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Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct. Translate the sentences

1.Have you ever been to England? Yes, I _____ there last July.
A had been B went C have been D were

2.Couldnt you go a little _____ ?
A fast B more fast C faster D more faster

3.I usually wear a suit, but today I _____ a sweater.
A wears B wear C wearing D am wearing

4.The police car chased the robbers the streets.
A through B among C to D into

5. Its Mr Brown, _____ ?
A isnt it B isnt he C is it D is not it

6. Must I take my umbrella? No, you _____ . Its not going to rain.
A mustnt B neednt C have to D dont

7. I think John _____ translate this document.
A have to B will have C has D will have to

8. I _____ breakfast when the phone rang.
A had B have C am having D was having

9. This car is more _____ than that one.
A fast B faster C modern D fastest

10. He hasnt written to me _____ we met last time.
A since B ago C for D before

11. This question is _____ difficult for me.
A too B to C enough D such

12. This record-shop _____ be a book-shop a few years ago.
A use B used to C used D had

13. He arrived _____ you were asleep.
A during B for C while D until

14. Mr Brown woke up in the middle of the night. He could hear _____ in his garden.
A anybody B everywhere C someone D anything

15. This dinner looks _____ to me.
A well B badly C good D nicely

16. I couldnt come to the party because I _____ go to work.
A had B had to C have D have got

17. He doesnt speak English very _____ .
A best B good C better D well

18. Jeff is on the phone. Who _____ to?
A does he talk B is he talk C is he talking D he talks

19. Which country _____ from?
A Tom is coming B does Tom come C comes Tom D is coming Tom

20. Excuse me. _____
A Please. B No, Im not. C Yes? D Yes, I am.

21. What is he doing? _____ .
A Hes an economist BHes having lunch C Hes doing well D He has lunch

22. Would you mind _____ the window, please?
A to open B open C opening D I open

23. Would you like a coke? _____ .
A Yes, Id like B Yes, I like C Yes, I do D Yes, please

24. We arrived _____ the airport in time.
A - B at C on D in

25. My friend has advised take legal action..
A me to not. B to me not to
C me not to D me against to

26. It rained all day yesterday, _____ ?
A it didnt B no C isnt it D didnt it

27. Father leaves _____ home at 7 oclock so that he can be in his office at 8.
A for B - C from D at

28. I dont know where he is, he hasnt arrived _____ .
A still B already C yet D since

29. This car is ______.
A mine B my C mines D hers

30. I _____ you are wrong.
A know B knows C am knowing D knowing

31. My teacher lives _____ 45 Elm Street.
A under B on C in D at

32. Did you enjoy _____ ? Yes, I did.
A yourselves B myself C you D yourself

33.Queen Victorias been dead for over a hundred years, _____ ?
A has she B is she C hasnt she Disnt she

34. You are taller _____ Mary.
A then B than C D to

35. If she _____ Peter, hell stay.
A asked B had asked C has asked D asks

36. He cant go to see her tonight. He hasnt got _____ time.
A many B a C some D much

37. What _____ ? Is she a lawyer?
A does she B she does C does she do D is she doing

38. About half an hour _____ I saw Mr Brown.
A for B since C before D ago

39.This case _______ by the lawyers at this particular moment.
A is being discussed B is discussing C is discussed D was discussing

40.I ______ in London for six months by the time I leave.
A have been Bwill be being C will have been D was


Read the text below and choose the correct answer that corresponds to the facts in the text .Translate the text.


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