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Peer Review under the responsibility of Southeast University

Frontiers of Architectural Research is an international journal that publishes original research papers, review articles, and case studies to promote rapid communication and exchange among scholars, architects, and engineers. It introduces and reflects significant and pioneering achievements in the field of architecture research. The subject areas include the main branches of architecture. Papers are dealing with architectural design and theory, architectural science and technology, urban planning, landscaping architecture, existing building renovation and architectural heritage conservation. The journal encourages papers to take a rigorous scientific approach and apply state-of-the-art technology. All published papers will reflect the original thoughts of researcher and basic theories, model, computing and design in architecture. High standard papers dealing with the social aspects of architecture are also welcome. The journal is strictly peer-reviewed and accepts only original manuscripts submitted in English.


Journal of Building Engineering

The Journal of Building Engineering is an interdisciplinary journal that covers all aspects of science and technology concerned with the whole life cycle of the built environment; from the design phase through to construction, operation, performance, maintenance and its deterioration.

The journal will cover, but is not limited to, the following topics:

Х Acoustics
Х Architectural design
Х Building maintenance
Х Building materials
Х Building pathology
Х Building performance
Х Coatings and claddings
Х Computer aided-design and simulation
Х Construction management
Х Construction technology
Х Energy efficiency
Х Environmental design and assessment
Х Façade and envelope engineering
Х Facilities management
Х Fire safety engineering
Х Health and wellbeing
Х HVAC systems
Х Indoor environment
Х Inspection and diagnosis
Х Life cycle assessment
Х Lighting
Х Retrofit and refurbishment of existing buildings
Х Service life prediction
Х Strengthening and rehabilitation
Х Structural analysis
Х Structural assessment
Х Structural design
Х Structural monitoring and testing
Х Sustainable buildings
Х Thermo-hygrometric design
Х Water systems and sanitation
Х Whole life cost

Technical notes on projects, codes and standards are also welcomed.


HBRC Journal

Production and Hosting by Elsevier B.V. on behalf of Housing and Building National Research Center

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