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EXERCISES. 1. Listen carefully to the following conversational situations

1. Listen carefully to the following conversational situations. Concentrate your attention on the intonation of the replies:

Verbal Context Drill
  Questions echoing, calling for repetition or additional information, sometimes shading into disapproval or puzzlement
I want you this minute. Yes?
I should phone him about it. Now?
It's snowing. , , Much?
What do you think of my dress? New?
Could I have another cup of tea? Sugar?
I've just read that new travel book. Interesting?
I listened to every word he said. Every word?
Everybody thinks it's magnificent. Everybody?
He's going on holiday. Alone?
I've given up smoking. For good?
What do you think of the car? Your own?
I've just met her husband. You like him?
Have you seen my pen anywhere? You've lost it?
What do you think of my coat? It's a new one?
I've just had a new suit made. Good fit?
Alan's not here, I'm afraid. He's gone home?
We're going shopping. Right away?
Let's go to the pictures. You've got enough money?
I think this is Joan's umbrella. Whose?
That big one's mine. Which one?
I shall need a dozen, at least. How many?
These flowers are for you. Who are they for?
He must be made to obey. He must be what?
He'll meet us at three fifteen. At what time?
What is it? What is it?
What reason did he give for his behaviour? What reason?
Does it matter? Matter?
Do you mean it? Mean it?
Is that your little boy? My little boy?
Wasn't it stupid! Was it stupid, I wonder?
What lovely cherries! Want some?
I like Barbara. Do you?
How do you like my song? Do you always sing as flat as that?
Would you like one? Would I like one?
We had a meeting last night. Should I have been there?
Is it raining? Is it raining?
Have you answered his letter? Have t answered it?
Have you finished it? Have I finished it, did you say?
Did you enjoy the concert? Did I enjoy it?
What a delightful meal! Will you have some more coffee?
Stop it. Stop it?
Telephone me, then. Telephone you?
Keep them for me. Keep them for you?
Be nice to them. Be nice to them?
Get rid of it. Get rid of it?
Please don't worry. Don't worry, did you say?
Take it home. Take it home?
Tell me the time, please. Tell you the time?
Marvellous! Marvellous?
Wonderful news! Wonderful news?
Fantastic! Fantastic?
Well done! Well done?

Listen to the replies and repeat them in the intervals. Make your voice rise from a medium level to a high pitch.

Listen to the Verbal Context and reply to it in the intervals.

In order to fix High Rise in your mind, ear and speech habits, pronounce each reply several times until it sounds perfectly natural to you.

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