Деформации и разрушения дорожных одежд и покрытий: Деформации и разрушения могут быть только покрытий и всей до­рожной одежды в целом. К первым относит...

Объективные признаки состава административного правонарушения: являются общественные отношения, урегулированные нормами права и охраняемые...

Построение спирали Архимеда: Спираль Архимеда- плоская кривая линия, которую описывает точка, движущаяся равномерно вращающемуся радиусу...

General Information about the USA

The territory of the United States of America stretches from the Atlantic coast, across the central plains, over the Rocky Mountains to the densely populated west coast and then to the island state of Hawaii.

At present the population of the USA is about two hundred and thirty nine million. The USA is called the 'nation of immigrants'. The country was settled, built and developed by generations of immigrants and their children. Many different social and cultural traditions, ethnic sympathies, racial groups and religious affiliations make up the people of the USA.

The United States of America was founded in 1776. The Constitution was adopted in 1787. Since then more then 25 amendments to the Constitution have been made. The first ten amendments are known as the Bill of Rights. The Constitution defines a federal system of government. Certain powers are given to the national or federal government and all other powers belong to the states.

At present the United States of America is a federal republic, consisting of fifty states each of which has its own state government, its own police and its own laws.

The President is the head of the country, he chooses the ministers and the members of the Cabinet forming the executive power. The legislative power is vested in Congress — the federal government consisting of two chambers: the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Task II. Check if you remember:

1. What is the official name of the country?

2. What is the official name of the capital of the country?

3. What large cities are there in the States?

4. What powers does the Federal government consist of?

5. What was the country as such founded?

6. When was the Constitution adopted?

7. Who heads the Executive in the States?

8. Who finances the police in the States?


Task III. Make up questions to the following sentences:

1. The President chooses the ministers and the members of the Cabinet. (What?)

2. The United States of America was founded in 1776. (When?)

3. At present there are fifty states in the United States of America. (How many?)

4. Yes, each of fifty states has its own state government, its own police and its own laws.

5.Generations of immigrants and their children built and developed the country. (Who?)

Task IV. Give the English equivalents:

Население, поколение, принять Конституцию, сделать поправки, федеральная система правления, полномочия, полиция, закон, состоять из, исполнительная власть, палата, представитель, глава, определять, простираться.

Task V. Translate the passive constructions:

1. The criminal is identified.

2. The guilt of the accused has been proved.

3. The defendant was associated with the crime.

4. The facts are being established with the help of the witness.

5. The suspect will be arrested tomorrow.

Task VI. Change the following sentences into the Passive Voice, use the same tense:


1. The police devote a great part of work to finding missing and wanted persons.

2. The investigating officers have proved the guilt of the suspect.

3. The witnesses presented sufficient physical evidence.

4. The police are looking for a suspect.

5. They proved the connection of the criminal with the offense.

Task VII. Compose a sentence in the Passive using the following words:

1. To identify fingerprints yesterday

2. Proofs the crime scene on usually to find

3. The court to establish of the crime the fact

4. Of the accused to prove already the guilt

Task VIII. Translate into English:


1. Незначительное правонарушение было совершено этим молодым


2. Эти законопроекты будут обсуждаться завтра в парламенте.

3. Обвиняемый всегда допрашивается следователем.

4. Премьер-министр уже назначен.

Task IX. Put the verb in the correct form:


Mum (watch) some stupid film after dinner, so she made me take Dad's tea into his study. It was about nine o'clock He was in a really mean mood. He shouted at me because I (spill) a few drops of tea on his desk while I (pour) it. I (not/want) to watch the film so I (creep) out by the back door. I (decide) to go down to the village and use the public phone to call Alan. He's my boyfriend. I (never/like) Mum or Dad to be around when I (talk) to him. Especially yesterday, because Dad and I (have) a stupid argument about Alan the day before. It (normally/take) quarter of an hour to walk to the village. Perhaps, it (take) less time last night. I can't prove I (go) to the village. No one (see) me when I (walk) into the village. I (see) Gerald, that's Dad s business partner. He (stand) near the window in his sitting-room. He (not/see) me, though, because it was dark outside. He (talk) on the phone, I think. Alan (not/answer) the phone. Then I remember he (tell) me he (play) in a concert that evening. So I (walk) home again. I (meet) Gerald just before I (reach) our house. He (look) for his dog. That was about twenty to ten. I came in by the back door as quietly as possible and went to bed. I didn't want to see my parents again that evening.

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