A. Complete the table below using a dictionary. The first one has been done for you.


A. Complete the table below using a dictionary. The first one has been done for you.

Noun (for people, device) Noun (for idea) Verb Adjective
regulator regulation regulate regulated regulating

B. What suffixes can you add to these words?


a. note b. inspect c. use d. stop


5. Vocabulary Exercises

A. Fill in the blanks with one word suitable and read the text. ***


love hours transport trams station services foot car

Travelling within Cities

Urban public (1) ____________ in Britain isefficient and can be fun – children (2) _____________ London’s double-decker buses. Fares are good value, bearing in mind that you avoid the expense and difficulty of parking a (3) ____________. Most of the larger cities have good bus (4) _____________. London, Newcastle and Glasgow also have an underground system, while Manchester and Blackpool have (5) ____________. Taxis are available at every railway (6) _____________and at ranks near hotels and city centres. The best way to see many cities is on (7) _____________, but whatever transport you choose, try to avoid the rush (8) ____________ from 8am to 9:30 am, and 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.


B. Read the text and decide which answer A, B, C, or D best fits each space. Then decide which statement is true (T) or false (F).


National Coach Network

There are a lot of regional coach (1) ____________ but the largest British coach operator is National Expresswith a nationwide network of over 1,000 destinations. On the more popular (2) _____________ – particularly on Friday evenings – it is best to book ahead. National Express offers two levels of (3) _____________; the faster of the two is the Rapide service, which has a host or hostess and catering facilities. (4) _____________ are available for full-time students or anyone under 25. Senior citizens also qualify for a Discount Coach Card (30 per cent reduction). Britexpass cards lasting 30 days and Tourist Trail Passes are also available for those planning to cover many destinations in a limited (5) _____________. You can buy these from most coach travel agents in North America – via British Travel Associates – or while in the UK, at the major international airports, Victoria Coach Station and most large (6) ______________ agents. The other coach operator is Scottish Citylink, with regular services between London, the North and Scotland. Some services run direct from Heathrow or Gatwick (7) ____________. Allow plenty of time to buy your ticket before boarding. Luggage is stowed in the vehicle hold.


1. A. companies B. offices C. businesses D. agencies

2. A. road B. route C. lane D. place

3. A. amenity B. comfort C. service D. activity

4. A. discounts B. prices C. fines D. bonuses

5. A. time B. period C. hour D. length

6. A. tourism B. journey C. travel D. home

7. A. terminal B. port C. station D. airport


True/False Statements:


1. The National Express Coach Company includes more than 1,000 places where someone can go to. ( )

2. The popular routes of National Express offer catering facilities. ( )

3. There is only a discount for people who are planning to cover many destinations in a limited period. ( )

4. Discount cards can be only bought in Britain. ( )

5. One can book a ticket for a coach ahead. ( )


C. Use the words given in capitals in brackets to form a word that fits in the space and read the text. Consult a dictionary if required. ***

Travelling Around by Coach

In Britain, coaches (1) refer (REFERENCE) to the long-distance express buses and those used for sightseeing excursions. What the British refer to as buses, however, covers those vehicles that (2) _____________(OPERATION) on regular routes with scheduled stops around or between villages, towns and cities. Many coach (3) _____________ (SERVE) duplicate rail routes, but are generally (4) _____________ (CHEAP). Journey times, however, are longer and much less (5) ______________ (PREDICT) on crowded roads. Modern coaches are (6) ______________(COMFORT), sometimes with refreshments, toilets and entertainment - in the form of feature films – on board. Some city to city routes, especially at weekends, are so popular that it is a good idea to buy a (7) ____________ (RESERVE) journey ticket, which guarantees you a seat.

D. Find the phrases in the text the brief explanations of which are given below.


London Transport Museum

Housed in the splendid Victorian Flower Market in the heart of Covent Garden, the London Transport Museum tells the fascinating and colourful story of travel, people and the growth of London itself since 1800. You’ll see shiny buses and trams and hear the hiss and thump of points changing! As you step into the past you’ll meet characters who’ve kept London moving for 200 years, sweeping the streets, working on the buses or digging tube tunnels beneath the city.

And there are lots of exciting hands-on exhibits, videos and screen displays in several languages, and actors play characters from the past! A lively programme of events, activities and special exhibitions will excite the imagination. But hold tight as you put yourself in the driving seat of a London bus or tube train!


1. in the middle part of __________________

2. interesting and exciting news __________________

3. dull sound and noise that sounds like ‘ssss’ at exact moments of history


4. things put in a public place so that people can touch them


5. exciting list of social gatherings and situations __________________

6. cause pictures or ideas in the mind __________________

7. hold very firmly and closely __________________

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