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Intelligent Buildings International

Intelligent buildings are ones in which the building fabric, space, services and information systems can respond in an effective manner to the demands of the owner, the occupier and the environment.

Intelligent buildings are essentially about people, processes and systems. The interdisciplinary nature of the design and management processes of the buildings are important, together with emerging methodologies and innovations such as smart materials, embedded systems and robotics. Evaluation tools are applied in an integrated and holistic manner.

Intelligent Buildings International examines developments in the design, construction and operating processes for intelligent buildings, and explores the wider context, including practical solutions which take into account sociological and economic considerations. Lessons from nature and vernacular architecture also feature in the journal.

The principal areas covered include:

Ј understanding how the built environment affects peopleТs well-being

Ј sustainable design and management

Ј automation and innovative systems

Ј approaches to design.

Going beyond traditional engineering and architectural solutions, and in an effort to overcome fragmentation at educational and professional levels, peer-reviewed research is complemented by contributions from industry specialists that critically evaluate technological developments.

Topics covered by Intelligent Buildings International include:

Х Integration of design, management and operation processes
Х Assessment of rating methods
Х Smart materials for intelligent facades
Х Healthy indoor environments
Х Whole life performance and value
Х Regulations and standards
Х Biomimetic architecture
Х The impact of intelligent buildings on people and organizations
Х Development of IT and communication systems
Х Technological forecasting, social change and innovation
Х Application of control and sensor technologies

Intelligent Buildings International publishes peer-reviewed papers including:

Х Original research papers
Х State-of-the-art reviews and analyses
Х Case studies
Х Opinion pieces

The journal also publishes relevant commentary and review pieces including:

Х Visionary perspectives and commentaries
Х Technical notes
Х Book reviews

The editor welcomes manuscripts relating to the scope of journal and will be pleased to comment and advise on proposals. For more information email the editor at [email protected].

All articles submitted are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor, and if found suitable for further consideration, enter peer review by independent, anonymous, expert referees. The Journal operates double-blind peer review and all submissions are to be made online using the ScholarOne site

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