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Макетные упражнения: Макет выполняется в масштабе 1:50, 1:100, 1:200 на подрамнике...

Построение спирали Архимеда: Спираль Архимеда- плоская кривая линия, которую описывает точка, движущаяся равномерно вращающемуся радиусу...

Choose the best answer A, B, C or D. 1. Much of the forest________ out in the hurricane, as you can see

1. Much of the forest________ out in the hurricane, as you can see.

A) has been wiped B) has wiped C) wiped D) was wiped

2. I ________ your report yesterday – could I see it now?

A) have not received B) not received C) did not receive D) did not received

3. Could you look after Mrs White tomorrow – I can’t do it because I ________ back from the conference when she gets here.

A) will have travelled B) was travelling C) was going to travel D) will be travelling

4. The telecoms operator ________ figures showing that the demand for broadband Internet has grown twice this year.

A) has been published B) has published C) is being published D) will be published

5. If that package from Neilson’s arrives this afternoon, ________it up to my office immediately.

A) you are bringing B) you would bring C) bring D) you brought

6. No conclusions ________ from this chapter.

A) can be drawn B) can’t be drawn C) cannot be drawn D) can be not drawn

7. The files aren’t here – I ________ them back at the office.

A) may leave B) must be leaving C) should have left D) must have left

8. Every new discovery seems to widen the horizon and increase the extent of ________ contact with unexplored areas.

A) our B) us C) we D) ours

9. I asked Martha ________ the conference had gone well.

A) what B) did C) if D) that

10. My boss was very supportive and encouraged me ________for the promotion.

A) to apply B) to have applied C) to applying D) to be applied

11. Tourism today is an industry ________ has grown so much in recent years that in many countries it provides the greatest single contribution to the country’s revenue.

A) who B) which C) whose D) where

12. There is hardly ________ to be seen in the city centre after dusk.

A) nobody B) anybody C) everybody D) one

13. The new manager is sure ________ into ways to cut costs.

A) to looking B) to look C) being looked D) to be looked

14. Our new security scheme is much ________ than the previous Government’s.

A) generouser B) more generouser C) generousest D) more generous

15. The Black Sea is ________ the North Sea.

A) not so stormy than B) not stormy as C) not so stormy like D) not so stormy as


Grammar Test 7

Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

1. I________ for a German laboratory for two years, from 1990 to 1992.

A) work B) have worked C) have been working D) worked

2. We ________ our normal suppliers, but we have changed our minds because we have found some new ones that are cheaper.

A) will use B) are going to use C) will be using D) were going to use

3. The statistics published yesterday ________ that over 30000 subscribers a week are turning to high-speed Internet services.

A) shows B) show C) are shown D) were shown

4. Gas is made up of very ________ molecules.

A) few B) less C) much D) a large number

5. They refused to give ________ explanation to the fact.

A) some B) any C) no D) not any

6. We had to get an interpreter in Japan because none of us________ speak Japanese.

A) knew B) were able C) could D) succeeded

7. The Manager asked me ________ of the new proposal.

A) what did I think B) if I thought C) that I did think D) what I thought

8. He apologized ________ at the meeting late.

A) to arrive B) that he arrived C) of arriving D) for arriving

9. You ________ yet whether to study management or business administration.

A) need decide B) need deciding C) needn’t decide D) need to have decided

10. Do you think we will be able to find ________ amongst all the people at the exhibition hall?

A) ourselves B) us C) each other D) our

11. All the problems ________from both theoretical and experimental viewpoints.

A) will deal B) will deal with C) will be dealt with D) deal with

12. This keyboard is much ________than any other in our catalogue.

A) convenienter B) convenientest C) more convenienter D) more convenient

13. These ________are available in current literature.

A) datum B) datums C) datas D) data

14. The atomic weight of sulphur is twice ________ that of oxygen.

A) as large as B) as large than C) larger as D) so large as

15. There will be a repeat of the smog crisis of two years ago here if nothing ________ to control the fires.

A) be done B) will be done C) would be done D) is done


Grammar Test 8

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