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European Voluntary Service

Curriculum Vitae


Personal dates

First name and surname: Reelika Paju

Address: Sõpruse pst 206-22

Telephone/Mobile: +372 53 330 771

E-mail: [email protected]

Fax: No

Date and place of birth: 14 January 1988, Rakvere

Gender: Female

Nationality: Estonian


Education / work experience


Education and/or vocational training (with dates):


2012 - Vocational education in accounting, West-Viru College

2007 - 2010 Higher education in youth work, Tallinn Pedagogical College

1995 - 2007 Secundary education, Vinni-Pajusti Gymnasium



Sep 2012 Employment young people through circus training Tallinn Youth Work Centre with Circus stuudio of Folie

16.-17.05.2012 First Aid Training. Marju Karina

27.02 02.03.2012 Creative workshop in Stockholm. Youth Space

17. - 19.10.2011 Lets talk about health. Institute for Health Development

Mar 2010 4-days training-seminar about sexual behavior. Living for Tomorrow.

04.10 - 23.10.2009 Youth Work in intercultural environment. Culture Academy of Viljandi, University of Tartu.

May 2008 Diploma of youth camp and project camp counselor Youth Work Centre of Estonia

7.-8.04.2008 Practical youth work Tallinn Youth Work Centre

28.09.2005 Diploma of computer using A01-A07


Employments and voluntary work experience:

Employment history:

Jun 2011 - Youth worker in Kristiine youth centre, Tallinn Youth Centre supporting the personal, educational and social development of young people aged between 7 and 26, responding to the needs and interests of young people, planning and organizing developmental activities.

Aug 2010 May 2011 Waitress in Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, Cyprus taking orders from customers, serving drinks and dining, keeping room clean.

Jun 2007 Jul 2012 (only in summer time) Camp counselor in Urumarja youth camp organzing different daily activities to young people

Jun 2007 Aug 2007 Customer service in AS Rimi Estonia Food customer service and consultation.


Language abilities (fluent, good, basic)

Estonian mother language



Reading skills: good

Writing skills: good

Verbal skills: good


Reading skills: basic

Writing skills: basic

Verbal skills: basic


Other skills, interests and activities


Social skills: tolerant, emphatic, open-minded, trustful

Organizational skill: suitable for work in team and individual, understanding

Technical skills: good working knowledges with computer (word, excel, powerpoint)

Artistic skills: able to instruct many artistic activities for example reusing workshops, how to make earrings and other accessories, how to make stencil tehnique on t-shirt, how to draw with needle.

Other skills: juggling with balls, poi juggling, recently start with folk dance, interesting about literature, cooking



My name is Reelika Paju. I am 25 years old and I am from Estonia. I would like to take part of voluntary service in Russia name of project Nizhny Novgorod Voluntary Service (2011-PL-93). I am really interested in your project because of the variety of work. I think I fit good into your concept of supporting the youth, developing new ideas and being creative with the children.

One reason why I want to participate of voluntary service is based on personal grounds. I want to discover something new about myself and how do I cope with new enviroment.

I work as youth worker in Tallinn Youth Work Centre. I have worked with young people almost two years in the youth centre. I am graduate of youth work. During my studies I had many trainings for example in youth camp, youth centre, school, local self-goverment.

My main duties in youth centre are giving opportunities to young people to spend their free time and organising activities to them. My main goal has been to provide the knowledges about risk behavior for example smoking, drinking, drugs and sexual behavior. Visitors in youth centre are aged between 7 to 26. Their backgrounds are very different. Some of them are from very proper families and some of them are from very difficult situation of families. Also monthly I write activity plans, reports, articles and last year I wrote and organised project about risk behavior.

As volunteer I would like to get some challenge as project Centre Initiative you offer. I will be ready to support and give my best to the organisation.

I am cheerful and energetic person. I like to meet with people from different countries. In our youth centre we have a volunteer from Spain and I am very glad that I can host him in Estonia. I am very tolerant and flexible. I am dutiable and accurate in my work. I will never forget to be creative if it is possible. I like combine useful knowledges with enjoyable activities. On this way it will be possible to get a valuable experiences.

I am ready to conduct art lessons, movie nights, celebratings, to give lessons about smoking, drinking, drugs and sexual behavior, introduce opportunities about reusing. I have learned a litte bit about circus and folk dance.

I would like to learn how works youth work and all social system in Russia. Also I would like to learn some more Russian language and culture. In Estonia it gives you a lot if you know Russian. Thats why I decided to do my EVS in Russia. I think that cooperation between two parties, the both sides will get some good and fresh ideas. It would mean a lot to me, if you consider me because I appreciate your work and I want to learn with you.




Sending Organization: EstYES

Phone: +372 601 3098

Fax: +372 601 3309

Email: [email protected]

Address: Wiedemann 3, Tallinn, 10126

Contact Person: Inga Malva

How did you select the volunteer? (Is the volunteer a member of your organization, are you going to involve the volunteer in your current activities, did you interview the volunteer by phone or face-to-face...).


All the volunteers we send have to be the member of the EstYES. They have possibility to be involved our activities that take place in Estonia as well as abroad. We dont have any specific criterias for volunteers as our aim is to be open for everybody. We tried to find the best solution for every volunteer, based on her/his needs and profile.

What kind of theoretical and emotional preparation will you provide the volunteer with? (insurance, rights and responsibilities of the volunteer, SO and HO tasks, duties of the tutor of the project...).


The preparation before EVS will be done every volunteer separately based on her/his needs. For sure there will be touched all the main themes as: EVS program and promoters involved; rights and responsibilities of the volunteer; intercultural learning, culture shock, Youthpass, expectations and the reality, how to keep yourself motivated when everything is not going the way as planed, conflict resolution and relations with HO, the support of the SO, FAQ, financial part and how it shared between promotes, insurance and how to use it, the Volunteer Kit will be provided as well possibility to meet previous EVS volunteers in Spain or/and current EVS volunteers in Estonia, Cultural shock, conflict resolution, expectations, contact with ex-volunteers, keeping the volunteer motivated...

Part of the preparation is also Pre-departure training organised by Estonian NA


Did your organization send EVS volunteers to Russia before?


Yes we do have send some volunteers before to Russia. At the momen make his EVS in Sfera our volunteer Artjom Ovtsarov

Will you be ready to apply to your National Agency with the project application, if SFERA provides you with filled application form in and partIII?


It is possible to apply as well to Estonian NA.


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