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Choose the best title for this newspaper article

a) Family Courts.

b) How to Start Divorce Proceedings.

c) When Cops and Courts Step in.

Tick off the true statements.

1. Family violence is the course of various crimes.

2. Policemen don't consider this crimes to be serious.

3. Women are ready to put someone they live with in jail.

4. Prosecution always helps to cool the parties down.

5. One can always predict how the family scandal ends.

Circle a), b) or c) to complete the sentences.

1. A woman begins taking action when____

a) her own financial resources improve

b) she wants to divorce her husband

c) her relatives insist on it

2. Cops detest domestic calls because_____

a) they are unpredictable

b) they are dangerous

c) they are too frequent

3. The subpoena is usually received in___

a) a week

b) a day

c) ten days

4. The police are usually called by______

a) victims

b) neighbours

c) abusers

5. Family violence is________

a) a complex social problem

b) not a problem

c) a forced problem


Exercise 1. Match the words marked with figures with their definitions.


I) abuser a) person given or left as a pledge that demands will
2) hide be satisfied
3) bruise b) freedom from danger
4) resources c) husband or wife
5) improve d) person who says or makes cruel and sever things
6) safety e) put or keep out sight; prevent from being seen
7) neighbour found or known
8) unpredictable 0 make or become better
9) hostage g) injury by a blow or knock to body
ё) spouse h) written order requiring a person to appear in a
11) subpoena law court
  i) that can't be predicted
  j) wealth; supplies of something
  k) person, living in a street, house, etc near another

Exercise 2. Give the English equivalents for the following words and expressions

перелом в ходе истории

стать взрослым

ставить под сомнение показани€ свидетел€

дл€ своей собственной безопасности

критическое положение

воюющие супруги

получить повестку в суд

пр€тать син€ки

Exercise 3. Agree or disagree with the statements

- When woman's financial resources improve, she will want the vio≠lence to stop and divorce the family abuser.

ЧCops try to avoid troublesome domestic fights and rows.

ЧThe law of this country doesn't protect women.

ЧThe abuser also suffers. It wouldn't matter if he divorced his wife and married again Ч the same thing would happen because the problem is with≠in them.


—писок рекомендуемой литературы


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