Men and women. Their attitude towards speed.


Scottish Government questioned a large sample of men and women on their attitudes towards speed and motoring offences enforcement. And while men were found to think that the speed limit was 'too low' on motorways, dual carriageways and rural roads, women were more likely to think it was 'too fast'.

Additionally, more men believed that the penalty for speeding was too harsh, and more women thought it was too lenient. Male drivers also admitted to driving faster when feeling stressed, in fast moving traffic or running behind schedule.

Alice Bailey, of road safety charity Brake, believes that men are inherently more likely to take risks when speeding on the road - although she does agree with Shaun Helman's theory that certain demographics are 'dragging men down'.

’Male drivers are consistently more likely than women to admit to all manner of risky and illegal driving behaviour,’ says Bailey, ‘from speeding to drink-driving, and this translates directly into the figures: two thirds of drivers killed or seriously injured in crashes are men.


Exercise 6. Match the following synonyms from the text.

1 enforcement 2 motorway 3 speed 4 risky 5 attitude 6 offence a) dangerous b) crime c) tension d) rapidity e) high road f) relation


Exercise 7. Complete the sentences using a/an or the

1. We enjoyed our holiday. ____hotel was very nice.

2. ‘Can I ask ___ question? ‘Of course. What do you want to ask?’

3. Peter and Mary have got two children, ___boy and ___ girl. ___ boy is seven years old and ___girl is three. Peter works in ___ factory. Mary hasn’t got ___ job at the moment.

4. A. Shall I go out for ____ meal this evening?

B. Yes, that’s ___ good idea.

5. I like this room but I don’t like ____color of ____ carpet.


Exercise 8. Write a letter (8-10 sentences). Your boyfriend or girlfriend invited you to the restaurant, but you are so busy therefore you can’t go. Write an informal letter to your friend that you feel sorry and suggest to meet the next time.

Check yourself

1. Choose the correct variant. This morning I bought … newspaper and … magazine. … newspaper is in my bag but I don't know where I put … magazine. a) a, a, a, a b) a, a, the, a c) the, the, the, a d) a, a, the, the 2. Choose the correct variant.I saw … accident this morning … car crashed into … tree. a) an,an,the b) an, a, a c) an, the, the d) the, the, a  
3. Choose the antonym of the word “polite” a) coarse b) splendid c) glamorous d) alluring 4.Choose an appropriate definition to the word “whiff” a) a slight gust or puff of wind, air, vapor, smoke b) air conditioner c) a substance that emits and diffuses a fragrant odor d) a species of matter of definite chemical composition


English Russian Kazakh
divine [dɪˈvaɪn] божественный тамаша
enforcement [ɪnˈfɔːsmənt] правоприменение, принуждение мәжбүлеу
lenient [ˈliːnɪənt] снисходительный қамқор
incredible [ɪnˈkredəbl] невероятный ақылға сыймайтын
harsh [hɑːʃ] суровый,строгий қатан
drag [dræg] бремя,ноша ауыртпалық
inherently [ɪnˈhɪərəntlɪ] по существу айтарлықтай
whiff [wɪf] дуновение есу
run out of [rʌn aʊt ɒv] заканчиваться аяқталу
tension [ˈtɛnʃən] напряженность алаңдаушылық, кернеулік, шиеленіс
Office hours №8   Make up a topic “Women are from Venus, men are from Mars” and retell it.  
LIW № 22   Write a congratulation on Women’s day using a model (p.175)



1. Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig. New English File. Intermediate. Student’s book. Oxford University Press, 2012.

2. Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig. New English File. Intermediate. Workbook. Oxford University Press, 2012.


3.John and Liz Soars. New Headway. Intermediate. Student’s book. Oxford University Press, 2012.

4. John and Liz Soars. New Headway. Intermediate. Work book. Oxford University Press, 2012.

HAND OUT № 16(76)
Discipline: English as a foreign language Credits - 2
Intermediatelevel Practical lesson
Lexical theme: The right job for you  
Grammar: Gerund and infinitive  
Teacher: assistant professor Karybayeva Adina Seilgazievna

Exercise 1. Look at the pictures and talk about them.

Have you ever done one of the following jobs? Did you enjoy it? Was it well-paid? Which job would you like to do? What would you prefer to work by yourself or to work as a part of a team?

Being a waiter/waitress in a café or restaurant Working in a night club or disco Being a volunteer Being a programmer


Exercise 2. In pairs, match the adjectives below with their correct definitions and discuss how important the characteristics are for your job or the job that you want to apply for:

1) experienced a) able to make yourself do something well
2) self-motivated b) able to talk to people easily and share information
3) communicative c) continually doing a lot of work
4) enthusiastic d) energetically interested in something and willing to be involved in it
5) dynamic e) having lots of ideas and energy
6) hardworking f) having skill or knowledge because you have done something many times

GRAMMAR COMMENT Gerund and infinitive

Use the Gerund (verb+-ing)
1 after prepositions and phrasal verbs. I’m very good at remembering names. She’s given up smoking
2 as a subject of a sentence Eating out is quite cheap here
3 after some verbs, e.g. hate, spend, don’t mind I don’t mind getting up early
Common verbs which take the gerund include:enjoy, hate, finish, like, love, mind, practice, spend, stop, suggest and phrasal verbs, e.g. give up, go on, etc
Use the Infinitive (+to)
1 after adjectives My flat is easy to find
2 to express a reason or purpose He’s saving money to buy a new car.
3 after some verbs, e.g. want, need, learn She’s never learnt to drive. Try not to make a noise.
Common verbs which take the infinitive (with to)include: (can’t)afford, agree, decide, expect, forget, help, hope, learn, need, offer, plan, pretend, promise, refuse, remember, seem, try, want, would like
Use the Infinitive (without to)
1 after most modal and auxiliary verbs I can’t drive. We must hurry
2 after make and let My parents don’t let me go out much. She always makesme laugh.

Fill in the blanks below with the correct form of the verb (Gerund or Infinitive) in brackets.

1 It's obvious he's only interested in (make) ______________ money.

2 Peter was delighted (meet) _______________ a former colleague at the conference.

3 Bob sent a report to the Chairman instead of (attend) _______________ the meeting.

4 A lot of people dislike (drive) _______________ at night.

5 I intend (speak) _______________ to my boss about your complaint.

Exercise 3. Read the text

World of Jobs

We spend great part of our lives at our jobs, so choosing a right career is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.

Part of the problem is the size of the job market itself. With so many kinds of jobs how can you tell which will interest you? Some of occupations are already overcrowded. In old industries there may be little need for new workers, while new and growing industries will offer jobs now and in the future.

The interest inventory that follows covers the major fields in which most people find careers: science, art, social service, business, sales and so on. Sometimes we say that someone we know is 'a square peg in a round hole'. This means that person we are talking about is not suited for the job he is doing. Unfortunately, many people in the world are 'square pegs'. But to be a 'square peg' is not a real problem, a real problem for millions of people is to be unemployed.

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