Liquid-cooled turbogenerators

Solution for the maximum loads The liquid-cooled turbogenerators are well suited to central large power plants with power blocks of large output capacity. The requirements for a reliability and stable operation in the power grid of these generators are especially high. The liquid-cooled generators of ТВН type supplied by “ELSIB” are unique equipment without analogues in the world generator technology. The construction peculiarity is a filling of the stator volume with the heat resistance dielectric liquid that is also the cooling medium and a stator insulation system component (like in oil transformer). The dielectric liquid is circulated in a closed loop to remove the heat from the active elements of stator and cools at the water heat exchangers located out the case of the generator. The stator volume filled with the liquid is limited by the end shields, stator case, and from the side of a gap between stator and rotor - by the special dielectric cylinder. The insulation system of stator winding has the significantly more high dielectric strength than other known types of the insulation used at the large turbogenerators. This allows creating the generators with the optimum stator voltage in respect to the main parameters of the machine. The generator rotor is cooled by water supplied and drained through a water-fed device located at the central part of rotor shaft. The supply of cooling water to the rotor winding is provided with the radial units of the water-fed device. The cooling and insulation systems of ТВН generator give it the high reliability and provide a lot of the advantages and unique operational properties. The sufficient resources on the dielectric strength, heat loads, stability to the mechanic influences at vibration and deformation of the stator winding bars and other the design features allow to our customers to achieve the significant saving of the means and be fully sure in the reliable operation of these machines. This happens mainly due to the followings: · longer overhaul life up to 10 years, · higher mantainability, · protection of stator from humidity and dust, · higher overload capabilities and extended operation capabilities at extreme modes (underexcitation, asynchronous modes, asymmetrical loads), · high efficiency that is of up to 99%, · capability of early detection of the stator core and winding status by gas chromatography. In comparison with the other generators of large capacity the TBH generators have simple design and production workability that provide the high reliability and durability at the relatively low costs. For design the TBH generators the hydraulic and thermal phenomena at ducts of core and stator and rotor windings on the models, samples and test platforms were investigated. The researches done with the special platforms and natural generators defined the design of the end conical packets of stator core, wedge area of rotor and other assemblies.

A turbo generator is a turbine directly connected to an electric generator for the generation of electric power. Large Steam powered turbo generators (steam turbine generators) provide the majority of the world's electricity and are also used by steam powered, turbo-electric ships.

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