.

36 I (read) you his answer to my letter of complaint.

The future simple

Put the verbs in brackets into the future simple.

1 I (know) the result in a week.

2 You (be) in Rome tonight.

3 You (have) time to help me tomorrow?

4 It (matter) if I don't come home till morning?

5 You (be) able to drive after another five lessons.

6 Do you think that he (recognize) me?

7 Unless he runs he (not catch) the train.

8 He (lend) it to you if you ask him.

9 I hope I (find) it.

10 If petrol pump attendants go on strike we (not have) any petrol.

11 He (believe) whatever you tell him.

12 I (remember) this day all my life.

13 Perhaps he (arrive) in time for lunch.

14 If he works well I (pay) him £10.

15 I wonder how many of us still (be) here next year.

16 If you think it over you (see) that I am right.

17 If you learn another language you (get) a better job.

18 I am sure that you (like) our new house.

19 Newspaper announcement: The President (drive) along the High Street in an open carriage.

20 He (mind) if I bring my dog?

21 You (need) a visa if you are going to Spain.

22 If you open that trapdoor you (see) some steps.

23 You (feel) better when you've had a meal.

24 He (be) offended if you don't invite him.

25 She (have) £1000 a year when she is twenty-one.

26 If you put any more polish on that floor someone (slip) on it.

27 I wonder if he (succeed).

28 Papers (not be) delivered on the Bank Holiday.,

29 I hope he (remember) to buy wine.

30 If you leave your roller skates on the path someone (fall) over them.

31 If they fall over them and hurt themselves they (sue) you.

32 Announcement: Mrs Pitt (present) the prizes.

33 If you want twenty cigarettes you (have) to give me more money.

34 Notice: The management (not be) responsible for articles left on the seats.

35 If I drop this it (explode).

36 What your father (say) when he hears about this accident? ~ He (not say) much but he not (lend) me the car again.


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