Answer the following questions.

Do you like to travel?

Why do you travel?

Do you believe that travelling is dangerous?

Is it your hobby?


Learn the additional vocabulary.

1 People like to travel… Alone With friends With parents With a dog With grandparents   2 Usually they travel… On business For pleasure In search of adventures From curiosity To see the beauty of the world   3 When they travel they like to… Go shopping Meet new people Make new friends go sightseeing Learn traditions of other countries   4 Because travelling is… Exciting Useful Fascinating Enjoyable Good for health   5 But sometimes it can be… Disappointing Expensive Dangerous Troublesome Tiring   6 And still travelling… Broadens our mind/outlook Gives us life experience Leaves unforgettable impressions Helps us explore the world Allows us to understand other people better

The best way of travelling

…is… Travelling by train(plane, ship, car) on foot hitchhiking It is… Comfortable Quick Safe Cheap
You are sure to… Get pleasure Have a fun Good time Enjoy speed Comfort Safety   You can … Watch the beautiful scenes the land below you Enjoy fresh(sea) air Stop when and where you want Admire the beauty of nature Go on excursions Meet different people
It is not at all… Dangerous Expensive Tiring Troublesome All you need is… To book a ticket To take a thorough train To get a cabin A rucksack

Match the questions with the right answers.

1 What are the reasons for travelling? 2 Where can you get all the necessary information about travelling? 3 What things do you need when you are going to travel abroad? 4 Why do different people prefer different ways of travelling? 5 How did people travel on far-off days? 6 How do people travel now? 7 Why do many people like to travel by plane, by train and by ship? 8 What do people usually do if they want to travel by plane, by train, by ship or by bus? 1 On far-off days people travelled on horseback, by boat, by balloon, by coach, by ship. 2 We can get all the necessary information about travelling on TV and radio, from tourist guides and travel leaflets, in the net and travel agencies, etc. 3 Different people have different reasons for travelling. They want to learn more about the history and culture of the country, to visit museums, to buy souvenirs, to meet people, etc. 4 When we are going to travel abroad we need a passport, a visa, a ticket, a health insurance, money, a camera, etcю 5 Different people prefer different ways of travelling because tastes differ and each way of travelling is exciting in its own way. 6 If people want to travel by plane, by train, by ship or by bus they usually go to the booking-office and buy tickets. 7 Now people travel by plane, by train, by bus, by ship, by car, on foot, by bicycle, etc. 8 A lot of people like to travel by plane, by train and by ship because modern planes, trains and ships combine speed and comfort.

Learn the following definitions.

Tour – a journey for pleasure, during which you visit several different towns.

Trip – a journey to a place and back again.

Voyage – a long journey in a ship.

Excursion – a shot journey, made for a particular purpose.

Journey – a trip from one place to another, esp. over a long distance.

Travel – to go from one place to another


Use one of the words to complete the sentences.

Trip voyage tour excursion journey travel

1. The ________ to work usually takes me about twenty minutes.

2. My father’s gone on a business ________ to Paris, but he’ll be back tomorrow.

3. We went on an interesting _________ of the museum with an excellent guide.

4. My uncle is a salesman, so he has to __________ a lot for his work.

5. Do you feel like going on the __________ to Salisbury on Saturday?

6. The astronauts are training for their __________ to the moon.

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