Vocabulary Activity

UNIT 8 Shopping


Essential Vocabulary

I. Find in the dictionary, read and memorize the following topical words and expressions:

Shoppers and Shop Utensils: basket, wire basket, bill, cashier, cash-desk, change, check out, computing scale, counter, customer, money, price, price card, price label, purchase, receipt, receipted bill, shopping bag, shelves, shop assistant, shopping list, showcase (display case, indoor display window), trading hours, trolley, wrapping paper, goods, consumer goods, assortment, cart;

Kinds of Shops: supermarket, department store, (bargain) sale, bookshop/store, book stall, boutique, cash-and-carry, flea market, gift shop, grocery store, private shop, provision shop, the dairy market.

Departments: booksellers, the bakers, the butchers, the confectioners, the grocers, the greengrocers, the fishmongers, frutters.

Food-stuffs: canned (tinned) food, frozen food, eggs, hard / soft drinks.

bread: brown (rye) bread, white (wheat) bread, bun, roll, ring, rusk;

dairy products: loose (bottled) milk, fresh milk, sour milk, cream, sour cream, yogurt (yoghurt, yoghourt), margarine, butter, cheese, cottage (curds) cheese;

confectionery: cake, fancy cake, tart, pastry, biscuit, waffles, sweets, caramel, chocolate;

cereals: rise, buckwheat, millet, oatmeal, semolina, pearl-barley, pea, flour, macaroni, noodles, vermicelli;

spices: salt, pepper, mustard, vinegar, oil, sugar;

meat: minced meat, pork, beef, veal, mutton, lard, ham, sausage, chain-sausage, frankfurter, meat rolled, poultry, fowl;

fish: frozen fish, smoked fish, salted fish, sprats, herring, kipper;

vegetables: potato, onion, garlic, cucumber, tomato, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, melon, watermelon, radish, black radish, garden radish, cauliflower, beetroot, parsley, fennel, lettuce, celery, spinach;

fruit: apple, pear, plum, apricot, lemon, grape, peach, orange, tangerine, banana, pineapple, grapefruit, pomegranate;

berries: cherry, sweet cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, bilberry, gooseberry, red currant, black currant.


II. Translate read and learn the following words-combinations:

1) to go shopping 8) to total the bill

2) to do the sopping 9) to join a queue

3) to run out of something 10) to wrap up the purchase

4) trading hours 11) to deal in;

To drop at in 12) to trade with

6) to pay the bill 13) to sell

7) to be in want of smth..

Vocabulary Activity

III. Finish the sentences:

1. I need some bread. Where is the nearest...? 2. Tarts and cakes are sold at.... 3. If you need some fish you go to.... 4. Potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables are sold at.... 5. We have run out of milk. Go to... and buy some. 6. Where is meat sold? - At..., of course. 7. Where can I buy sugar? - You must go to....

IV. Finish the sentences:

1. At the bakers one can buy bread,.... 2. You go to the grocers if you need sugar,.... 3. At the fishmongers they sell fresh fish,.... 4. At the dairy shop you can buy milk,.... 5. The butchers deals in fowl,.... 6. At the confectioners there is a wide assortment of tarts,....7. At the greengrocers one can buy various vegetables:.... 8. If you want to make a tart you need flour,.... 9. If we are going to cook a festive dinner we usually buy a bottle of wine,.... 10. Every day I buy some bread,.... 11. Once a week I buy some butter,.... 12. Summer is a season of berries: strawberries

V. Answer the questions:

1. What do we buy at: a) a grocery counter; b) a meat counter; c) a confectionery counter, 2. What dairy produce do you know? 3. Which is more expensive: butter or margarine? milk or cream? chicken or goose? apples or lemons? onions or garlic? wine or cognac? 4. Where do we go for fish (cereals, sweets, strong drinks)? 5. Who does the shopping in your family? 6. What food stuffs do you usually buy every day? 7. What food stuffs do you buy once a week? 8. What berries do you know? When are they in season? 9. Do you prefer to do the shopping in big shops or in specialized shops? Why?

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