Main Parts of Articles of Clothing

armhole button buttonhole shoulder button to button (unbutton) to sew on a button bodice collar high collar frill collar round collar stand-up collar surplice collar turndown collar knitted collar crew neck collar cowl neck collar polo neck (BrE)/turtle neck (AmE) V-neck boat-neck scooped neck fur collar (furtrimmed collar) crease cuff cuff slit fur cuff (fur-trimmed cuff) decolletage/cleavage bare-shoulder cut flounce fold (pleat) box pleat front pleat frill frilled shoulder strap ruche sleeve long sleeve loose sleeve puffed sleeve raglan sleeve three-quarter sleeve turn-up sleeve padded sleeve (shoulder) capped sleeve kimono sleeve batwing sleeve sleeveless pocket flap yoke hem hood (detachable hood) inset lapel fly lining silk-lined fur-lined pocket breast pocket front pocket hip pocket inside pocket inset pocket side pocket patch pocket to thrust ones hands into pockets buckle clasp/fastening loop fastening toggle fastening invisible tab fastening to clasp/to fasten hook and eye lace cross lacing lace trimming to lace (unlace) to do up (undo) to tie up (untie) press stud (BrE)/snap fastener (AmE) Velcro zip (BrE)/zipper (AmE) front zip side zip tie belt beaded belt drawstring drawstring-waistline waistband knot embroidery decorative stitching leather trimming fur trimming side slit tuck sequin trouser leg

Exercise 1

Match each of the following parts of clothing with the correct number in the pictures below.

label lapel breast pocket   lining zip cuff     belt buckle collar seam sleeve loop crease fly buttonhole





Exercise 2

Complete the word in each sentence. Each space represents one letter.

1. Ive eaten to much - Ill have to loosen my b_ _ _.

2. Ann looked very severe in black dress with a white collar and c_ _ _ _.

3. He turned up his c _ _ _ _ _ to protect his neck from the cold wind.

4. Ive almost finished making my dress for the party but Ive still got to sew up the

h_ _ and sew on some b_ _ _ _ _ _.

5. My father always wears a blue silk handkerchief in his b_ _ _ _ _ pocket.

6. Do up your l_ _ _ _ or youll fall over.

7. In the summer I always wear shirts with short s _ _ _ _ _ _.

Exercise 3

Match each of the following fasteners with the correct picture.



buckle button hook and eye pin press stud safety-pin popper zip/zipper



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