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Choose the best answer A, B, C or D. 1. The main advantage of broadband Internet is that files ________ by users up to 40 times faster than with a dial-up modem

1. The main advantage of broadband Internet is that files ________ by users up to 40 times faster than with a dial-up modem.

A) can download B) can be downloaded C) must be loaded D) could download

2. How many units________ last year?

A) sold you B) have you sell C) have you sold D) did you sell

3. If sales continue to do this well, we ________ our target by the end of next month.

A) will have reached B) are reaching C) will be reaching D) were reaching

4. Each year millions of reports on scientific research are published, a great number of ________ being in foreign languages.

A) their B) theirs C) them D) they

5. The device has got a year’s guarantee, so you can bring it back if anything ________ wrong.

A) will go B) would go C) goes D) had gone

6. The research group might________ good results.

A) getting B) got C) get D) not got

7. The detailed study of planets close to the Earth ________ in our knowledge concerning the origin of the solar system.

A) won’t filled gaps B) will fill gaps C) not fill gaps D) fill gaps

8. I couldn’t find Mrs Arnoux, so I asked her secretary ________.

A) was she there B) where was she C) where she was D) where she was being

9. He rang to ask ________we were still interested in the site or not.

A) whether B) when C) where D) that

10. I can’t wait so you must give me an ________ answer.

A) immediately B) immediate C) more immediate D) most immediate

11. You can’t have lost the laboratory key. It’s got to be ________.

A) anywhere B) somewhere C) everywhere D) where some

12. The problems that exist with your experimetns today should ________a month or two ago.

A) have been solved B) be solved C) have solved D) have been solving

13. In our study children on a diet high in dairy products tended to be considerably________than average.

A) more fat B) fatter C) fater D) more fatter

14. Petrol is ________ it was a few years ago.

A) twice more expensive as B) two times more expensive as C) twice as expensive as D) two times much expensive than

15. They are often confronted with difficult problems which they have to ________.

A) have solved B) solve C) be solving D) have been solving


Grammar Test 10

Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

1. The weather forecast says there’ll be wind from the north west tonight. That always ________ snow with it at this time of year.

A) bring ing B) bring C) brings D) has brought

2. I can’t find Ms Brown – ________ to lunch?

A) Have she gone B) Has she gone C) Did she go D) Has she went

3. The materials ________ excessively wet or excessively dry for this purpose.

A) must be not B) must not be C) have not be D) has not be

4. Usually outstanding scientists ________ to give review papers.

A) are being invited B) are invited C) invited D) were being invited

5. If you________ tomorrow, you’ll have problems because of the volcano eruption in Iceland.

A) will travel B) travelled C) would travel D) travel

6. I________ the contract if I had read it properly.

A) will have signed B) wouldn’t have signed C) didn’t sign D) signed

7. Sorry, but________ you give me a hand with these test tubes? They’re very fragile.

A) might B) may C) would D) shall

8. We ________them the reminder on Monday morning because the cheque arrived that afternoon.

A) needed to send B) needn’t send C) needed to have sent D) needn’t have sent

9. I didn’t receive the ticket, so I rang the travel agent to find out if they ________it.

A) sent B) had sent C) have sent D) sends

10. I rang to ask when they ________, but in fact they had already relocated.

A) are moving B) will move C) shall move D) were moving

11. Many research scientists are inspired by the hope of ________ diseases by genetic engineering,

A) cure B) having cured C) being cured D) curing

12. The new chess champion from Ukraine is amazing. ________ can beat him!

A) Anyone B) Everyone C) No one D) One

13. He brought a laptop ________ his e-mails when he was travelling.

A) access B) to access C) to have accessed D) to be accessed

14. I don’t mind the Mediterranean summer because it’s a________heat than you find in the tropics.

A) dryer B) drier C) more dry D) more drier

15. It doesn’t rain ________ it does in autumn.

A) as much in summer as B) as many in summer as C) so much in summer than D) as much in summer like


Grammar Test 11

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