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ѕереведите следующие слова и выражени€ на английский €зык.

1. руководитель отдела продаж 6. назначать
2. начальник отдела сбыта 7. отдел информационных технологий
3. рабоча€ группа 8. отдел обслуживани€ клиентов
4. руководитель отдела маркетинга 9. начальник производственного отдела
5. акционер 10. получать заказы



ѕереведите следующие слова и выражени€ на русский €зык.


1. provide back up support 6. organisational structure
2. employee 7. work teams
3. senior manager 8. shareholder
4. junior manager 9. human resources department
5. set company targets 10. market research


¬ыберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. ЕЕ.controls all the financial dealings of the company.

a) Senior Manager b) Accountant c) Sales Manager


2. The ЕЕ. is responsible for keeping a continuous supply of work flowing to all production staff.

a) Production Manager b) Sales Manager c) Distribution Manager


3. The ЕЕ. has the major responsibility for running of the company.

a) Distribution Manager b) Managing Director c) Production Manager


4. A human resources department is responsible for recruitment of new ЕЕ..

a) employers b) directors c) employees


5. A marketing department is responsible for ЕЕЕ

a) recruitment b) market research c) promotion


ќтветьте на вопросы.

1. What is organizational structure?

2. Who are directors chosen by?

3. What is the function of a human resources department?

4. What are the main departments needed for a company to function properly?

5. What department is responsible for servicing the functional areas of the company?


6. ¬ыполните  ќѕ– є2 Ђ√руппа времен Simpleї, подтемы ЂЌасто€щее простое (Present Simple)ї, Ђѕрошедшее простое (Past Simple)ї.



Part 2


ѕрочитайте незнакомые слова перед прослушиванием текста.


May I take a message? Ц ћогу € что-либо передать?

software products Ц программные издели€

after-sales service Ц гарантийное и постгарантийное обслуживание


2. ѕрослушайте текст ЂBusiness Communicationsї (дл€ прослушивани€ кликните один раз на приведенную ниже ссылку, удержива€ клавишу ЂCtrlї, после загрузки страницы нажмите на кнопку проигрывател€).

—сылка дл€ прослушивани€: http://esl-lab.com/tc1/tc1.htm


¬ыберите правильный вариант ответа.


1. Why can't Elaine Strong answer the phone?

A. She's in a meeting

B. She's out of the office

C. She's talking with another customer


2. What does caller want the secretary to send?

A. information on after-sales service

B. a picture of the newest computers

C. a list of software products


3. What time should the secretary send the material?

A. 2:30 PM

B. 3:30 PM

C. 5:00 PM


4. What is the caller's name?

A. Cordell

B. Kordel

C. Kordell


5. What is the caller's telephone number?

A. 560-1287

B. 560-1828

C. 560-2187


¬ыразите свою точку зрени€.


1. An automobile company decides to open a new dealership in a foreign country. The manager is asked to choose all the possible positions and vacancies for a new dealership. What staff should be hired, what departments should be established?


2. You are an applicant at the interview applying for a position of human resources manager at a clothes shop. You are asked to enumerate the responsibilities of a distribution manager, production manager, sales manager and an accountant. What responsibilities can you mention?


3. Do you think working abroad is essential for a successful career? Why / Why not?


ѕри ответе используйте фразы:


To my mind Е In my experience Е
In my opinion Е As far as I understand Е
On the one hand, Еon the other hand From my point of view Е
If my memory serves me right Е If I am not mistaken Е
It seems to me that Е Personally, I think Е
My personal view is that Е I am sure/certain/convinced that Е
The fact is that Е This proves that Е
It is obvious that Е There is no doubt that Е


Part 3


ќтветьте на письмо, использу€ нижеприведенные задани€. »спользуйте раздел Ђѕолезные фразы дл€ написани€ письмаї приведенный в конце пособи€. ѕри написании ответа используйте нижеприведенное письмо в качестве образца.


You are a Director of Sales department. One of your salesmen sent you a request for promotion to the position of a sales manager. Your task is:


a) thank Mr. Watkins for his letter;

b) express Mr. Watkins the idea that you agree with his request to promote him to the position of a sales manager and give reasons for that;

c) settle the time for meeting in order to discuss all the details.


REQUEST FOR PROMOTION 17.01.2011 Tom Wilson Electronics ltd. 12 South Street, Sheffield, UK 125367 Dear Mr. Wilson, As you know, I am very happy to work and contribute to Electronics ltd. under your authority. Allow me to mention an opportunity I see for greater profits. I'm confident that you will agree that my efforts as your salesman have been successful to the company; my sales in dollars for the past year were roughly $425,000, which far surpassed the $250,000 goal we anticipated at our year-end meeting twelve months ago. I would like you to know that I believe I can be of even more benefit to you and Electronics ltd. as your Sales Manager. Having had four years of experience in selling our computer software, I have gained a clear idea as to what our customers' needs are and how we can meet them. I know how we can increase sales dramatically and I can inspire our sales team to do precisely that. As your Sales Manager, I truly believe that we can achieve in excess of $10,000,000 in sales by the year 2012. I understand that you are a very busy person. I will thus be delighted to meet with you at any time you please to discuss my request. Cordially, Dave Watkins

Unit 2

Part 1

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