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A) this; b) these; c) that; d) those.

СД Итоговая КР 1 семестр 2016-17 уч.г.

Рекомендации по выполнению заданий.

Перед выполнением работы повторите теоретический материал (Блок «Теория», Грамматический справочник). Необходимо внимательно читать задания. Студенты выполняют итоговую контрольную работу, которую отправляют своему преподавателю (в электронном виде, в формате DOCX). По итогам изучения дисциплины в 1 семестре студенты получают «выполнение», во 2 семестре - «выполнение» и сдают экзамен.

! ! ! Работа оформляется следующим образом:

Петрова Н.Н. Итоговая контрольная работа (английский язык) – 1 семестр. (название файла и начало самой работы, образец).

Задание №1. 1- a




Задание 2. 1- b




Задание 3 . 1- c



………. и так далее. Успехов!

Итоговая контрольная работа – 1 семестр.

TEST 1. Выберите правильную форму глагола to be:

This girl ...... seriously ill now.

a) am

B) is

c) was

d) were

e) will be

2. ..... you under the care of a doctor now?

A) are

b) is

c) was

d) were

e) will be

I .... a doctor in 3 years.

a) is

b) are

c) shall be

d) was

E) will be

His grandfather ... a famous therapeutist.

A) was

b) were

c) shall be

d) am

E) is

She ... at the polyclinic yesterday.

a) shall be

b) were

c) was

d) will be

e) is

I .... an eye doctor on graduating the medical university.

a) am

b) is

c) was

D) will be

e) shall be

The students .... in the laboratory now.

a) was

b) is

c) will be

D) are

e) were

The professor ... in the operating room now.

f) am

G) is

h) are

i) was

j) will be

9. The chemist’s shop ... not in this street.

k) will be

l) are

m) were

N) is

O) was

My sister .... a surgeon in 5 years.

p) is

q) are

r) was

S) will be

t) shall be


TEST 2. Выберите правильную форму глагола:

1.There…. five patients in the ward

A) are

b) is

c) were

d) was

e) will be

There .... dental department in our local polyclinic in some years.

A) will be

b) was

c) is

d) were

e) are

There..... no patients with tuberculosis in our clinic last year.

a) is

b) are

c) was

D) were

e) will be

4. There .... a new children’s hospital in this district.

a) was

B) is

c) will be

d) are

e) were

There .... a lecture on anatomy tomorrow.

a) were

b) was

C) will be

d) are

e) is

There ... a large new therapeutic clinic in the center of the town

a) will be

b) are

C) is

d) was

e) were

7.There .... no medical article in the yesterday’s newspaper.

a) is

b) was

c) are

d) were

e) will be

There ... many patients at the dental clinic yesterday.

a) was

b) is

c) are

D) were

e) will be

9.There …. many medical instruments on the table.

a) will be

b) were

C) are

d) is

e) was

There ... a difference between symptoms of these diseases.

a) are

b) were

c) will be

d) was

e) is

TEST 3. Выберите правильную форму глагола to have:

1. My brother ... a high temperature yesterday.

a) have

b) has

C) had

d) will have

e) shall have

2. They .... lectures in Histology on Wednesdays.

a) has

b) will have

c) had

D) have

e) shall have

3. This child ... all symptoms of pneumonia.

a) have

B) has

c) will have

d) had

e) shall have

4. They ... a new laboratory in the hospital next year.

a) has

b) have

C) will have

d) had

e) shall have

5. My mother... a severe headache yesterday.

a) will have

b) has

c) shall have

D) had

e) have

6. He ... no symptoms of scarlet fever.

a) have

B) has

c) will have

d) shall have

e) had

7. This organ ... many blood vessels.

A) has

b) have

c) will have

d) shall have

e) had

8. Professor Petrov ... no operations yesterday.

a) have

b) has

c) will have

D) had

e) shall have

9. I ... bad teeth.

a) has

B) have

c) had

d) will have

e) shall have

10. Patients ... an average of four respiratory illnesses a year.

a) has

B) have

c) will have

d) shall have

e) had

TEST 4. Выберите необходимое местоимение:

1. My parents are doctors. They often speak about .... patients.

a) they

b) them

C) their

d) themselves

2. The boy has a temperature. ... Temperature is very high.

a) him

B) his

c) he

d) himself

3. Boys hurt ... when they fell.

A) themselves

b) yourselves

c) ourselves

d) herself

4. There aren’t ... easy ways of learning a foreign language.

a) some

B) any

c) no

d) the

5. .... flowers are for you.

a) this

B) these

c) that

d) the

6. What did you say? ....( Ничего )

A) nothing

b) nobody

c) anything

d) someone

7. Sally is married. ...husband works in a hospital.

a) he

B) her

c) his

d) him

8. They’ve got two children but I don’t know ... names.

a) theirs

b) they

C) their

d) them

9. Last night I wrote ... letters to my family and friends.

a) afew

b) a little

10. I don’t read very much. I haven’t got ... books.

a) much


Test 5. Задание: Выберите необходимые указательные местоимения.

a) this; b) these; c) that; d) those.

1. ..THis. is my book, ..That. is yours. Take it.

2. At ...this moment he is very busy. Phone in twenty minutes, please.

3. ..that. was a sad story. Everybody kept silence for some time.

4. .these.. flowers are mine, .those.. are his.

5. Will .those.. students who were late at the lesson tell the reason of their being late?

6. I'll take ..that. book, I don't like .this.. one. Give it to me

7. Where do you live ?'—'I live in .that.. house. Welcome!'

8. .those.. buildings were built last year. Do you like them?

9. -'Have you read .this.. letter?' -'Not yet.'

10. ..These. suits are more suitable for young persons. They don't suit me.


TEST 6. Степени сравнения прилагательных и наречий. Выберите необходимую форму:

1 .A new hospital is….than the one in Novaya Street.

a) large

b) larger

c) the largest

2. This hospital is one of….in the town.

a) larger

b) large

C) the largest

3. In July the days are ….

A) shorter

b) short

c) the shortest

4.This work is … that one.

a) easy

B) easier

c) the easiest

5. His grandmother is … than his grandfather.

A) younger

b) young

c) the youngest

6. This student is … in our group.

a) attentive

B) the most attentive

c) more attentive

7. He was … than I.

A) more careful

b) the most careful

c) careful

8. English grammar is difficult , but English pronunciation is ….

a) difficult

B) more difficult

c) the most difficult

9. Today the weather is … than yesterday.

A) worse

b) bad

c) the worst

10. The Crimea is one of … places for rest.

a) good

b) better

c) the best

TEST 7. Выберите правильную форму глагола:

1. Our doctors ... numerous experiments.

a) perform

B) performed

c) performs

d) will perform

e) shall perform

2. The patient... weight if he is seriously ill.

a) lost

b) lose

c) loses

D) will lose

e) shall lose

3. The pulse ... rapid when one is running.

a) become

b) became

c) will become

D) becomes

e) shall become

4. In 1537 Andreas Vesalius ... the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

a) get

b) will get

c) gets

d) shall get

E) got

5. Professor Petrov ... the lecture in Physiology yesterday.

A) delivered

b) deliver

c) delivers

d) will deliver

e) shall deliver

6. The doctor .... a sick woman tomorrow.

A) will examine

b) examines

c) examined

d) shall examine

e) examine

7. The child ... in a week.

a) recover

B) shall recover

c) recovered

d) will recover

e) recovers

8. She ... to the sanatorium last summer.

a) go

B) went

c) shall go

d) will go

e) goes

9. He ....histology next term.

f) study

g) studies

H) will study

i) studied

j) shall study

10. The students ... injections in two days.

k) make

l) makes

M) will make

n) made

O) shall make

TEST 8. Задание: Выберите из данных ниже правильную форму глагола:

1. Whom … the doctor … at the hospital every day?

1. treat

2. treats

3. does …. treat…..

4. do …. treat….


2. What … you … now?

1. studied

2. will study

3. do… study

4. have studied

3. What … the surgeon already …?

1. did … do

2. had …done

3. has …done

4. has been … done


4. What … the surgeon … for two hours?

1. performs

2. performed

3. is… performing

4. will…perform


5. What mark … you … in Anatomy at your examination last year?

1. has… received

2. are…receiving

3. do…receive

4. did…receive


6. What … the lecturer … yesterday at 2 o’clock?

1. did … report

2. was … reporting

3. has been … reported

4. will be … reported


7. What … you … to do before you saw me?

1. have … decided

2. has … decided

3. does decide

4. did … decide


8. What … the nurse … for an hour before the surgeon began the operation?

1. had …done

2. has … done

3. will … do

4. does … do


9. What … you … tomorrow?

1. shall … take part in

2. did … take part in

3. will … take part in

4. do … take part in


10. How many patients … the doctor … tomorrow by 5 p.m.?

1. did … hospitalize

2. does … hospitalize

3. will … hospitalize

4. will have … hospitalized

Test 9. Задание: Подберите русский эквивалент для английского слова /словосочетания:

Служебные слова-1
1. according to -7 1. в случае
2. whether-5 2. одновременно
3. simultaneously -2 3. очень
4. after -9 4. из-за
5. nearly-11 5. ли
6. because of -4 6. главным образом согласно
7. on average 12 7. согласно
8. nevertheless 14 8. в живом организме
9. besides10 9. после
10. although(though) 13 10. кроме, помимо
11. in case of-1 11. почти
12. until-15 12. в среднем
13. highly -3 13. хотя
14. mainly -6 14. тем не менее
15. in vivo 8 15. пока не

Test 10. Задание: Прочитайте внимательно текст и дополните предложения подходящими по смыслу словами(слова даны после текста).

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