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Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct

1. Your case is more difficult _____ mine.
A then B as C than D that

2. There is no connection ______ the two crimes.
A among B of C between D in

3. Nobody ______ injured.
A is B isn’t C aren’t D are

4. They came _____ .
A early in the morning B in early the morning
C early the morning D in the morning early

5. I _____ the car now.
A am not hearing B can’t hearing
C am not hear D can’t hear

6. _____ radio is on the table?
A Who’s B Whoes C Whose D Whos’

7. Please answer _____ questions.
A their B them C to their D to them

8. “_____ ?” “She is tall and clever.”
A How is she like B What is she like
C What is she D Who is she

9. Gerald read the story, _____ he?
A didn’t B doesn’t C don’t D isn’t

10. Henry arrived _____ station at 9.
A to B at the C to the D on the

11. They _____ the bus.
A was waiting for B were waiting for
C was waiting D were waiting

12. They won’t do that, _____ ?
A won’t they B did they C will they D will they not

13.They described the bank robber ______ tall and dark-haired.

AlikeBwithC forDas

14. He isn’t in London now because he ______ to the Continent.
A has been B was going C will going D has gone

15. I can only see _____ .
A a few bottle B a little bottles C a few bottles D many bottles

16. How ______ of matches have we got?
A much boxes B many box C much box D many boxes

17. He came _____ train.
A with B with a C by D by a

18. _____ to the station when I saw you this morning?
A Have you gone B Are you going
C Were you going D Have you been going

19. “What do you do?” “_____ .”
A I’m a typist B I’m typing a letter
C I typing letters D I’m type letter

20. When the telephone rang, she _____ a letter.
A writes B will write C has written D was writing

21. If it _____ nice tomorrow, we’ll go to the country.
A is B will C will be D would be

22. We _____ the sights of the city.
A will shown B have showing C were shown D were showed

23. I _____ English since I was at school.
A didn’t speak B don’t speak C haven’t spoken D speaking

24. Tell me more about your work, I’m very _____ .
A interesting B interested for it
C interesting in it D interested in it

25. “_____ ?” “I have a bad headache.”
A What does it matter B What matters
C What is matter with you D What’s the matter with you

26. I’m sorry, but you _____ several mistakes.
A wrote B told C did D made

27. “Have you ever met Tom?” “Yes, we _____ at the trial.”
A met B have met C were meeting D had met

28. When he came two minutes ago, everybody else _____ .
A had already arrived B has already arrived
C have already been there D were there

29. She told me that they had been robbed _____ all their money.
A from B for C with D of

30. He had an accident and _____ to hospital.
A was brought B was taken C had been taken D had to take

31. If we keep on at this speed, we’ll reach the top _____ an hour.
A after B in CD less than

32. “I’m sorry, I can’t do the shopping today.” “OK, _____ it then.”
A I’m going to do B I’ll do
C I’m doing D I do

33. I was _____ .
A yesterday at home all day B yesterday all day at home
C at home all day yesterday D all day at home yesterday

34. “Have you been to London?” “_____ .”
A Until now not B Already not C Still not D Not yet

35. I _____ time to do it yet.
A have had B haven’t had C hadn’t D didn’t

36. I've been working here _____ I left Harvard Business School.
A for B since C while D when

37. You should visit the Empire State building _____ you are in New York.
A for B since C while D however

38. As soon as I shut the front door, I realised that I _____ my key in the house.
A had left B have left C left D was leaving

39.This particular problem _____ by the lawyers of the company at this moment.
A is being discussed Bis discussing
C is discussed D was discussing

40. The crime rate_____ in the last twenty years.
A is increased B has increased
C will have increased D had increased


Read the text below and choose the correct answer that corresponds
to the facts in the text. Translate the text.

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