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ARead the brief and prepare your own presentation. Don’t forget to KISS (Keep it Short and Simple)!


FULL PRESENTATION PRACTICE: GIVING INFORMATION   Subject and structure Choose from the following list or think of your own subject. · My department and / or my company · My industry · My university · My research · My country   Take any direction you wish with your chosen subject, but divide your presentation into three clear parts using the structure below.       Your audience You are making this presentation to a group of people who are very important for your future career. This could be your board of directors, a group of external professors, an assessment centre panel or an audience at an international conference, for example. Describe your audience before you start your presentation.   Your targets · To have a fluent “who”, “why”, “what”, “how” start · To have a well-structured and signposted presentation · To finish well with a summary and clear conclusion · To leave a good impression by giving a well-prepared presentation  


B Give your full presentation.



A If you’re working in a group, analyse each other’s presentation, using the Feedback form below.



Feedback form: Lay solid foundations

  Poor OK Yes! Wow! Comments
Start   Who   Why   What   How   Variety          
Finish Signal   Summary   Present perfect   Conclusion   Closing remarks            

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