Answer the questions on the text

1) Where does Ann study?

2) What does she do after getting up?

3) What does she like doing while having breakfast?

4) How many classes does she have?

5) Why is 1 oclock her favourite time?

6) When does she go to the library?

7) What does she usually do after dinner?


7. Tell when do you usually do this things:

a) in the morning; b) in the afternoon; c) in the evening; d) at night. 1. get up 2. have breakfast 3. sleep 4. go to the university/academy 5. have lunch 6. finish studying 7. have dinner 8. go to bed 9. have a shower/bath 10. clean teeth 11. do homework

Read and translate the dialogue.


Nina: Hello, Mary.

Mary: Hello, come in. Dont mind the mess. Im just doing the room.

Nina: Oh, what a pity you are busy! Look, Ive got two tickets for the cinema. The show begins at five sharp.

Mary: Dont worry. We have enough time for everything. We still have an hour before the show. It never takes me much time to tidy up my room.

Nina: Let me help you. What can I do?

Mary: If you like you can water the flowers and dust the books while I sweep the floor and put everything in its place.

Nina: Shall I put this flower-pot on the window-sill?

Mary: Yes, please.

Nina: Its a bit stuffy in here. Do you mind if I open the window?

Mary: Oh, no. I dont mind a bit!

Nina: Now the room looks quite tidy. There is nothing else to do. Lets go.

Mary: Wait a moment. Ive got to wash up.

Nina: Somebody else can do it.

Mary: Of course, but today it is my turn to do it. We all help mother about the house as much as we can.

Nina: And who does the shopping in your family?

Mary: As a rule, mother goes shopping after work. Oh, that reminds me. I must buy something for supper. Mother has a lecture tonight.

Make a similar dialogue and present it to the class.

Each of you will get a card with the description of a typical day.

Rewrite the sentences on the card in the third face.

Card A.

My name is Diana. I usually wake up at 7.30 and have a bath then. I dont have breakfast at home. I leave home to work and take a bus at 8.15. Before work I go to the café and have a cup of coffee and some sandwiches. I start work at 9 oclock and work till 6 in the evening. While Im working I have a break from 13.00 till 13.30 for lunch. I come back home at 6.45. We have dinner at 8 oclock. And then I watch TV or meet friends and go to bed at 11 or 12 at night.

Card B.

My name is Dan. Im 27. Im a DJ at the nightclub. So my day begins at 1 oclock in the afternoon. I get up and have breakfast, then I go to the gym at 2 oclock. After my training I usually go to the music shop to buy some new CDs at 2.15. It takes me a half an hour to do it. I have lunch at 6 oclock in the evening and go to work at 7.20. I get to work by train at 7.50 and prepare my working place. People come to the club nearly at 10 in the evening. While working I have dinner. The club closes at 4.30 in the morning and I leave work at 5. I take a taxi to home and come home at 5.15. I have a bath, and go to bed at 6.00.



Card C.

My name is Terry. Im a schoolboy. I begin to study at 8:15 so I get up at 6.45. I go to the bathroom, have a shower, clean my teeth and brush my hair. Then I dress myself and go downstairs for breakfast. I leave my home at 7.40 and take a school bus at 7.45. My classes last till 3 p.m. and then I go home. I come home at 3.30 and have lunch. Then I do my homework. I watch TV and play computer games after finishing my homework. I meet my friends in the evening. I have dinner, read a book and go to bed at 9.30.


Card D.

Im Melanie. Im retired. My days dont differ one from another. I wake up at 8 a.m. I do my bed, go to the bathroom, then I have breakfast at 8.30. After that I work in the garden for 2 or 3 hours. Then I cook lunch and we have lunch at 1 in the afternoon. Then I clean the house or do the washing up. Usually we go out for dinner at 6.30 oclock and then go for a walk. We return home at 9 oclock. We have a snack and watch TV or play cards with friends. We go to sleep nearly at 11 oclock.


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