Универсальный восьмиосный полувагона: Передний упор отлит в одно целое с ударной розеткой. Концевая балка 2 сварная, коробчатого сечения. Она состоит из...

Расположение электрооборудования электропоезда ЭД4М

Транспортировка раненого в укрытие: Тактика действий в секторе обстрела, когда раненый не подает признаков жизни...

Прочитайте текст. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные в скобках, так чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста


Do you prefer being 1) _____(act) to sitting around all day? Are you completely crazy about football, basketball, ice-skating, or some other sport?

If health and 2) ______ (fit) are your passion, and if you have plenty of natural 3)_______ (able), you could become a professional athlete. You'll have to be a good entertainer! Fans will pay to watch you, but you'll have to 'perform' for them. If you're brilliant at your game, you could end up 4) ________(extreme) rich. Some footballers are millionaires and have almost 5) _________(limited) opportunities to make money. But if professionals don't play well. they face disappointment and early 6)________ (retire). Being a 'pro' is a demanding and stressful job and athletes need all the help they can get. Most rely on a 7)_________ (train), who can help them improve their skills and give them lots of encouragement. In team sports the manager will often give 8) __________ (instruct) about what players must and mustn't do off the field. Disobey these orders, and you're likely to lose your place in the team!


Stephen Mary. Activate. B2. Workbook. Стр.20

Часть 5

Прочитайте статью, заполните пропуски только одним словом.


Some say that if you would like to buy a passport on the black market, an Irish

1)________ would be the most expensive. 2) ______Irish are warm-hearted, open and friendly people and are welcome everywhere. No surprise, then, that St Patrick's Day is celebrated on 17 March every year in more countries around the world than 3) _______other National Holiday. On this day 4) ____________wants to be Irish.

The first St Patrick's Day Parade was organized in Boston in 1737. Nowadays, parades 5) _________ held in most places where the Irish have been forced, or have chosen, to emigrate. Whether 6) ________ is Dublin, London, New York 7) _________ Sydney, people flock to participate and to watch. 8) ____________ it is a commemoration of a Christian saint, it is a day of celebration for all Irish people of all religions and creeds.

Oxford Exam Excellence стр.25


Часть 6

Прочитайте текст. Заполните пропуски словом, подходящим по смыслу, образованным от слова, данного справа.

Following a recent renovation, the new Hancock Observatory invites you to enjoy Chicago’s best views from the city’s highest open-air Skywalk. It has quickly gained _____________ with both Chicagoans and visitors of the city. Skywalk is Chicago’s highest open-air viewing area. It is 1,000 feet in the air! Everyone here can feel the strong wind and hear the dynamic buzz of the city below. The friendly staff will _____________ tell the real story behind Chicago’s “Windy City” nickname. For those who feel _____________ about such a great height there are more relaxing indoor audio Sky Tours. These 30-minute personal audio tours give a unique “overview” of Chicago’s wonderful sights and ____________ history! Sky Tours are available in English, Spanish and German. History Wall is another popular_______________. More than 100 photos on a great 80-foot display show Chicago’s rise from a small settlement to a great city. As a tour guide I have been to the Skywalk ___________ times and still I can’t help admiring it.       POPULAR     CERTAIN   COMFORT     REMARK   ATTRACT     COUNT  


ЕГЭ 2015 под ред. Вербицкой М.В Стр. 121


Часть 7

Образуйте словосочетания, соединив слова из двух колонок:

1.birth   a)agent
2.influence   b)house
3.to get attention from   c)gifts
4.be treated   d)depression
5.extended   e)to order
6.wrapped   f)customers
7.suffer from   g)like an adult
8.real estate   h)cruises
9.boat   i)personality
10.to track   j)treatments
11.to queue   k)order
12.damage   l)parents
13.spa   m)family
14.a terraced   n)health

Часть 8

Напишите письмо-ответ своему другу-иностранцу. (объём 200 слов)

Read part of a letter you have received from your penfriend abroad.


So I’m really looking forward to coming to your country – finally! But it’s so sad that I’m coming when you are away! Anyway, can you tell me what places I should go to, what things I should do, and what things I should eat and drink?

Часть 9

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