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VII. Home-reading (read and translate orally and do all tasks in written form).

The Revenge of Emmy Tot!

Piracy was very much a manТs world and women were not allowed aboard pirate ships; it was pan or me Urate s Code'. However, there were one or two notable exceptions where women did go to sea and when they did, they often proved to be more than a match for the men, Anne Bonney and Mary Read were famous examples. Here is a true story of another young woman who was taken to sea against her will, and how she dealt with her situation.

Emmy Tot was born into Scottish aristocracy. Christened, Emmaline Tottington, at the age of nineteen, she was taken into employment as Lady in Waiting to the Countess of Eglinton in the North Ayrshire district of Cunninghame, of which Irvine is the predominant town. There is, in the centre of Irvine, a rather gruesome tribute to Emmy's exploits. Standing on top of a lantern, over the doorway of the Eglinton Arms Hotel, is the figure of a girl, holding in one hand a sword, dripping blood, and in the other, a severed head.

As the story goes, The Earl of Eglinton was hosting a banquet at Eglinton Castle, just outside Irvine. In those days, Irvine was a busy seaport and often there were merchant ships of varying size and from different countries docked in the harbour. One such was the 'Amsterdam', a vessel commanded by Jan Van der Goot, a small time privateer, sailing under the Dutch flag. It was the Earl's custom to invite to his banquets, the master of any ship that happened to be in the harbour at the time and Van der Goot was included on this occasion.

The moment that he set eyes on Emmy, he was captivated. He asked the vivacious lady in waiting to join him on his ship, but she was not interested in the Dutchman and refused. Van der Goot however, was a determined man and through the night, he returned with four of his crew, broke into her room and abducted her, carrying her back to his ship. They took her to Van der Goot's cabin and locked her in, setting sail out of Irvine almost immediately. Once at sea, the cowardly captain stayed on deck drinking with his men, while Emmaline pondered her fate in the cabin below.

Several hours later and very much the worse for drink, Van der Goot returned to his cabin and found his captive, curled up on the floor in the corner, apparently asleep. Totally drunk, he threw himself, fully dressed onto his bed and was soon snoring. But Emmaline in fact, was wide awake and biding her time. She waited maybe half an hour to make sure that her captor was sleeping deeply before quietly getting to he feet. She moved over to where the captain was stretched out on his bed. Then carefully drawing his dagger from its scabbard, she thrust it into his chest, piercing his heart! For a moment his eyes opened in surprise. Then, just as quickly, they closed. Van der Goot was dead!

Emmaline was not yet finished. She drew out the captain's sword and with a few hacking blows, cut his head from its body! Dragging her grisly prize out of the cabin, and still carrying the sword, dripping with blood, she made her way onto the deck. At the point of the sword, she forced the helmsman to ring the ship's bell, summoning the crew on to the deck. It was nearly dawn and most of the men were sleepy eyed and still half-drunk. But they soon sobered up when they saw Emmaline holding up the severed head of their captain! She demanded that they turn about and take her immediately back to Irvine. They were too shocked to argue and did as they were told.

The Earl of Eglinton was so impressed by Emmy's bravery that as a tribute, he added the figure of a girl holding a sword and a severed head to the crest of his coat of arms, and there it remains to this day!


Ex. I. Answer the following questions:

1. What was part of the УPirateТs CodeФ?

2. Were there exceptions?

3. What kind of town was Irvine?

4. What was the EarlТs custom?

5. Why did the captain with some of his crew break into EmmyТs room?

6. Was Emmy sleeping when drunk captain returned to his cabin?

7. How did she kill the captain?

8. What did she force the helsman to do?

9. What did Earl do as a tribute to EmmyТs bravery?

10. What tribute to EmmyТs exploits is there in the centre of Irvine?


Ex. II. Translate the following sentences into English:

1. Ёто правдива€ истори€ о молодой женщине, которую забрали в море против ее воли.

2. ¬ центре города »рвин стоит фигура девушки с мечом в одной руке и головой в другой.

3. ќн был решительным человеком, поэтому он ворвалс€ в комнату и похитил ее.

4. —пуст€ несколько часов он вернулс€ в свою каюту и увидел, что его пленница спит на полу, свернувшись.

5. Ќо она отнюдь не спала и ожидала удобного момента, чтобы убедитьс€, что ее похититель спит глубоким сном.

6. ќна осторожно вынула его кинжал из ножен и вонзила ему в грудь.

7. «атем она вз€ла меч капитана и отсекла ему голову.

8. ќна собрала экипаж на палубе и потребовала, чтобы они немедленно вернули ее в »рвин.

9. √раф был настолько впечатлен храбростью Ёмми, что, как дань, добавил фигуру девушки с мечом и головой к гербу.



Test paper

I. Give the equivalents of the following expressions:

’орошо проводить врем€; палубна€ служба; делать записи в судовом журнале; в кинотеатре демонстрируетс€ новый фильм; заходить в порт; быть уверенным.


II. Translate the following sentences into English:

1. ќ чЄм они говор€т? - ќни обсуждают статью из вчерашней газеты.

2.  огда вы прибыли в порт погрузки? - ¬чера.

3. ќни не могут отремонтировать главный двигатель.

4.  апитан разговаривал по телефону, когда прибыл лоцман.

5.  огда судно прибудет в порт назначени€? - „ерез 2 дн€.

6. —пециальные трюмы сделаны дл€ хранени€ скоропорт€щихс€ про≠дуктов.

7. ћы знали, что он уже приехал и живЄт в гостинице.

8. ≈сли мы хотим спасти нашу «емлю, мы должны внести свои вклад в это дело.

III. Read and translate the text in writing:

It was a quiet spring day in Kodiak. All three cutters were in port. STORIS and CONFIDENCE at the fuel pier and the CITRUS at the buoy dock. Old Women's Bay was flat calm and there had been a light snowfall the night before.

Now, you must remember that Kodiak was a Naval Base before the Coast Guard took over, and sometimes relations with the "Squids" and "Jar Heads" were not always the best. On more that one occasion the liberty section would be escorted back to the Cutter, with a Marine Guard truck in front and a Marine Guard Truck behind, owing to a brief interservice discussion at the club. We won't even begin to talk about the Naval Base at ADAK, the night the STORIS crew wore the new Flat Hats (Donald Duck hats) ashore in "67".

IV. Answer the following questions (in details):

1. What was Kodiak?

2. Where were the cutters lying?

3. How would the liberty section be escorted back to the Cutter?

4. What hats did the STORIS crew wear?


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