Exercise 18. Choose the most suitable word or phrase

Choose the most suitable word or phrase.

1. The ………. price is always lower than the retail price.

a) wholesale b) bargaining c) cut b) budget

2. I still have three more ………… to pay on my motorbike.

a) shares b) donations c) instalments b) contributions

3. We had to give the customs official a …….. not to inspect our suitcases.

a) fee b) reward c) bonus d) bribe

4. A multinational company has made a/an …… to take over our firm.

a) bid b) venture c) investment d) estimate

5. As soon as you buy a car, it starts falling in ……..

a) cost b) worth c) value d) price

6. I……. you don’t make as much profit this year!

a) assure b) challenge c) bet d) doubt

7. Things are going well. In fact, business is …….

a) soaring b) booming c) leaping d) rolling

8. We demanded pay rises to take account of the … of inflation.

a) figures b) percentage c) price d) rate

9. Mr Sacked has just lost his job, his aunt’s legacy came as a useful ……..

a) advantage b) benefit c) profit d) windfall

10. The two men …….. a coin to see who should take care of the business at the weekend.

a) hurled b) tossed c) lobbed d) threw

11. Before starting a new business, you have to raise the necessary……….

a) currency b) investment c) capital d) savings

Exercise 19

Replace the words underlined by one of the words given.

Expense handle takings bargain charge fortune income unavailable

a) Sheila made a lot of money selling used cars.

b) When Mark took his new job, his earnings nearly doubled.

c) The cost of moving house was another problem for us.

d) I am afraid this product is temporarily out of stock.

e) We usually count the money we have made when the shop closes.

f) Do you like my new dress? It was a very good price.

g) We don’t deal with goods of that kind in this company.

h) We make no request for payment for delivery in the London area.


Exercise 20

Replace the phrase underlined in each sentence with one of the phrases given. Do not use any phrase more than once.

financial means make a wise investment on expenses come into a fortune

free of charge on easy terms commercially viable in credit on the market


a) We’ve decided to put our house up for sale.

b) Jean has inherited a lot of money.

c) No one believes that the shop will ever be a business success.

d) I am the possessor of a healthy balance at the bank.

e) Sue and Jane went to South America with everything paid for by their company.

f) We don’t believe you have the money to take over this company.

g) All employees can stay at the hotel without paying.

h) We bought our new electric cooker by instalments.

i) Harry became rich after he managed to put his money in the right place.


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