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1. Warm-up

Work in groups

What makes the Earth either healthy or sick?

Collect your ideas for two minutes and discuss them with the other groups.


2. Listening

Tom and Jess both talk about things they could not live without. Listen

and do the tasks.


J e s s. Right, Tom, tell me, what three things could you not live without?

T o m. Well, I guess you say me playing with my new toy just now. Its my iPod touch and it is fantastic. I often take long bus journeys at the week-

end and on this little electronic storage machine with screen I can watch

a movie and thats just makes bus journeys fly by. It also has wireless

internet so I can carry it around and in a coffee shop I can check my e-mail

and it has the added function of being able to play music, although I dont listen to music much. Thats one. My iPod touch is with me all the time. Its

kind of connected to my number 2. Number 2 is the internet. I couldnt live

without the internet. Im online every day reading newpapers, check-

ing out information about things I want to do and see that day. Keeping

in touch with family and friends, although I dont do that as much as they would like. The internet is such a huge part of my life. I cant imagine what

it was like ten or fifteen years ago, when nobody was online. Number three, I suppose is the sun, which sounds a bit facile because everything on the

whole planet requires the sun, but for me its not so much about the nutri-

tion that plants and animals derive from the sun. Its just being able to lie

and relax in the soft warmth, tanning by the pool letting my mind empty and clear. Those are my three. How about you?

J e s s. Well, I have to agree with your second one, definitely the In- ternet is one thing couldnt live without either, for the same reasons you

mentioned, really, just to stay in touch with people for things like read-

ing the news, checking my e-mail, finding phone numbers, getting infor-

mation. I really couldnt live without it. The second thing would be my

family. I couldnt live without them. I think since Ive moved away from

Britain and I dont live close to them, and I dont see them regularly any-

more, Ive grown to love them even more. Kind of you dont realize what

youve until its gone, and that was true with my family. I really miss them all the time, and I love going back to see them, so theyre my number two, and my number three would be music. Musics a huge part of my life and I think I remember things by what I was listening to at the time. Ill

remember periods of my life by whats songs I was listening to or what

album i bought, so for me my memories are very much brought back to me by music, so those are my three things: the Internet, my family, and music.

Vocabulary Quiz


flew by live without cant imagine lets her mind until its gone period



I went through a of my life when I liked to go out dancing. He what its like to not have a lot of money.

I was so busy today that the time just .

After I graduated from university I wanted to go back to school imme- diately. You never know what you have .

He couldnt his dog.

She needs to do something that empty.


Answer the following questions about the interview.

1) Tom likes his iTouch on bus journeys .

a) so he can listen to music b) so the time goes by fast c) so he does not have to talk to people

2) He uses the internet to daily.

  a) maintain his blog b) catch up with family
c) read the news    
3) He says the sun helps him .    
  a) clear his mind b) derive nutrients
  c) dry by the pool    
4) Jess likes the internet for reason as Tom.
  a) a different b) the same
  c) a similar    
5) She says she sees her family .    
  a) all the time b) quite often
  c) not often    
6) She says music helps her .    
  a) reduce stress b) remember things
  c) get motivated    
  Key: 1 b, 2 c, 3 a, 4 b, 5 c, 6 b.    

3. Reading

Do ex. 1, p. 132.


4. speaking

Do ex. 2, p. 133.


5. summary

1) Can you talk about three of your most prized possessions?

2) Can you talk about three things you need every day?

3) Can you talk about three things you need to do every day?


6. Homework

1) What are the benefits / disadvantages of technical progress?

2) Write down some ideas for discussion.

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