Neurological Magnetic Fields and Altered States

Dr. A: Please explain how the cerebral magnetic fields of the mid-brain change as a function of ASCs, altered states?


Mrs.Dr.L: Ah, so. Very good. What my associates and I did is to go into various trance states induced by the techniques that we all know here (A) Deep Zen/Taoist meditation, absolute stillness, (B) Tai-Chi moving meditation, and (C) Tantra Toga Cobra Bre athing - pulsed powerful breath, Yoga Asana (lotus posture). I was the subject tested.


In (A), all metabolic processes cum homeostasis are slowed down pronouncedly. The brain emitted EEG peaks in the Alpha-Theta range (11,9,7, and 5 cps, at the lowest). Great Masters can descend all the way into Delta, 0.1- 4cps. The amplitudes varied bet ween 60 and 275 microvolts, root mean square averages. The magnetic fields were actually at a maximum, especially when eyes were closed, ranging from about 9.5 to 48.5 Picogauss (10-8 gauss). The diagrams you saw in the cine film were made with measuremen ts of this part (A).


In (B), the metabolic processes are increased, but homeostasis is optimised. Brainwaves are almost totally Alpha, but some Beta spikes were observed. Again, a Great Tai-Chi Master would be totally in Alpha, maybe even some Theta. The magnetic fields were somewhat elongated in the Y-axis, meaning the length of the space-time tube. This meant that space-time functions are altered when doing Tai-Chi correctly. It is said in Chinese lore that Tai-Chi Masters can arrest, even reverse their aging process, and cause local distortions of space-time, hence their ability to literally propel opponents flying through the air, 12 feet into the air, like the legendary master in the remote Changu province. Somehow, magnetism and Chi are related, and are controlled by the brain via intent and breath.


In (C), the brainwaves are almost totally composed of very unusual spikes that could be Alpha or Beta. The magnetic fields were pulsating, or oscillating, which means some non-linear DC pulses created expansion and contraction of the magnetic field. Curi ously, it appeared as if it became alive and began to breathe, and the pulse was about 6 to 8 cycles per second. My interpretation is that here space-time is being pulsed, and time is being accelerated, but externally, not internally. In other words, th e outside time-flow seems to be going faster. Any other questions? Yes, Ms Dr. J?



Ms.Dr.J: What is the best way to optimise ones own brain functions, especially in adults like us? Also, I understand youre a grandmother and wont reveal your age. To me, you look like you are about 22 years old! Whats your secret?


Mrs.Dr.L: Thank you for the complement. My answer to that is to be like a child, laugh a lot - and this group are all clowns, especially those loud Russians, back there (great laughter and cheers), and eat Chinese food, especially vegetables, eggs, and a lot of sea weed. Also, I practice Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung every day. In China, we walk many kilometers every day. Now, as for brain functions, as Dr. N said, do not watch TV or movies, dont use computers or telephones, and practice your Yoga and visualizat ion/imagination exercises daily. Study of Sacred Geometry(15) is the best stimulation for the brain, for the Sacred Forms, angles and diagrams have their space-time analogues in the Mind, Soul and Spirit. You saw how the brain forms Sacred Geometry magnetic field patterns in our film. That is very significant. Some Hermetic Gnostics of early Christianity thought that Angels derived from Angles. You see? Finally, never, never, never smoke cigarettes or take drugs. That damages the Thymus and Pituitary, and causes premature aging. Also, dont drink coffee - it interferes via purines in brain neurotransmitters. Drink tea.


Effects of TV and VDT's on Human Genetic Structure

Dr R: Will you explain how movies, TV, TV screens, computer VDTs and, I suppose, all VDTs in scientific equipment affect the brain, and I understand, the chromosomes, DNA and genes as well?


Mrs.Dr.L: That is a tremendous question! The effect on DNA, chromosomes and genes has been discussed in the open scientific literature, but it is quite controversial. I believe Dr. D has most of the papers and references in our technical files, so you can secure copies of those. I will summarise this way. It seems that the EMF from the VDT does interact and interfere with brain functions by entrainment of the 60 Hz AC of commercial electricity. In other words, the synergy between the Reticular Formation a nd the Thalamus is responsible for the Alpha spikes that indicate that during a normal day, the brain takes a dip into Alpha 30 times per minute while you are awake. Nobody knows why this is so, but I think it has to do with replenishment of Vital Forc e - Chi - and a balance between the rational and intuitive functions. Entrain-ment prevents that, for it keeps you all the time ar 60 or 50 Hz. Movies and videos contain not only decadent material, but also subliminals and encoded secret information. Ther e is another more noxious scenario that I am not at liberty to discuss. I have to clear that with Dr. N. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. That concludes my presentation for today. See you at dinnertime. (Applause)



Dr. A: Good morrow, ladies and gentlemen! I trust you are all rested after last nights workshops and fulfilled by todays Chinese-style breakfast, per Mrs.Dr.L.s suggestions for brain food! I have an announcement! There will be no evening workshops Thurs day night. Those going to the Art Institute in downtown Chicago will come with me in the gray van. Those going to the organ recital at Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago, will go with Dr. D in the blue van. For those staying, we have a quintet play ing Telemann, Vivaldi, Bach and Mozarts clarinet quintet in A, K581. We all need great music for the soul. Those wanting to make phone calls must do in our Chicago quarters. There are no phones in the main house or any other building. We only use the DC intercoms. Also, we have no commercial 110v 60Hz electricity in any of our buildings. Let me remind you, once again, to use the electric shavers we have provided, or razors. Ladies, your attendant, Mrs H. And Staff, will attend to any of your needs. The l ibrary is open all the time. Thank you. Dr. D, please?

Dr. D: Thank you, Dr. A. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Since we are running early (laughter), we will run the cine film, shown yesterday, by popular request. It seems that many of use here had dreams about these diagrams shown by Mrs. Dr. L yesterda y. Lights, please? (the 6 minute cine film is shown) Thank you, Dr. B. We have had a change in speakers, Ms.Dr.C will speak next. You all know her, she needs no introduction. However, let me remind you that she is a master of clairvoyance, clair sentienc e and bio-radio (remote viewing). Permit me to welcome Ms.Dr.C. (applause).


Ms.Dr.C: Thank you, Dr. D. Gutten morgen, dear colleagues. I wish to begin by asking how many had dreams about brainwave diagrams last night. Hands up, ya? Let me see. I count 27? What? On yes. 29. About half the group. Gut! I wish to inform you that you were all a part of an experiment yesterday. (Laughter)


Dr.Z: You call this Amerikanish hospitalishe? In CCCP only experiment is to see how much vodka you drink. That also gives great dreams! (wild laughter and raucous comments)


Ms.Dr.C: I am glad we have such a live group of scientists here. Laughter is our greatest cathartic, as you all know. I just hope that was not a nervous laugh! (more laughter) The reason what this is so important is that unbeknownst to you, we run a do uble blind experiment yesterday to do in vivo research. This is perfect time and group for that. I am one of the three researchers involved in this brain wave research. The other researcher is back in England, and is not part of this group. Only Mrs.Dr.L and I knew about this experiment. We will discuss that later. Now, I wish to have the lights and projector ready. Thank you, Dr. B.



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