Review vocabulary for the text by reading and translating the following


Specially marked police cars; separate police force; to co-operate with each other; to give assistance; to ask for assistance; to carry guns; terrorist incidents; to guard politicians; regular police force; specially trained police officer; with the signed permission; a certain level of academic qualifications; for a few hours a week; to obey the parking regulations; to control offences; to safeguard public order; to deal with lost property; to apprehend criminals.

4. Read and translate into Russian the synonyms given below

Gun – weapon

Crime – offence

Criminal – offender

Assistance – help

Fight – combat, struggle

Safeguard – security

Job – work

Deal with – handle

Involve – include

Public order – law and order
5. Find in the text above the English equivalents for the following words and expressions:

  • поддерживают правопорядок

  • основатель полиции

  • национальная полиция

  • советники графств и мировые судьи

  • вооруженный грабеж

  • охранять политиков и дипломатов

  • как и в армии / подобно армии

  • работают добровольно несколько часов в неделю

  • осуществлять контроль за правонарушениями

  • превышение скорости

  • вождение автомобиля в пьяном виде

  • охранять общественный порядок

  • пропавшее имущество.


6. Explain the common nicknames of the British policemen:

«Bobbies», «the cops», «the fuzz», «the pigs», «the Old Bill».


7. Choose and use the right words in the following sentences:

Offence offender

Offensive offended

1. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the suspect for an … immediately.

2. He was charged with a serious …

3. It was a very serious … against the law.

4. He … against the law.

5. First … are people found guilty for the first time.

6. Old … are people who have often been found guilty.

7. These are … weapons.

8. Confirm or deny the statements using the following phrases:

Quite so…

Right you are…

I quite agree with you here …


I am afraid not…

I don’t agree with you…

I am afraid you are wrong

Excuse me but…

On the contrary…

Not quite so…

  1. Great Britain has a national police force which is controlled by central Government.

  2. British policemen are to be seen in towns and cities keeping law and order, either walking in pairs down the streets or driving specially marked police cars.

  3. Everybody realize that the police in Britain are organized very differently from many other countries.

  4. Each British police force has a police authority – a committee of local county councillors and magistrates.

  5. The police forces co-operate with each other and it is usual for members of one force to operate in another’s area.

  6. Usually British policemen carry firearms in their day-to-day work.

  7. All members of the police must have gained a certain level of academic qualifications at school and undergone a period of intensive training.

  8. The police are helped by a number of Special Constables – members of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Economic Crimes Investigation Department (ECID).

  9. The main responsibility of the traffic wardens is to locate and apprehend criminals.


9. Answer the following questions:

1. Who was the founder of the British police?


  1. What does «walking the beat» mean?

  2. Why are British police cars called «jam-sandwich» cars in colloquial speech?

  3. Is there a single police force, organized by central government?

  4. What is the major difference in police organization between Britain and some other countries?

  5. When do British police forces co-operate with each other?

  6. What is the name of London’s police headquarters?

  7. In what situations can policemen carry arms?

  8. What are the ranks of policemen?

  9. What is the job of CID officers?

  10. What are the duties of traffic wardens?

  11. What is Scotland Yard and what does it do?


10. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the appropriate words and expressions from the previous text:

In Britain different areas have different _____ ____. For instance, the Metropolitan police operate in London, but there are different police forces in the counties outside London.

The top man in each police force is ____ ____. He is appointed by the local Watch Committee which is a _____ ____ of the local government. The Watch Committee can dismiss him, too, if the central government agrees. The Chief Constable appoints all the _____ below him in his force.

Things are slightly different in London. The top man is known as the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and his appointment is arranged through the central government.

British police are normally not _____. In special cases, when their work becomes dangerous, they can be given______ however.

As is well known, the ____ of the British policeman is blue, with a tall helmet. These days, though, you can see a different uniform in the streets. This is the uniform with the yellow hatband worn by ______ _____. Their job is simply to control traffic and _____ _____.

The most famous name connected with the British police is ______ _____. It is the headquarters of the London police force. Besides dealing with local police matters, the London police also help all over England and Wales with difficult crimes. They do this at the request of the local police.

11. Render the following text into English using the information and vocabulary from the text above:

В Великобритании существует 52 полицейских подразделения: 43 в Англии и Уэльсе, 8 в Шотландии и 1 в Северной Ирландии. Столичная полиция и полиция лондонского Сити отвечают за охрану общественного порядка в Лондоне. Кроме того, специальное подразделение транспортной полиции патрулирует железнодорожную сеть, а также метро Лондона.

Полицейская служба финансируется центральным правительством и местными властями. Каждое полицейское подразделение имеет своих специальных констеблей-добровольцев, которые работают в полиции в свободное время и помогают кадровым офицерам полиции, причем их работа не оплачивается. Они являются своеобразным связующим звеном между полицией и населением.

Полицейские подразделения Англии и Уэллса подведомственны органам местной полиции. Столичная полиция находится в подчинении у Министра внутренних дел. Подразделения в областях возглавляют констебли. Они несут ответственность за свою работу перед центральными полицейскими органами, которые назначают начальника полиции и его помощника. Комиссар Столичной полиции и его непосредственные подчиненные назначаются по рекомендации министра внутренних дел.

12. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences

1. There are _______ police forces organized on a local basis in the UK


a) 52

b) 43

c) 7

2. The police forces cooperate with each other _______


a) when there has been a very serious crime

b) regularly

c) when they control riots

3. The most senior police officer of a force is ______


a) Chief Constable

b) Chief Inspector

c) Chief Superintendant

4. The British police generally _____


a) carry guns

b) carry clubs and gas pistols

c) do not carry firearms

5. _______ has the main responsibility for the police force


a) the Queen

b) the Home Officer

c) the Prime Minister

6. There are about _______ policemen in Great Britain.


a) 1 500 000

b) 150 000

c) 15 000

7. The uniformed people you see in British towns are ____


a) traffic wardens

b) detectives

c) superintendants.

13. Retell the text.
Additional exercises to the topic «The work of British police»

Complete the following texts with the words and phrases from the bracket:

A. (Walkie-talkie, plain clothes, detective, uniform, policeman, police force, rank, join)

Alan is now old enough and tall enough to ______ the______ ______. At first, of course, he’ll be an ordinary ______ of the lowest ______. He’ll wear a _____ and go out in the streets keeping in touch with the police station with his ______ ______. Then he’d like to be a ______ in ______ ______ investigating serious crimes.

B. (rate, uniformed, detectives, duties, riot, truncheons, firearms, investigation, wardens, control, violence, authorities)

Police ____ cover a wide range of activities, from traffic ____ to more specialized departments such as river police. Each independent force has a ____ branch and a Criminal ____ Department with ____ in plain clothes. In addition, the police ____ in England and Wales employ 40,000 civilians and nearly 5,000 traffic ____.

Britain has relatively few police ____ approximately one policeman for every 400 people ___ and traditionally they are armed only with ___ expert in special circumstances. However, recent years have seen some major changes in police policy in response to industrial disputes and inner city ___ in Great Britain. In general, there has been an increase in the number of special units trained in crowd and ____ control and in the use of ____, a controversial area for the British police. The number of police has been risen along with the crime ___.
C. (order, law, aim, control, prevention, central, keep order, legal)

A police force is an organization of men and women who help to keep __ and enforce the __ in a state or country.

There are two forms of police force. One is a national police under the direct ___ of the ___ government. It is often organized like an army and its main aim is to ___. In most English-speaking countries the police are non-military groups. Such a police force is locally organized and its main ___ is crime ___. It hands over criminals to be dealt with by other branches of the ___ system.

Тема 18

Scotland Yard

Text №1


  1. Some new words:

Headquarters – главное управление, центр, штаб-квартира

To remove – перемещать, удалять, переезжать

Premise – помещение, дом

Hostility – враждебность, неприятие, сопротивление

Approval – одобрение, благоприятное мнение

Trust - доверие

Achievement - достижение

To foster – благоприятствовать, поощрять

Mutual - взаимное

Confidence - доверие

Outcry – протест, (общественное) негодование
2. Read and translate the text:

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