Read the article below and then decide which word or phrase (A-C) best fits each space. The exercise begins with an example (0)


Death in the Air

The death of Emma Christofferson from deep-vein thrombosis allegedly caused by a twenty-hour plane journey has led to calls for an enquiry into so-called 'economy class syndrome1. The cabin crew were shocked (0) ..B... the previously healthy 28-year-old in a state of collapse at the end of a long-haul flight from Australia to London. A blood clot had spread from her legs to her lungs with fatal results. Experts believe her death is just the latest example of the growing danger posed by (1)..for extended periods of time in cramped aircraft seats.

Farol Khan, director of the Aviation Health Institute, (2)to have evidence that more than 6,000 passengers a year die of deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) as a result of long-haul flights. Unfortunately, as symptoms often take some time (3)..the link between the condition and flying isnot always apparent.

But there seems (4)..a clear relationship between the occurrence of DVT and the steady reduction in the amount of legroom between seats in economy class cabins. In a bid (5)..the number of passengers carried and their consequent profitability, many airlines have squeezed more and more seats into their planes, at the cost of comfort and legroom. And our (6).these uncomfortable conditions is simply based on the fact that we know more seats means lower prices. But with limited opportunities (7)or move around, the blood circulation in passengers' legs (8).to slow down, and blood clots can easily develop. Most at risk are elderly people, sufferers from heart conditions and smokers. But as Emma Christofferson's case shows, even the young and healthy can do little to prevent blood clots (9)... under these circumstances.

(10)..a 'caring, sharing' image is something many airlines are keen on, and some of these have finally (11)..to take the problem more seriously by issuing health advice to passengers 'trapped on their long-haul flights. They usually recommend (12)the legs and feet regularly, and advise (13)..walks up and down the aisle at least once an hour. But, as any experienced traveller knows, the aisles on most planes are only just wide enough for the trolleys (14)..through. It is often impossible (15)down the aisle (16).to the toilets, let alone (17)..... exercise.

The truth is that until we are all prepared to (18)... paying rock-bottom prices for long distance travel, the airlines will have no incentive (19)conditions. And a return to exclusive and expensive air travel is something nobody would (20). advocating.

0 A finding B to find C to be found
1 A sitting B to sit C sit
2 A suggests B admits C claims
3 A appearing B to appear C having appeared
4 A being B to be C be
5 A increasing B of increasing C to increase
6 A putting up with B put up with C to put up with
7 A stretching B to stretch C stretch
8 A begins B risks C cant help
9 A occurring B to occur C occur
10 A promoting B to promote C to be promoted
11 A suggests B considered C started
12 A moving B to move C move
13 A taking B to take C take
14 A getting B to get C get
15 A walking B to walk C walk
16 A getting B to get C get
17 A taking B to take C take
18 A give up B fail C refuse
19 A improving B to improve C improve
20 A undertake B choose C contemplate


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