Ex.43 The present perfect and the present perfect continuous

Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect or the present perfect continuous tense. (In some cases either could be used.)

1 We (walk) ten kilometres.

2 We (walk) for three hours.

3 You (walk) too fast. That's why you are tired.

4 I (make) sausage rolls for the party all the morning.

5 How many you (make)? ~ I (make) 200.

6 That boy (eat) seven ice-creams.

7 He (not stop) eating since he arrived.

8 The driver (drink). I think someone else ought to drive.

9 I (pull) up 100 dandelions.

10 I (pull) up dandelions all day.

11 What you (do)?~ We (pick) apples.

12 How many you (pick)? ~ We (pick) ten basketfuls.

13 I (sleep) on every bed in this house and I don't like any of them.

14 He (sleep) since ten o'clock. It's time he woke up.

15 He (ride); that's why he is wearing breeches.

16 I (ride) all the horses in this stable.

17 What a lovely smell! ~ Mary (make) jam.

18 The students (work) very well this term.

19 I only (hear) from him twice since he went away.

20 I (hear) from her regularly. She is a very good correspondent.

21 I (grease) my car. That's why my hands are so dirty.

22 I (polish) this table all the morning and she isn't satisfied with it yet.

23 I (work) for him for ten years and he never once (say) 'Good morning' to me. 24 He (teach) in this school for five years.

25 I (teach) hundreds of students but I never (meet) such a hopeless class as this.

26 Why you (be) so long in the garage? ~ The tyres were Hat; I (pump) them up.

27 I (pump) up three tyres. Would you like to do the fourth?

28 I (look) for mushrooms but I (not find) any.

29 He (cough) a lot lately. He ought to give up smoking.

30 You (hear) the news? Tom and Ann are engaged! ~ That's not new; I (know) it for ages!

31 I (try) to finish this letter for the last half-hour. I wish you'd go away or stop talking. ~ I hardly (say) anything.

32 The driver of that car (sound) his horn for the last ten minutes.

33 It (rain) for two hours and the ground is too wet to play on, so the match (be) postponed.

34 He (hope) for a rise in salary for six months but he (not dare) to ask for it yet.

35 Mr Smith, you (whisper) to the student on your right for the last five minutes. You (help) him with his exam paper or he (help) you?

36 Why you (make) such a horrible noise? ~

I (lose) my key and I (try) to wake my wife by throwing stones at her window. ~

You (throw) stones at the wrong window. You live next door.


Ex.44 for and since

Fill the spaces in the following sentences by using for or since.

1 We've been fishing... two hours.

2 I've been working in this office... a month.

3 They've been living in France... 1970.

4 He has been in prison... a year.

5 I've known that... a long time.

6 That man has been standing there... six o'clock.

7 She has driven the same car... 1975.

8 Things have changed... I was a girl.

9 The kettle has been boiling... a quarter of an hour.

10 The central heating has been on... October.

11 That trunk has been in the hall... a year.

12 He has been very ill... the last month.

13 I've been using this machine... twelve years.

14 We've been waiting... half an hour.

15 Mr Pitt has been in hospital... his accident.

16 He hasn't spoken to me... the last committee meeting.

17 I have been very patient with you... several years.

18 They have been on strike... November.

19 The strike has lasted... six months.

20 It has been very foggy... early morning.

21 They have been quarrelling ever... they got married.

22 I've been awake... four o'clock.

23 I've been awake... a long time.

24 We've had no gas... the strike began.

25 I've earned my own living... I left school.

26 Nobody has seen him... last week.

27 The police have been looking for me... four days.

28 I haven't worn low-heeled shoes... I was at school.

29 He had a bad fall last week and... then he hasn't left the house.

30 He has been under water... half an hour.

31 That tree has been there... 2,000 years.

32 He has been Minister of Education... 1983.

33 I've been trying to open this door... forty-five minutes.

34 He hasn't eaten anything... twenty-four hours.

35 We've had terrible weather... the last month.

36 Nobody has come to see us... we bought these bloodhounds.


Future forms


Ex.45 The present continuous tense as a future form

Put the verbs in brackets into the present continuous tense.

1 They are going to drill for oil here. They (start) on Monday.

2 My uncle (make) a speech on Friday.

3 I (take) my sister to the ballet tomorrow.

4 She (call) for me at six.

5 He (play) at Wimbledon next summer.

6 I (meet) her at the station at ten.

7 The sales (not start) till Monday.

8 How you (get) to the party tomorrow? ~ I (go) by car. ~ Who (drive)?

9 The piano tuner (come) this afternoon.

10 You (give) him anything for his birthday?~ Yes, I (give) him a dictionary.

11 The windows (be) cleaned today. Then we'll be able to see out.

12 She (come) out of hospital next week.

13 We (have) dinner early tonight as we (go) to the theatre.

14 Where you (go) for your holidays this year? ~ I (go) to Holland.

15 He (not give) a lecture tonight.

16 (have) my photograph taken tomorrow.

17 (buy) her a burglar alarm for a wedding present.

18 The elections (be) held next week.

19 I (have) lunch with my aunt on Thursday.

20 The committee (meet) next Wednesday.

21 My grandparents (celebrate) their golden wedding next week.

22 I (lend) him my car for his holidays.

23 The strikers (return) to work next week.

24 Smith's (open) a new branch in this street in July.

25 We've bought a new house and (move) in very soon.

26 I (not take) up judo next winter.

27 They (get) married next week.

28 You (do) anything tonight? ~ Yes, I (go) to my carpentry class.

29 The Prime Minister (fly) to America tomorrow.

30 He (start) a new job on Friday.

31 The Queen (give) a garden party next week. You (go)?

32 My brother (be) released on Tuesday. I (meet) him outside the


33 I (catch) the 6.30 plane tomorrow. ~ Where you (leave) your car? ~ I (not take) the car.

34 Her mother (send) her to France next year.

35 I (go) to the dentist tomorrow. Miss Pitt (take) my class.

36 I (lend) my flat to my American cousins next year.


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