Ќейрогли€ (или проще гли€, глиальные клетки): —труктурна€ и функциональна€ единица нервной ткани и он состоит из тела...

ќбъективные признаки состава административного правонарушени€: €вл€ютс€ общественные отношени€, урегулированные нормами права и охран€емые...

ћакетные упражнени€: ћакет выполн€етс€ в масштабе 1:50, 1:100, 1:200 на подрамнике...

“есты -јнглийский €зык

1. Twenty-four hoursЕ.. along time to wait for the next flight.

2. My Е.. favourite game is to dress up like nurses and play hospital.

3. They say she is ЕЕ woman alive.

4. I am afraid thatТs in ticket available for this train.

5.The musical revolution of rock-and-roll occurred in the late Е..

6. Jim and Emma are my friends, but Е.. of them lives near me.

7. The Browns Е.. Asia is a very interesting continent to visit.

8. At the travel agency they will tell you exactly when the train Е..

9. Last year Сs spring tides Е.. much damage to the crop.

10. The horses Е.. clouds of dust on the country road.

11. This time last year I Е.. in the rain along a country road in France.

12. WeТve bought a new house a new house and we Е.. in next week.

13. The teacher Е.. about my handwriting! How can I improve it?

14. The last bus Е.. Can you give me a lift home?

15. Mary suddenly remembered that she Е.. off the oven.

16. By the end of the year I Е.. from the university.

17. It was 12 oТclock before the family Е all in bed.

18.The students listened very attentively to Е explanation.

19.These shoes donТt fit me. Have you got Е size?

21. Е train to Glasgow leaves from platform 3.

22. Over two Е students were present at the meeting.

23. Еof them had the slightest idea of what she meant to say.

24. The water in this lake rarelyЕin winter.

25. If the sea levelЕ higher, the risk of a flood will increase

26. She Е off her coat, entered the house and went to the kitchen.

27. Alex nearly Е to the floor when his foot got caught in the rug.

28. PeopleЕ more and more interested in physical fitness nowadays.

29. We Е our weekly meeting tomorrow instead of Friday this week.

30. We shared a flat with him when we were students and he Е about my untidiness.

31. There is not much to do now, as we Е the main problem.

32. When it was time to go I asked if I could see the room I Е in for five years.

33. They say that the supplies of uranium will Е out by the end of the decade in some African countries.

34. Did you know that Peter Е the party for a week especially for?.

35. Millions of dollars Еin banks every day.

36. Alex is in hospital now. He Е for a bad burn on his arm.

37. Economics Е only recently been recognised as a scientific study

38. Е clothes were all dirty. TheyТd been playing football in the rain

39. No Е comments followed, which seemed a bit strange.

40. Nowadays Bob is eating more and exercising Е than he used to.

41. This castle was built at the times of Henry Е .

42 I have two cousins, Е of whom are boys.

43. On some weekday mornings Alice Е through the park to work if there is no need to hurry.

44. If you Е more on your school work, youТll make a breakthrough in many subjects.

45. He Е us every Saturday morning with unfailing regularity a couple of months ago.

46. He came in and Е the box carefully on the table.

47. Who will run Mr.BrentТs business when he Е?

48. Next August they Е their 25th wedding anniversary.

49. You Е! Calm down!

50. Bill waited for his friend outside wondering where he Е .

51. I had the impression that he Е about our request.

52. I donТt think I Е the test by the end of the lesson.

53. They Е in the fields for five hours before they stopped for lunch.

54.The crew of a ship Е of twenty seamen including the captain and his mate.

55.He is so thoughtful! He always remembers other Е birthdays.

56.No Е information was given, which seemed a bit strange.

57. It is Е expensive to live in London than in any other city in Britain.

58.What`s on Е tonight?

59.I have tried on those two skirts and I think Е of them suits me.

60.We usually Е a lot of train during the winter in this part of the word.

61.The moment we Е any news, I will call you.

62.Do you happen to know who Е the radio?

63.He always Е a raincoat and carried an umbrella when he walked home.

64.Don`t interrupt me while I Е, please.

65.I Е of talking up a part-time job this summer. Is it good idea?

66.You Е on whatever I do or say! Why?

67.John Е me that he is getting married.

68.Ms. Davidson was very nervous as the plane took of because she Е before.

69.He spends all his spare time planting trees. He say that by the end of the next year he Е 2000 of them.

70.The teacher Е the students` essays for three hour and there are still many of them to be looked through.

71.It`s still a miracle that no one Е in yesterday`s car accident.

72.Every effort Е now to deal with the question you raised at the last meeting.

73.An immense amount of money and time Е into finding a cure for this disease lately.

74.They said they Е the contents of your article, but the style wasnТt good for the magazine.

75. I canТt find my bag anywhere, I Е it in the shop.

76.A fair face Е hide a foul heart

77. You Е steal other peopleТs property.

78.The ship, Е QueenТs Star, sailed next morning down the English Channel.

79. He spent a week an uncle who lives in Canada near Е Lake Superior.

80. He fell in love with her at Е first sight.

81. Peter went shopping in Е Oxford Street yesterday.

82. Е Dinner was a success.

83. If you are Е luck, it wonТt be raining when you leave.

84. He picked Е a lot of French slang while he was in the factory.

85. We are looking forward Е the holiday

86. ItТs raining, so weТll put Е the picnic until next week.

87. ItТs late, I must beЕ work now.

88. Do you have any books Е for young children?

89. Forgive her- she can beЕ shy with strangers.

90. YouТll have an accident if you donТt driveЕ

91. The little boy felt Е near his parents.

92. The book Е all the information you need.

93. Once upon a time nothing but herds of Е went through here on their way from Normandy.

94. Mr. Brown had been satisfied with the results of speaking toЕ fathers.

95. I need Е sleep at night.

96. Which is Е: water or air?

97. The dentist told him to open his mouthЕ .

98. Among all the crowd who came and went here she cared for Е

99. I am afraid the weather is Е than yesterday.

100. Would you like to join us for the party?

101. Shall we go out tonight?

101. YouТll Е to use the stairs; the lift is out of order.

102. Thomas received a warning for speeding. He Е have driven so fast.

103. Jane did very well on the exam. She Е have studied very hard/

104. Е man does not live by Е bread alone.

105. Is Е Malta in Е Mediterranean?

106. Е substantial tea was laid on Е table.

107. УDo you know anyone by the name Watkins?Ф Ц УI know Е Watkins in San Francisco.Ф

108. Е McDonaids is a chain of fast food restaurants. Their fast service is Е means of attracting customers.

109. IТd like to hand this painting, but IТve run Е nails.

110. Hold on, IТll try to put you Е .

111. To start the machine, switch it Е . Then press the red button.

112. I didnТt have the strength to carry the case Е my own/

113. What would you like to do Е a living?

114. The music sounded Е to be classical.

115. Tom felt Е after the trip.

116. We had Е hard time trying to persuade him that we gave up.

117. IТm Е for a job of an interpreter.

118. You Е feel very happy. You have been working hard for your degree.

119.The gloves were dirty so they Е be washed.

120.My sister-in-law Е meet me at the station.

121.Perhaps it would have been possible to see in him Е Prometheus.

122.He looked as if he hard turned to Е stone.

123.There was scarcely Е white hair on her head eyes sparkled with fun.

124.I thought he was Е Turkey as he spoke fluent Turkish.

125.He has not Е Maxim I first met, not the stranger who sat alone at the table in the restaurant.

126.I will not put Е with your rudeness any longer.

127.She looked at me Е horror.

128.I am very content Е your progress.

129.Are you confident Е finishing the exercises before tomorrow?

130.We need more help, but weТll get Е somehow.

131.Salmon was once a commonplace Е in Scotland.

132.The performance was quite a success Е .

133.Before her marriage she had been lively and cheerful and Е

134.The shoes are very Е , they fit me quite well.

135.We have a lovely house on Е of the city.

136.Our lives, our marriages, our children are Е than work.

137.In the next Е days Irene felt a change.

138.One must be sure of Е grounds.

139.He was Е manager among the MasterТs party.

140.In the twenty-four hours too Е had happened.

141.You didnТt witness any of these Е yourself, didnТt you?

142.They had found refreshment over the way at Е .

143.I didnТt see him last week.

144.Good bye and thanks again for all youТve done.

145.Would you mind if I turned the TV on?

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