Translate the following text into Russian observing Participles.

New word to the texts:

To design - конструировать

To preside – осуществлять руководств

To install - устанавливать

Demand - требование

Felony – тяжкое уголовное преступление

To occur - случаться

Intruder - нарушитель

Warrant - ордер
Roll call is an informal affair used in police stations for police personnel before their shift. The presiding officer advises the patrolmen of crimes occurred in the precinct during the past 24 hours and of any possible unusual demands for police services expected during the coming shift. In addition, the patrolmen get a fresh list of unrecovered stolen cars and the names of the people wanted on new felony warrants, roll call usually taking from ten to twenty minutes. After roll call patrol cars manned by two officers go cruising and patrolling the streets. In addition to regular precinct shifts there is a tactical squad of about 15 cars responsible for making accidents reports in traffic accidents involving personal injuries. The calls and incidents handled by one squad car include different matters: stolen cars, unsecured business, hit-and-run accidents, drunk person, «silent alarm». A «silent alarm» is a protective device, installed by many businessmen, designed to warn of any intruder and given at the office of the private alarm company. When given, silent alarm advises the police to arrive at the scene as quickly as possible.

Тема 16

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Text №1

1. Some new words for the text:

Headquarters главное управление, центр, штаб-квартира

Advance прогресс, развитие

To set standards устанавливать стандарты

Field officer офицер, курирующий определенный район

Extortion вымогательство

Larceny воровство, хищение

Fraud мошенничество

Robbery грабеж

Burglary кража со взломом

Motor vehicle транспортное средство

Treason государственная измена

Espionage шпионаж
2. Read and translate some general information about Federal Bureau of Investigation:

About FBI

(general information)

The most famous Federal Government Agency in the United States is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the FBI). It was established in 1908 by Attorney General Charles Joseph Bonaparte in response to President Theodore Roosevelt’s need for an investigative agency to handle «land thieves» in the West and big business «trusts» in the East. The agency began as a small group of investigators in the Department of Justice.

In 1924, when the Attorney General Harlan Fiske Stone appointed 29-year-old J. Edgar Hoover as the director of the bureau, a major advance began. Hoover instituted an immediate reorganization, setting new standards of qualifications for appointment as special agent and a system of specialized training for all personnel.

Under Director Hoover’s leadership, by the end of the 1960’s, the FBI, with headquarters in Washington, D.C., had field offices in 59 major cities and 526 resident offices serving 50 states. There were offices in 11 major foreign cities. The investigative work was performed by more than 16, 000 employees: 7,200 special agents and 9,100 clerical, stenographic, and technical personnel.

The FBI investigates over 180 different matters, including espionage, sabotage, treason, federal criminal violations and other activities affecting internal security; kidnapping, extortion, bank robbery, burglary and larceny in federal institutions; bribery, interstate transportation of stolen motor vehicles, aircraft, or property; fraud against government or theft of government property and any other matters in which the Government has an interest.

3. Read and translate the following international words without dictionary:

Bureau, criminal, interest, agents, special, narcotics, prostitution, cooperation, local, deserter, identification, collection, arrest, police, laboratory, criminological, material, communications, control, teletype, contact, information, instruction, practical, situation, nation, function, inspection, limit, competent, atomic, energy.

4. Write and read the words from which the following ones are formed:

investigation ---------------- responsibility ---------------------

organization ---------------- security ----------------------------

appointment ---------------- suspect ----------------------------

government ----------------- criminal ---------------------------

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