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1. Перевести текст на русский язык.


A man went to an insurance office to have his life insured. * The manager of the office asked him how old his parents were when they died. "Mother had a bad heart and died at the age of thirty. Father died of tuberculosis when he was thirty-five."

"I am sorry," said the manager, "we cannot insure your life as your parents were not healthy."

As the man was leaving the office, depressed, he met a clerk who had overheard the conversation. "You must not be so frank and tell the truth," said the clerk, "no office will insure you if you speak like that. Use your imagination a little."

The man went to another office and was shown 2 into the mana­ger's room. "Well, young man, how old were your parents when they died?" "Mother was ninety three, and she died from a fall off her bicycle. Father was ninety eight and he died while he was playing football."

The manager immediately agreed to insure the man's life.


2. Ответить на вопросы:

а) Where did a man go to?

b) What did the man answered the manager?

c) Were the man’s parents sick?

d) What did another manager advise the man?

e) The man was insured at last, wasn’t he?


3. Составьте вопросы четырех типов к каждому предложению:

а) My friend studies two foreign languages.

b) They lived in Kiev before.

c) In a month he will go to Moscow.

d) We are preparing for the test.

e) Ann and Steve were playing chess from 5 till 7.


4. Напишите существительные во множественном числе:

story man cargo bush hat bank page child boy chair


5. Поставьте прилагательные в сравнительную и превосходную степени:

an old man, an interesting book, a big toy, a small shop, a high house

a good girl an easy homework a short time


6. Выберете и вставьте глагол в нужном времени.


Do not go to Tom’s place now, he (works, is working). He (finished, will finish) his homework at 9 o’clock. You already (finished, have finished) your homework? I (shall finish, shall have finished) it by 6 o’clock.



1. Перевести текст на русский язык.


The famous sculptor Michaelangelo lived in Florence. He was well known all over Italy s for his beautiful work and the Governor of Florence made up his mind to ask the famous sculptor to make a statue out of a large piece of marble. A sculptor had tried to do this before him, but had only spoiled the marble. Mi­chaelangelo worked for two years, and at last he completed the beautiful statue which he called David. The day the statue was ready a large crowd of people gathered in the square. The Governor of Florence came too. He stood for a long time looking at the statue.

Then he said that he didn't like it, as David's nose was too long.

Michaelangelo made up his mind to please the governor and not to spoil the statue. He went up to the statue with a handful of marble dust. He pretended to be changing the shape of the nose and at the same time dropped some of the marble dust,which he had taken with him. The governor thought that this was marble dust from the nose of the statue. When Michaelangelo had finished, the governor said: "That's excellent! Now you have given more life to the face," and the people, who understood what Michaelan­gelo had done, shouted with joy.

This statue is one of Michaelangelo's best works.


2. Ответьте на вопросы:

a) What was Michaelangelo?

b) What did the Governor of Florence ask Michaelangelo about?

c) The Governor didn’t like the statue of David for the first time, did he?

d) How did Michaelangelo deceive the Governor?

e) What was the reaction of the people?


3. Составьте вопросы четырех типов к каждому предложению:

a) Fifteen minutes later everyone will be hard at work.

b) She makes many mistakes in her dictations.

c) Only 17 percent of all Americans live in large cities.

d) He is translating an article now.

e) They will be watching the TV when I come.


4. Напишите существительные во множественном числе:

office plan article wall coast enemy suit way country leaf


5. Поставьте прилагательные в сравнительную и превосходную степени:


an important idea a warm weather a hot month a harmful activity a light thing

a loud voice a little boy a busy day


6. Выберете и вставьте глагол в нужном времени:

She (has not written, didn’t write) the exercise yet. If you (will wait, wait) for me, we (shall go, go) together to the cinema. Children (came, have come) home already. When you (come, came) home they (will sleep, will be sleeping).



1. Перевести текст на русский язык:


Once upon a time there lived a king whose name was Midas. He was very fond of gold, he loved it better than anything else in the world, except his daughter. Midas spent the days counting the pieces of gold he. had collected. Once, when he was engaged in counting his money, a stranger entered the room and said: "Midas, you are the richest man in the world. You have everything you can wish for. But are you really happy?" "No, I am not," answered Midas, "I shall never be happy until everything that I touch be­comes gold."

"You shall have what you wish!" exclaimed the stranger.

The next morning Midas woke up when the sun was rising. While he was dressing, he noticed that his clothes turned into gold. This made him very happy. He went into the garden and everything that he touched, the trees and the flowers, turned into gold. Soon he sat down to breakfast; his daughter was sitting beside him. Midas lifted his cup of coffee to his mouth, but the coffee became hard and yellow. This frightened him.

"What is the matter with you, Father?" asked his daughter, running up to him and taking his hand, but she also turned into gold. "What have I done?" cried Midas. "It was madness to want more riches. Now I have lost my daughter."Suddenly he heard the voice of the stranger: "Midas, which would you like to have now: “your gold or your daughter?"

"Give me back my child!" exclaimed Midas. "I shall never want gold again."

"I shall help you," said the stranger.


2. Ответьте на вопросы:


a) What was Midas fond of?

b) What happened when he was engaged in counting his money?

c) What Midas’ wish was?

d) Did everything that Midas touched turn into gold?

e) When was his daughter turned into gold?


3. Составьте вопросы четырех типов к каждому предложению:


a) His wife watered plants in the garden.

b) Everyday she cooks breakfast, dinner and supper.

c) They will go to the theater tomorrow.

d) In a month at this time you will be going to Germany.

e) From 5 till 6 Ann is playing the piano.


4. Напишите существительные во множественном числе:

niece stewardess uncle brother queen eye scarf vase tomato week



5. Поставьте прилагательные в сравнительную и превосходную степени:

blue eyes a green cucumber a large room a red blouse

fat meat a nice girl a thin boy a dirty street

6. Выберете и вставьте глагол в нужном времени

When the ship (was crossing, crossed) the ocean, a great storm (breaks, broke) out. I (gave, shall give) you this book as soon as I (shall finish, finish) reading it. I (learnt, have learnt) the poem already and can tell you. He said that he (has seen, had seen) the film already.



1. Перевести текст на русский язык:

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