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Solve the clues and complete the puzzle with words from A and B opposite




1. Scanners and cameras are _____devices used to transfer images into a format that can be understood by computers.

2. A ____lets you copy photos and printed documents into your PC.

3. It has become one of life’s most familiar sounds – the beep of the supermarket till whenever a ____is scanned.

4. If you need to scan 35 mm ____you should go for a dedicated 35 mm film scanner which concentrates all its dots into a tiny area.

5. The scanner has a resolution of 300 x 600 ____.

6. A ____scanner is small enough to hold in your hand.

7. A ____scanner is used to capture lines of text, barcodes and numbers.

8. Most digital cameras use flash ____cards to store photos.

9. ____scanners have a flat surface and take at least A4-sized documents.

10. To scan photographic negatives or slides you will need a ____scanner.


6.2 Decide if these sentences are True or False. If they are false, correct them.

1. The details detected by a scanner are not determined by its resolution.

2. A barcode scanner is a computer peripheral for reading barcode labels printed on products.

3. Scanners cannot handle optical character recognition.

4. A digital camera uses a light sensitive film instead of a memory card for storing the


5. A digital video (DV) camera is used to take still photographs.

6. Video editing software allows you to manipulate video clips on the computer.


Complete this advertisement with words from the webcam section of C opposite.

Having (1) ……………… with friends and family has never been easier or more enjoyable. You get the highest-quality audio and video, no matter which chatting solution you see. With the Webcam Live! Ultra, its CCD image sensor with 640 x 480 (VGA) resolution produces rich, vibrant colours. Combined with its (2) ………… 2.0 Hi-Speed connection, the result is top-quality, full-motion video at 30 (3) ………. per second for all your web conversations, even in dimly-lit rooms. The Webcam Live! Ultra lets you do more. Let your voice be heard clearer than ever before with the included (4) ………, unlike the built-in microphones in most other (5) ………. . Take still pictures at up to 3.1 (6) …… resolution (interpolated), and enjoy the many great features that accompany the bundled award-winning WebCam Center software, such as motion detection, remote security monitoring, time lapse video capture and much more.


6.4 a) Write one reason for using a scanner at home or at work.

b) Do you have a digital camera? Describe its basic features and the things you do with



UNIT 7 Output devices: printers

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