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Choose the correct form. 1. That was great! It was meal you have ever cooked

1. That was great! It was Е meal you have ever cooked.

A better

B best

C the best


2. Small shops are not Е as supermarkets.

A as convenient

B convenient

C more convenient


3. This is Е film IТve ever seen.

A more interesting

B most interesting

C the most interesting


4. We moved last week and now we have a much Е flat.

A good

B better

C the best


5. My Е brother studies at college.

A older

B elder

C the oldest


6. The Mediterranean is not Е as the Pacific Ocean.

A larger

B large

C largest


7. This is Е problem I have ever had in my life.

A difficult

B more difficult

C the most difficult


8. I think Е people look after their cars better than young people.

A elderly

B older

C oldest


9. The book was Е then the film I saw last week.

A exciting

B most exciting

C more exciting


10. Е house is three miles away.

A Near

B The nearest

C the near


11. This wine is Е I ever tasted

A the best

B good

C better


12. We were disappointed as the film was Е than we expected.

A more entertaining

B less entertaining

C most entertaining


13. You live so far away. I wish you lived Е.

A near

B nearer

C the nearest


14. The British Queen is certainly one of Е women in the world.

A rich

B richer

C the richest


15. You can apply for Е a job when you have more experience.

A best

B better

C the best


16. This café used to be much Е before they opened the new one next door.

A popular

B most popular

C more popular


17. The journey to Paris had taken much Е before they built the Channel Tunnel.

A longer

B long

C the longest


18. He was the Е man to come.

A later

B late

C last


19. Being a nurse is not Е as being a doctor.

A more interesting

B most interesting

C as interesting


20. In Japan the first bow of the day should be Е than when you meet these after.

A the lowest

B low

C lower


21. Do you know that the sea is Е at the bottom than in any part nearer its surface?

A calmer

B much calmer

C the calmest


22. Agatha Christie is possibly the worldТs Е writer.

A less famous

B most famous

C more famous


23. This is Е book I have ever read.

A the best

B better

C good


24. AfricaТs economy is the Е of any continent after Antarctica.

A last developing

B last developed

C least developed


25. Apples are not Е as oranges.

A less expensive

B expensive

C so expensive


26. You are late. I expected you to be here Е.

A early

B the earliest

C earlier


27. You speak English a lot Е than you did when we last met.

A fluently

B more fluently

C most fluently


28. There were a lot of people in the bus. It was Е than usual.

A crowded

B less crowded

C more crowded


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