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Practise reading the joke several times

Reproduce the model narration of the joke:

Young Peter came in one day bursting with excitement. Walking down the main street he had suddenly discovered he was side-by-side with movie actor Clark Gable.

— Did you talk to him? we asked.

— Well, it was like this, he said slowly. I knew who he was and he knew who he was — and it just didn't make sense us discussing it.


Some people were gathered on the verandah after dinner.

A young lady asked: "Can you name five days of the week without mentioning Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday?" Nobody could guess. At last the young lady said: "It is very easy. Here are the five days: today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow".

SECTION TWO. Intonation Pattern IX. High fall


Model: Why didn't you buy the picture?

— Much too ex,pensive.

Stress-and-tone marks in the text: High Fall. | ` |

The High Fall in the nucleus starts very high and usually reaches the lowest pitch. The syllables of the tail are pronounced on the low level.

The High Fall provides a greater degree of prominence for the word, making it more emphatic. The degree of prominence depends on the height of the fall.

This intonation pattern is used:

1. In statements, conveying personal concern or involvement, sounding lively, interested, airy; very common in conversation.

е.g. Do you know the man? — `No. (I `don't.) `Yes.| (I `do.) Where's my copy? — `Peter ,took it ,for you.

2. In questions:

a) In special questions, sounding lively, interested, е.g. I shall be late, I'm afraid. — `How ,late?

b) In general questions, conveying mildly surprised acceptance of the listener's premises. е.g. I like it here. Do you? (I thought you'd hate it.)

3. In imperatives, sounding warm.

е.g. What's the matter? — Look. (It's raining.)

4. In exclamations, very emotional. е.g. It's eight o'clock. — Heavens! (I'm late.)

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