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What are the verbs used with some of the names of vehicles?


At the beginning of your journey you get in(to) a very small boat, but with a bigger boat, you get on(to) it, go on board, or embark.

At the end of your journey you get out of a very small boat, but with a bigger boat, you get off it, or disembark.

You row a boat using oars (long poles with a wide flat blade), but you paddle a small light boat through the water using only two paddles (short poles with a wide blade).


Did you know that:

- the pronoun used instead of the noun ship is she?

e.g. She (the ship) stands on dry land at Greenwich as an impressive

reminder of the past.

-the only other ship to match her in those days was the Thermopylae?




PART I. Youll hear a part of tape. As you listen, for each question 1-4, choose the answer which fits best. Youll hear it once only.


1. The Cutty Sark is one of the most famous sailing ships of

a) the eighteenth century

b) the nineteenth century

c) the ninth century

2. She stands on dry land as

a) an impressive ship ever seen

b) a sailing vessel which was used to carry things from China

c) a reminder of the sailing ships of the past

2. Another ship, the Thermopylae,

a) was of the same size and characteristics

b) replaced the Cutty Sark years later

c) was the fastest ship that has ever been built.

3. Both the ships set out

a) from China to Australia

b) from Shanghai to England

c) From England to Shanghai

on an exciting race on June 18th 1872.


Listen to the second part of the tape and answer the following questions in your own words as far as possible (youll hear it once).



1. Where can the Cutty Sark be seen now?

2. What sort of cargo did ships like the Cutty Sark carry?

3. When did the two ships set out?

4. How long did the race between the Cutty Sark and Thermopylae last?

5. Who won the race? Why?


TASK III. Listen to the story again and restore the context together with your partner. Use the prompts:


the nineteenth century, is visited by, as an impressive reminder, were replaced by steamships, to carry, one of the fastest, the only ship to match her, set out from, the race was the last of its kind, to reach Java, on the Indian Ocean, took the lead, had a lot of bad luck, was struck by a storm, rudder, was torn away, rolled from side to side, to steer, spare planks, was fitted, to reduce the speed, to lose the lead, to call in a port, to have a new rudder fitted, hundreds of miles ahead, to catch up with, to win a race, many delays.


TASK IV. Read the following sentences and do the following tasks.


1. Vessels like the Cutty Sark were used to carry tea. State the verb form. Write three sentences using the following:

I use, I am used to, I used to, I was used. Comment on the forms.

2. This race was the last of its kind.

Write three sentences using itsand its.

3. A temporary rudder was made on board.

Which of the following words are preceded by on and which by in:

fire, ink, common, tears, foot, purpose, love, a hurry. Make up a sentence with them.

4. If she hadnt lost her rudder she would have won the race.

Write two sentences using the construction

If.hadnt, ..would have. Does it refer to the present, past or future?

5. The captain called in a port to have a new rudder fitted.

Note this use of have.

Write the following sentences again using the same construction to

show that the subject of the sentence is not the agent of the action:

He is building a house.

He has cleaned his suit.

He wants to paint the walls in his living-room.





The class is divided into groups of three to four students. Each group has to decide on a holiday that you would like to have together. A decision should be reached by discussion and finding arguments and not by a majority vote. If the group really cannot agree on a type of holiday you would all like to share, you may present your case to the class for further discussion. The class may ask questions or comment.





In not more than 120-180 words write a composition entitled Ships of the past. Expand the ideas given below into a plan:

Ideas: ancient ships oars galley slaves Viking ships Erik the Red early sailing ships Columbus galleons the Spanish Armada warships Nelson the coming of steam the Great eastern.


TASK II. LETTER WRITING (supposed to be done at home)


Imagine youre travelling on a ship. Write a letter in three paragraphs of about 100 words to your friend describing your journey.






What do you associate the word justice with?

What does the title suggest?

Are you a revengeful person? Why?


TASK I. Guess the answers to these questions on the basis of what you know about/have heard about crime:


1. Which of these countries have the highest/lowest crime rate

Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Russia, Britain?

2. What age group in your country are the most frequent victims of crime?

3. Which percentage of all crime in your country is higher: against people or against property?


TASK II. Decide with your partner how to match the words in colu7mn A with their definition in B.



1. shoplift a. to take a person hostage in exchange for

money or other favours

2. kidnap (v) b. to take sth illegally into another country


3. smuggle (v) c. to steal sth from a shop


4. murder (n,v) d. threatening to make a dark secret public in order

to get money

5. blackmail (n,v) e. killing someone


6. mug (v) f. to attack smb on a road to get money


7. forgery (n) g. physical attack on another person


8. assault (v,n) h. trying to pass off a copy as the real thing


9. terrorism (n) i. taking the property of a person or organization

illegally, esp. using violence, threats

10. to rob (v) j. to use violence for political ends


TASK III. In pairs take turns to put the right form of the word from column A:


1. Every year large numbers of banks ____________ .

2. The woman was too shaken after ____________ to report the incident to the police.

3. When he bought the picture he was told it was a Rubens, but he later found it was a ___________.

4. A middle-aged woman ______________ in broad daylight a week ago.

5. He accused his mother of using emotional _______________ to stop him leaving home.

6. The boy ________________ in the morning, and in the afternoon a great ransom was demanded from his parents.

7. The Customs men caught a man in his attempt ______________ icons abroad.

8. The woman was caught red-handed when she was trying ____________ a few boxes of perfume.


TASK IV. Here are some headlines from newspapers. Discuss in pairs and make them into radio news headlines using PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE.











Choose two of the headlines and write the full stories using PAST SIMPLE. Read your news to the rest of the class.


Whats the news today?




Here are some of the words that can help you understand the tape:


beyond doubt for sure

to seek look for

arduous extremely difficult

cease stop

to mete out to define ( here: praise or punishment)

accord agreement about what should be done

premise territory

muffled cry faint cry

promptly at once, immediately

to be trapped not to be able to escape or move

to resist to refuse to accept

temptation state when you feel you want to do which you know you

ought to avoid


TASK I. Explain the meaning of the following sentences:


1. There are rare instances when justice almost ceases to be an abstract conception.

2. Reward or punishment is meted out quite independent of human interference.

3. Justice acts like a living force.

4. It serves him right.


TASK II. Listen to the tape and answer the following questions:

1. Who was caught on the premises of a large store?

2. When did it happen?

3. What sort of store was it? What did it look like?

4. Who was the first to hear a muffled cry coming from behind one of the walls?

5. Who promptly rang up the fire brigade?

6. How did the firemen locate the right chimney?

7. Where was the thief trapped?

8. What did the thief confess of?

9. How long had he been in the chimney?

10. Why do you think the shop assistant must have found it impossible to resist the temptation to say it serves him right?

11. When does justice, according to the story, seem to act like a living force? Do you agree?


TASK III. Listen to the tape again and together with your partner restore the events helping each other. Let it be a talk.


TASK IV. Discuss in pairs.


Whats the authors attitude to the man trapped in the chimney:

- positive?

- humorous?

- ironical?

- negative?

- critical?

Is your attitude different? Compare it with your partners.


TASK V. Do the following tasks:


1). What is the plural of the following words:

chimney, valley, baby, day, hobby, army, victory, turkey, sight, loaf, fight, shower, pair, family, thief, journey, doubt, fireplace.


2). Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets:


The sorry-looking, blackened figure that emerged, at once (admit) that he (try) to break into the shop during the night but (get stuck) in the chimney. He (be) there for nearly ten hours when the firemen rescued him. Justice (do) even before the man (be handed) over to the police.


3). Choose the two answers which you think are correct in each of the following:


1. As the chimney was extremely narrow, it was impossible move.

A. for to B. to C. for him to D. for E. in order to

2. The sorry-looking figure at once .that he had tried to break in.

A. denied B. confessed C. refused D. told E. said


4). Join the following sentences together to make one sentence. Compare it with that of your partner.


They chipped through a wall. It was eighteen inches thick. They found a man. He had been trapped in the chimney.





These are the details of a crime. Try to guess how the Great Detective knows that X is guilty.


My dearest Katie! sobbed Adam Hurst as he collapsed into a chair by the lifeless body of his wife. Why did you do it?

The Great Detective surveyed the scene of the crime. The body of Katherine Hurst lay on the bed, a red bullet-hole in her left temple. Her left hand, still holding the gun, lay on her breast.

We had just come back from Lady Windermires party, groaned Adam Hurst.

Is that the wife of Lord Windermire the millionaire?

Yes. Hes my boss. Wed been drinking a lot we were quarrelling Kat thought I was having an affair with Lord Windermires daughter. If you dont leave her Ill kill myself, she said. She took the gun and lay down as you see her and put the gun to her head. I didnt believe her I thought she was just being melodramatic. I left the room. And then

Mr Hurst, said the Great Detective. Did you touch or move the body in any way after the shot was fired?

No, no, said Adam Hurst. I found her as you see her.

Youre under arrest, said the Great Detective. You murdered your wife in order to marry the rich Miss Windermire.

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