Деформации и разрушения дорожных одежд и покрытий: Деформации и разрушения могут быть только покрытий и всей до­рожной одежды в целом. К первым относит...

Транспортировка раненого в укрытие: Тактика действий в секторе обстрела, когда раненый не подает признаков жизни...

Поездка - Медвежьегорск - Воттовара - Янгозеро: По изначальному плану мы должны были стартовать с Янгозера...

Образуйте Participle I от следующих глаголов.

To work - working

To play, to speak, to ask, to translate, to finish, to move, to go, to write, to discuss, to listen, to read, to enter, to skate, to smoke.

Образуйте Participle II от следующих глаголов.

to use – used, b) to write – written

to prepare, to repeat, to answer, to discuss, to ask, to invite, to wash, to play, to describe.

to take, to give, to read, to see, to spend, to show, to meet, to understand, to bring, to buy, to know, to leave, to forget, to build.

Переведите на английский язык.

а) спрашивающий, дающий, помогающий, показывающий, отдыхающий, поющий, смеющийся, слушающий, идущий, бегущий, одевающийся;

б) спящий ребенок, улыбающийся мальчик, играющие дети;

в) прочитанный, сделанный, найденный, проданный, законченный, отосланный, услышанный, закрытый, одетый, приготовленный;

г) данная задача, обсужденный вопрос, закрытая книга, проданная вещь, забытая песня.

Прочитайте и переведите предложения. Укажите форму и функцию причастия в предложении.

1. She entered the room accompanied by her mother. 2. The boy was looking at me smiling. 3. The conference taking place in Moscow is devoted to problems of peace and security. 4. The number of new dwelling houses built in our town this year is very large. 5. Having finished his experiments, the scientist published an article about their results. 6. The problems being discussed now are very important. 7. Following John’s look, I saw a slim man of about forty entering the restaurant. 8. Entering the room he began to take off his hat and coat looking at us with amusement.

Раскройте скобки, образуя Participle I или Participle II.

1.The girl (to write) something on the blackboard is my friend. 2.This is a letter (to address) to you. 3. (to go) through the park I met my teacher. 4.I like to read stories (to write) by this author. 5.He did not go to the theatre with us (to say) that he was busy. 6.The man (to stand) at the window is a well-known actor. 7.Do you know the boys (to play) tennis now? 8. (to answer) the questions, John made a mistake. 9.Mary found the key (to lose) by me yesterday. 10.They fell asleep immediately (to be tired) by the journey. 11.Did you understand the rules (to explain) to us yesterday? 12.I have corrected all the mistakes (to make) by me in the last test paper.

Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на герундий .

1.Repairing cars is his business. 2.Have you finished writing? 3.Taking a cold shower in the morning is very healthy. 4.She likes sitting in the sun. 5.Thank you for your coming. 6.I had no hope of getting an answer before the end of the month. 7.Let’s go boating. 8.He talked without stopping. 9.Living in little stuffy rooms means breathing poisonous air. 10.Avoid making mistakes if you can.

Составьте собственные предложения, используя модели.

She is fond of reading.

To listen to music by Bach, to ski, to skate, to play chess, to play tennis, to walk in the forest, to bathe in the sea.

Do you mind my closing the window?

To open the window, to stay here, to leave you for a minute, to play the piano, to take your book for a day or two.

He enjoyed reading this book.

To sit in the sun, to watch the performance, to listen to the concert, to spend the holidays in the country.

He left the room without waiting for a reply.

To say good-bye, to say a word, to take the book.

Поставьте глагол в 3-е лицо единственного числа.

We grow flowers in the garden. (Mrs Green) – Mrs Green grows flowers in the garden.

I want to study German (Nick) 2. They refuse to help us. (Mary) 3. My children study hard.4. These students speak English fluently.5.We know the right answer (She) 6. They always tell the truth. (My friend) 7. These planes fly from London to Madrid.8. They make a lot of money. (His father) 9, These books give a lot of information. 10. They teach History. (Mr Brown)

Исправьте следующие утверждения.

The sun rises in the west. – The sun doesn’t rise in the west.

It rises in the east.

Snow melts in winter. 2. Dolphins live in forests.3. The Sun goes round the Earth. 4. Spring comes after autumn.5. The Japanese live in the south.

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