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B 1.10 Watch an extract from an interview with Cesar after his Step 1 presentation

1. Which additional technique did Cesar mention?

2. What are the benefits of these techniques for a non-native speaker?

3. Can you think of any additional advantages?

4. Why do you think pausing sometimes feels uncomfortable for a presenter?


C Read the text about pausing and then practise saying Svitlana’s text below with pauses.

Pause before using the signpost to turn to a new point. Count up to ten in your head and breathe deeply. This helps your audience to assimilate your information and gives you the chance to control your nerves.

That is why identifying the kinds of deviations and studying them is a necessary step in building a more just and successful society. // To summarise, // I will run through my three main points. // Firstly, I would like to emphasise one more time the importance of studying a deviant behaviour of economic agents as a separate subject. // Secondly, I would like to bring your attention to the importance of researching the origins of economic crimes // and thirdly, we need to be aware of different kinds of deviations and try to convert negative deviations into positive ones whenever possible. // In conclusion, I’d like to leave you with the idea that it is up to you to improve the quality of your lives and societies you live in by realizing that you can deal with a deviant behaviour efficiently by simply avoiding participating in economic crimes. // Thank you very much for your attention. And, if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them now.


Find Your Voice Get into groups of five. If your group has fewer than five people, one person can take two or more roles. Role play a presentation using the structure below.  



Keep it short and simple (KISS). Concentrate on using the language and techniques you have learned so far in this step for starting, finishing and signposting. Change roles for different presentations.

Suggestions for presentation topics:

· three countries for a good holiday

· three cars

· three great films or books

· three restaurants in your city

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