Complete the following sentences using the words and expressions from

the word and phrase list. Try to think of as many variants as possible:

1) Customs wars are waged between different countries so as to …

2) Customs tariffs serve to …

3) It is only natural that in war- time customs inspections are more…

4) Customs houses are set up to …

5) To declare an item is to …

6) The opposite of reducing customs tariffs is to …

7) If one exceeds the quota…

8) At the border the personal luggage is taken to … for …

9) If an article falls under restriction we say that …

10) The standard question a customs inspector would use before going through

your luggage is …

11) When questioned by the customs inspector you are to give particulars of …

12) Duty-free articles are allowed to …

2.1.4 Practice the reading of the following words and guess their meaning:

Citizenship purpose submit separately monetary false flight

Valuables currency icons precious antiques middle bonds

2.1.5 Check up the meaning of the following verbs:











Give the initial forms of the following words and state what parts of

speech they belong to:













Translate the following text in the written form using the dictionary

Text A

Tips for Travelers

Once your travel plans are confirmed, check the expiration date of your

passport. It's also a good idea to make photocopies of the data page; leave one copy

with someone at home and keep another with you, separated from your passport.

If you lose your passport, promptly call the nearest embassy or consulate and

the local police; having a copy of the data page can speed replacement. You need

only a valid passport to enter Great Britain for stays of up to 90 days.

When shopping, keep receipts for all of your purchases. Upon reentering the

country, be ready to show customs officials what you've bought. If you feel a duty

is incorrect, appeal the assessment. If you object to the way your clearance was

handled, get the inspector's badge number.

In either case, first ask to see a supervisor, then write to the port director at the

address listed on your receipt. Send a copy of the receipt and other appropriate

documentation. If you still don't get satisfaction you can take your case to customs


(900 symbols)

2.2.1 Put the words in the right order to make sentences:

1) a/ must/ not/ ticket/ travel/ without/ you.

2) a/ need/ the/ to USA/ visa/ visit/ you.

3) at/ check/ check-in-desk/ in/ luggage/ must/ the/ you/ your.

4) at/ check-in-desk/ don’t/ have/ passport/ show/ the/ to/ you/


Look through the following samples of customs declarations. Think

Of the way you can fill them in. Write your information in block capital letters


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