Look at the definitions and write the words

► a station from which trains leave a train station.................

► a bottle once containing medicine and made of glass a glass medicine bottle


1 a wall made of stone....................................

2 a centre where information is given to tourists

3 a towel you use after having a bath....................................

4 clothes for working in

5 a block of offices in the centre of a city

6 a graph showing sales

7 a card that gives you credit

8 a race for horses

9 the Director of Marketing

10 a tour by bicycle at the end of the week

Exercise 3

Make two compound nouns from the nouns in each group.

1 profits course training company

2 staff forecast meeting sales

3 card store credit department

4 Internet sale summer access

5 figures price inflation range

6 survey market hour rush

7 technology keys car information

8 assistant shop failure power

9 shopfloor working worker lunch

10 insurance loan contract bank

11 features costs production product

12 market marketing budget leader


Exercise 4

Cross out the one word in each group that does not make a common compound noun with the first word in bold.

1 sales forecast/figures/trade/target 6 product manager/range/features/share

2 market forces/sector/check/share 7 advertising slogan/campaign/line/agency

3 price offer/list/range/rise 8 production market/line/capacity/target

4 brand image/leader/loyalty/process 9 working conditions/trend/hours/lunch

5 tax relief/benefits/output/allowance 10 stock option/decision/market/exchange

Exercise 5

Underline the most suitable noun combination in each group. Translate them into Russian.

  1. a) the meeting of today b) today’s meeting c) today meeting
  2. a) a letter of credit b) a credit’s letter c) a letter’s credit
  3. a) a business card b) a card of business c) a businesses’ card
  4. a) a data’s base b) a base of data………c) a database


Exercise 6

Nouns used as numerical adjectives are singular. For example, a plan which lasts for 10 years = a ten-year plan. C hange the following phrases in the same way. Translate the sentences.

  1. a hotel with five stars
  2. a budget worth 3 million dollars
  3. a presentation that lasts 20 minutes
  4. a contract worth 200,000 pounds
  5. an industrial empire which is 150 years old


Exercise 7

Match each noun in column 1 to two of the nouns in column 2 to make word partnership.

1. business a. virus b. cards c. plan
2. management a. style b. technology c. policy
3. sales a. compaign b. department c. trade
4. labour a.force b. technology c. market
5. company a. house b. headquarters c. logo
6. trade a. union b. technology c. fair
7. consumer a. goods b. logos c. awareness
8. research a. project b. findings c. knowledge
9. information a. technology b. force c. desk
10. computer a. union b. program c. virus

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