Dialogue 3

At the butcher’s:

Butcher: Good morning, Mrs Greenhouse.

Mrs Greenhouse: Good morning, Mr Brandon. I … some pork chops for the children’s lunch.

Butcher. Chump chops or shoulder chops, Mrs Greenhouse?

Mrs Greenhouse. I’ll have four shoulder chops, and I want a small chicken.

Butcher. Would you like to choose a chicken, Mrs Church?

Mrs Greenhouse. … is cheaper?

Butcher. This one’s the cheapest. It’s a delicious chicken.

Mrs Greenhouse. …. Is all that? I haven’t got ….. Can I pay …?

Butcher. Of course, Mrs Greenhouse.

Step 4. Discuss with your partner where the people are and why they are there.

Step 5. Make up a dialogue with your partner:

You are in a pharmacy. You need an aspirin/ painkiller pills/ a bottle of mineral water.

You are in the shoe shop. You need a pair of high heels/ walking boots/ a shoe polishing cream.

You are in the clothes shop. You need a T-shirt/ a sundress/ a pair of jeans.

You are at an electrical appliance shop and want to buy a tablet/ a phone for your granny.

You are at the flea market. You want some rarity postcards/ tableware/ some old books.

Use the following key phrases:

Can I help you? May I help you? Are you looking for something special? What size are you? It’s on sale. It’s only 100 … Would you like to try it on?The fitting rooms are over there Does it fit you well? Do you pay by card or in cash? Thank you for the purchase! It comes with a year guarantee It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty You can get a refund if you keep the receipt safe, and bring it back within 2 weeks. Do you have a loyalty card? Would you like a bag? Enter your pin, please. Sorry, we don’t have any in stock Would you like it to be wrapped? Yes please. I’m looking forI need … I’m small/ medium/ large size Where are the fitting rooms? It doesn’t fit me. I need a smaller/ larger size How much is it? How much are they? Can I have …, please? I pay by card/ I pay cash/ I pay in cash Do you have a refund policy? Thank you, I’m just looking around Is this in the sale? Does it come with a warranty? Do you have this in another colour? Have you got anything cheaper? Do you know where else I could try? That’s not exactly I’m looking for It’s too tight/ too loose It’s too long/ too short Can you wrap it for me?

Activity 3. Money often costs toomuch (Ralf Waldo).

Step 1. Look at the words and match them with their definitions:

borrow Automated Teller Machine; cash dispenser
refund Piece of paper money.
ATM Digital currency which allows payments to be sent from one party to another without going through a financial institution.
bitcoin Obtain money which must be returned.
banknote To have no money.
receipt Amount of money available or needed for a specific use.
tip Coins or bank notes (not cheques); actual money paid, not credit.
withdraw Act of buying
owe A person dealing with cash transactions in a bank, shop, etc.
petty cash Written order to a pay the stated amount from one's account.
loan A piece of metal used as money.
lend The money used in a country.
invest Money owed by one person to another.
donate Sum or money payable as a first instalment on a purchase; Money placed in an account in a bank.
deposit Givie money, especially to charity; make a donation.
cashier The rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another.
cheque Payment made to a professional person (doctor, lawyer, etc.).
coin Money paid for borrowing or investing money.
exchange rate To put money into a business, property, etc. in order to earn interest or profit.
swipe Move a card containing information stored on a magnetic strip through a device that reads this information
fee Give or allow the use of money which must be returned, usually with interest.
budget Sum of money to be returned with interest.
broke To be in debt to someone; to owe money to somebody.
cash Small amount of cash available for everyday expenses.
currency Written statement that money has been paid.
debt Pay back money received; reimburse.
interest Small sum of money given to a waiter, taxi driver, tec.
Purchase Take money from a bank account.

Step 2. Work out your own definitions for the ggiven words in small groups:

1. shop assistant

2. bargain

3. sale

4. complaint

5. warranty

6. pin-code

7. queue

8. shopkeeper

9. loyalty card

10. VAT

Step 3. You bought a tablet a couple of days ago but there turned out to be a fault with that. Talk to your partner, who will be the shop assistant, describe in detail how and when you bought it how you paid for that as well as the fault itself and demand a refund or, if you fail to do that, exchange for another one. Use as many words and expressions you have already learnt.


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