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VOCABULARY NOTES. 1. to shiverυi дрожать, as shiver with cold

1. to shiverυi дрожать, as shiver with cold

Syn. to tremble, to shudder, to start; to trembleis the most general word; shuddering/startingis generally the result of (great) fear or disgust, е.g. He seemed perfectly calm, only a slight trembling of his voice and hands showed he was excited. Keith shuddered at the sight of the dead body. The child was shivering with cold. She started when they came in.

2. ache n (a continuous, not sharp or sudden, pain). Usually used in compounds: headache, toothache, stomachache, earache, backache, е.g. I had a bad headache yesterday. Some people have (a) bad earache when the plane is losing height. But: to have a sore throat, eye, finger, etc., е.g. I can't speak loude?, I have a sore throat.

Syn. pain n to feel (have) a bad (sharp, slight) pain in ..., е.g. I feel a sharp pain in my right knee. My leg gives me much pain.; painful adj болезненный, тяжелый

Ant. painless, е.g. It was a painful (painless) operation.

to acheυ i/t болеть (чувствовать боль) — to be in continuous pain, e, g. My ear aches. After climbing the mountain he ached all over.

Cf.: hurt υt/i причинять боль, е.g. It hurts the eyes to look at the sun. My foot hurts (me) when I walk.

3. medicine n 1. лекарство, е.g. What medicine (s) do you take for your headaches? 2. медицина, e.g. He is fond of medicine, he wants to become a surgeon.

medical adj, е.g. He studies at a Medical Institute. He is a medical student. My medical knowledge leaves much to be desired. You'd better consult your surgeon.

4. condition n 1. состояние; to be in (a) good (bad) condition, е.g. After the thunderstorm our garden was in a terrible condition, quite a number of trees were broken. Every parcel arrived in good condition (nothing was broken or spoiled).; to be in no condition to do smth., е.g. He is in no condition to travel. The ship was in no condition to leave harbour, He can sing very well, but tonight he is in no condition to do it, he has a sore throat.

2. условие; under good (bad) condition(s), е.g. The unemployed live under very hard conditions.; on condition that= if, е.g. I will do it on condition that you give me the time I need.; conditionaladj, е.g. Conditional sentences contain "if or its synonyms.

5. footn (pl feet) 1.нога (ниже щиколотки, ступня), е.g. The boyjumped to his feet. A dog's feet are called paws.; 2. фут (около) 30,5 см, pl часто без изменений, е.g. The boy was too tall for his age and he was three foot two in his shoes.; 3. подножие, нижняя часть, основание, as the foot of the mountain, at the foot of the page, the foot of the bed, е.g. This boy is at the foot of his class.

Ant. top, head, as the top of the mountain, the top (head) of the page, at the head of the bed, etc. е.g. This boy is at the head of his class.

on foot (= walking, not riding),е.g. When people are having their walking holiday they cover long distances on foot. (Cf.: by train, by bus, etc.)

footnoten сноска

6. prescribeυi прописывать лекарство, е.g. Doctor, will you prescribe a tonic for me? What can you prescribe for my headache (cold, etc.) ?

prescriptionn рецепт; to make up a prescription for smb., е.g. Please call in at the chemist's and have this prescription made up for me; to write out a prescription.

7. bareadj 1. обнаженный, голый, непокрытый (usu. about some part of our body), е.g. His head was bare.

Syn. naked (= having no clothes on),е.g.Victorine was shocked when she learned that she would have to sit for the painter quite naked.

barefootadj predic, adv = with bare feet, without shoes and stockings, е.g. Children like to go (run, walk) barefoot.

barefootedadj, attr. Barefooted people were standing on the bank.

bare-legged (-armed)adj = with bare legs (arms), е.g. When we speak of bare-legged children we mean children wearing shoes, but no stockings; bare-footed children wear neither shoes nor stockings.

bare-beaded, adj = without a hat, е.g. It's already too cold to go bare-headed.

2. пустой, голый, лишенный чего-л., as a bare room (with little or no furniture), bare walls (without pictures or wallpaper), bare trees (without leaves), bare facts (only facts; nothing but facts).

Cf.: a bare room (no furniture), an empty room (no people), a vacant room (a room in which either no one is living at present or no one is working; a room which can be occupied), е.g. After the piano was taken out, the room seemed quite bare. I thought I heard voices in the next room, but it was empty. "Won't you look for a vacant room in which we could have a consultation?" — "I'm told that all the rooms are occupied."

8. refuse υt/i отказывать(ся), е.g. She refused my offer. She can't refuse her children anything. He refused to do what I asked him.

N о t e: In the meaning of sacrificing smth., parting with smth., the English verb to give up is used, е.g. He gave up the idea of going there. Roger promised to give up smoking, but he didn't keep his promise.

refusal n, е.g. He answered her invitation, with a cold refusal,

9. like adj похожий, подобный, е.g. They are as like as two peas. What is he like? (= What sort of person is he?) What does he look like? ( = What kind of appearance has he got?) How does she look today? (= What is her appearrance today?) It looks like gold. (= It has the appearance of gold.) It looks like rain. It was just like him to take the biggest piece of cake. There is nothing like home.

like prep or adv подобно, как, е.g. I can't do it like you. They are behaving like little children, I've never heard him sing like that.

Note: to act like means to do smth. in the same way or in the manner of other people, е.g. She can play like a real pianist.; to act as means acting in the capacity of smb., e g. Some of our students act as guides during summer.

alike adj predic одинаковый, похожий, подобный, е.g. The houses in this street are alike. (Cf.: The houses in this street are like those in the next street.)

likenessn сходство, е.g. I cannot see much likeness between the twins.

unlikeadj непохожий, е.g. She was unlike all other girls.

unlikeprep в отличие от, е.g. Unlike other girls she was not at all talkative.

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