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TASK 1 Tick the appropriate answer

1. After a day's work in the lab, all the ______ were covered with iodine.

a) student's hands c) students' hands

b) students hands d) student's hand


2.______ people study Greek seriously while most prefer Spanish, Italian and the like.

a) little c) many

b) few d) much of


3. We cannot believe that he is the man _______ saved you from drowning.

a) that c) who

b) whom d) which


4. It is the best film I ______ lately.

a) saw c) see

b) 'II see d) have seen


5. Stop ______ that noise!

a) to make c) making

b) make d) doing


6. You have _______ a driving test before you can get a license.

a) passed c) been passed

b) to pass d) pass

7. I won't pay you unless you ______ the job.

a) don't complete c) won't complete


b) will complete d) complete


8. They are used ______ lies.

a) telling c) tell

b) to telling d) to tell


9. It _______ us four hours to do all the homework.

a) wanted c) lasted

b) needed d)took


10. Don't lie to me! _______ me the truth!

a) speak c) explain

b) say d) tell


11. I'm really looking forward _______ the exam.

a) to take c) to taking

b) to have taken d) taking


12. He_______! The car is not worth that much.

a) must be joking c) mustn't joke

b) must joke d) must to joke


13. I've heard _______ piece of _______ news that might interest you.

a) an, - c) -, -

b) a, - d) the, the


14. The company had to hire a van to move _______ furniture.

a) those c) a little

b) a d) another

15. Unemployment _______ to record levels last month.

a) rose c) has risen

b) raised d) has raised


16. This is her bag on the table, so I suppose she _______ have arrived.

a) should c) would

b) couldn't d) must


17. You should avoid _______ during the rush hour.

a) to drive c) drive

b) driving d) driven


18. I thanked my friends _______ being so cooperative.

a) for c) on

b) of d) to


19. I'm going to England _______ English.

a) for learning c) to learn

b) learning d) to be learnt


20. We went out for _______ meal last night _______ restaurant we went to was _______ excellent place.

a) a, the, an с) а, а, а

b) the, a, an d) the, the, the


21. "Who cut your hair for you?" "Nobody. I cut it_______."

a) myself c) himself

b) herself d) yourself


22.I have sent him two letters, _______ has arrived.

a) neither c) both of which

b) neither of which d) both

23. That's _______ cheese I've ever tasted for a long time.

a) the best c) good

b) better d) best


24. Our jobs are different but her salary is _______ as mine.

a) similar c) like

b) alike d) the same


25. Next year's congress is going _______ in New York.

a) to hold c) to be held

b) holding d) hold


26.______ sewage into oceans and rivers is a serious form of pollution.

a) having dumped c) dumped

b) being dumped d) dumping


27. Since ancient times, iron ______ to human beings.

a) is known c) is being known

b) has been known d) has been knowing


28. The President worked so hard that his ______ away from his desk was rare.

a) has been c) being

b) was d) to be


29. You'd better ______ from work tomorrow.

a) not be absent c) not to be absent

b) not to absent d) not absenting


30. Last year floods in Europe destroyed______2,000 buildings.

a) many c) just as

b) the same as d) as many as


31.Who ______ in the office when I ______ you?

a) were you talking to, phoned

b) did you talk to, phoned

c) were you talking, phoned

d) talked to, was phoning


32. You'll never jump three meters ______ hard you try.

a) whoever c) whenever

b) however d) wherever


33. He bought me ______ expensive ring he could find.

a) at last b) at least

с) the latest d) the least


34. I'll put on an overcoat in case it ______.

a) is raining c) rains

b) rain d) will rain


35. I'm used ______ my own shirts. I have to look after myself.

a) ironing c) iron

b) to ironing d) to iron


36. We can't offer you a sandwich because we've run ______ bread.

a) away from c) out from

b) off with d) out of


37. They want ______ for an interview next week.

a) she will come c) that she comes

b) her coming d) her to come


38. She carried on dancing in ______ of the pain.

a) spirit c) split

b) spite d) despite


39. We _______ wear what we liked at school when we were young.

a) can c) weren't allowed

b) are allowed to d) weren't allowed to


40. I wish we ______ a few more days, I'd like to see more sights.

a) had had c) had

b) have d) '11 have


41. There was not enough ______ for four in the flat.

a) room c) area

b) place d) measurement


42.1 doubt if she ______ you. You've really changed.

a) recognized c) '11 recognize

b) had recognized d) has recognized


43. The train ______ have arrived or I would have seen her.

a) mustn't c) should

b) can't d) should not


44.1 can't imagine ______ a computer at work now.

a) not having c) have

b) having d) to have


45. The arrested man was suspected ______ robbing a bank.

a) for c) in

b) of d) against


46. I'd rather you ______ the dinner now.

a) cook c) cooking

b) to cook d) cooked


47. We live in _______ old house in _______ middle of ______ village.

a) an, the, the c) an, a, the

b) a, the, the d) an, the, a


48. Did the children enjoy _______ when they were on holiday?

a) themselves c) yourself

b) ourselves d) yourselves


49.______ goods you sell _______ profit you'll make.

a) many, much c) the more, the more

b) more, more d) much, many


50. They ______ Great Britain several times but this will be their first trip to Ireland.

a) visit c) have visited

b) are visiting d) have been visiting


51. Five days ______ week I go to work by train.

a) of c) in

b) the d) a


52. While I was skiing I ______ and broke my wrist.

a) fell c) fall

b) was falling d) have fallen


53. I ______ what you are talking about.

a) am not understanding c) didn't understand

b) not understand d) don't understand


54. He has ______ time left.

a) many c) few

b) much d) a few


55. He ______ on his report since morning. He ______ the first two sentences.

a) has been working, has written

b) has worked, wrote

c) had worked, had written

d) was working, wrote


56.I don't care who comes to the party. You can bring ______ you like.

a) whoever c) whenever

b) whatever d) however


57. You need to score ______ 55 % to pass the exam.

a) at c) the latest

b) at least d) the least


58. That's ______ restaurant I've ever been to.

a) worst c) the worst

b) bad d) worse


59. When I was younger I _______ watch a lot of TV.

a) use c) used

b) am used d) used to


60. The road is icy, so drive _______.

a) care c) careful

b) carefully d) carelessly


61. You can't blame me _______ what happened.

a) of c) for

b) on d) in


62. It's no _______ trying to persuade her.

a) point c) use

b) advantage d) benefit


63. As we approached we _______ smell something burning.

a) can c) may

b) were able d) could


64. It's time we _______ a holiday. We deserve a break.

a) had c) to have

b) have d) are having


65.1 don't think you can _______ on him doing this task.

a) rely c) hope

b) expect d) dependent


66. I am going to finish this composition even if I _______ up all night.

a) had to stay c) have to stay

b) '11 have to stay d) '11 stay


67. We've taken on twenty new _______ this year already.

a) employing c) employees

b) employer d) employers


68. How can she afford _______ on holiday twice a year?

a) to go c) go

b) going d) to be going


69. He apologized _______ making such a noise.

a) of c) for

b) against d) from


70. I'd rather you _______ with us.

a) come c) coming

b) to come d) came


71. Did _______ police find _______ person who stole ______ bicycle?

a) the, the, the c) the, a, the

b) a, the, the d) the, the, a


72. The prisoners refused to eat _______.

a) something c) anything

b) some d) nothing


73.______he waited _______ nervous he became.

a) long, much c) the longer, the more

b) longer, more d) longest, most


74. ______ he wasn't keen on the idea, he agreed to participate.

a) although c) despite

b) however d) in spite of


75. It is always difficult for older people _______ job.

a) finding c) to find

b) find d) to have found


76. There ______ too much bad news on TV yesterday.

a) was c) is

b) are d) has been


77. Could you give me ______ glass of ______ milk with ______ sandwich?

a) a, -, a c) a, the, -

b) the, the, - d) -, the, -


78. On our trip to ______ Australia we crossed ______ Pacific Ocean.

a) the, - c) -, the

b) an, the d) -, -


79.______you introduce me to your friend as soon as she?

a) do, comes c) will, comes

b) will, come d) are, comes


80. There is no school uniform. The pupils can wear ______ they like.

a) whoever c) whenever

b) however d) whatever


81. I'm going on a diet tomorrow. I need ______ some weight.

a) to lose c) to have lost

b) lose d) losing


82. I spent ______ money last month that I had to go to the bank.

a) much c) so much

b) little d) so many


83. When I was a child I ______ play football every day.

a) use b) am used

c) was used d) used to


84. I didn't need any help. I did it ______ my own.

a) for c) on

b) with d) by


85. The party ______ by the time I ______ there.

a) had finished, get c) had finished, got

b) finished, got d) finished, had got


86. We are thinking seriously ______ here if we can find a job.

a) move c) moving

b) of moving d) to move


87. She ______ the key so I climbed through a window.

a) didn't leave c) had left

b) hasn't left d) hadn't left


88. The landlord was not ______ about all the repairs.

a) satisfied c) think

b) worried d) prepared


89. By the time I retire I ______ here for twenty years.

a) '11 be working c) '11 have worked

b) '11 work d) work


90. I'll cook ______ that you wash up.

a) if c) even if

b) provided d) if only


91. The plane is expected ______ an hour ago.

a) to land c) landing

b) to have landed d) land


92. I'm looking ______ passing all my exams.

a) forward c) forward to

b) to d) into


93. I'd rather you ______ anyone what I said.

a) not tell c) not to tell

b) didn't tell d) don't tell


94. We live in ______ small flat near ______ centre of ______ city.

a) a, the, the c) a, the, a

b) the, a, the d) a, a, a


95. She is very secretive. She never tells _____________.

a) somebody anything c) nobody nothing

b) anybody something d) anybody anything


96. My salary isn't ______ yours.

a) as high c) so high

b) as high as d) so high as



97. Finally they managed to ______ him to change his mind.

a) advise c) make

b) insist d) persuade


98.1 could arrive on time ______ of the traffic jam.

a) despite c) although

b) in spite d) however


99. Her father wouldn't let me ______ to her.

a) speak c) to speak

b) speaking d) to have spoken


100. Black Americans didn't enjoy full voting rights in ______ Southern United States until the civil rights movement of ______1960s.

a) the, the c)the, -

b) -, the d) -, -

UNIT 2 includes six texts, where the students are supposed to traintheir vocabulary and context skills.


Complete the following text with the words given below:

(1) to tradition, the first American Thanksgiving was (2) in 1621 by the English Pilgrims who had founded the Plymouth Colony. The Pilgrims marked the (3) by (4) with their Native American guests who brought gifts of food as a gesture of goodwill.

Although this event was an important part of American colonial history, there is no (5) that any of the (6) thought of the feast as a thanksgiving celebration. Two years later, during a period of drought, a day of fasting and prayer was changed to one of thanksgiving because rains came during the prayers. (7) the custom (8) among New Englanders to (9) celebrate Thanksgiving after the harvest.

1. A accordingly C According

B аccordance D Accordant


2. A celebrating C celebration
B celebrated D celebrate


3. A occasion C occasionally
B occasional D occasionalism


4. A feast C festivity
B feasted D feasting


5. A evident C evidence
B evidently D evidenced


6. A participate C participants
B participating D participated


7. A Grade C Graded
B Gradually D Gradual


8. A prevailed C prevailing
B prevalence D prevalent


9. A annual C annualize
B annum D annually


Complete the following text with the words given below:

The Louvre

The Louvre, the national art museum of France and the palace in which it is (1), is located in Paris, on the right bank of the Seine River. The structure, until 1682 a (2) of the kings of France, is one of the largest palaces in the world. It (3) the site of a 13th-century fortress. The building of the Louvre was begun in 1546. (4) were made to the structure during the (5) of almost every French (6). Under Henry IV, in the early 17th century, the Grande Gallery, now the main picture gallery, which borders the Seine, was (7). By the mid-19th century the vast complex was built; (8) more than 19 hectares, it is a masterpiece of architectural design.

1 A house C housed

B home D homeland

2. A residence C resident
B residential D residence

3. A occupies C occupancy
B occupying D occupant

4. A Add C Additions
B Adds D Adding

5. A regal C reigned
B reigns D regale

6. A monarchic C monarch
B monarchal D monarchy

7. A completing C complete
B completion D completed

8. A covering C covered
B cover D coverage


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