Event Participation Covering Note

Invitation to take part in 2017 Open International Children's Art and Crafts Festival Multicolored Planet


Multicolored Planet is a yearly open international art and crafts festival which brings together artwork created by children from different cities and countries.

The Festival theme for 2017 is Russia, Far Away And Close Up

Russia is a country with a rich cultural heritage and incredible natural resources, the birthplace of some of humanity's greatest achievements in arts and sciences. Stretching over 1/6 of the planet, with her snow-covered tundra and sun-filled fields, birch groves and evergreen forests, gorgeous lakes and mighty rivers, deep seas and tall mountains, Russia is both welcoming and mysterious. Russia is famous for her gold-domed churches, ancient keeps and magnificent palaces.

How do our children picture Russia? What do they know about her cultural heritage and what do they see in her future?

We are inviting everyone interested in this topic to participate in Multicolored Planet Open International Festival in 2017.


Suggested artwork themes are:


· Russia, past and present (history)

· A journey to Russia (nature, architecture, heritage etc.)

· Keeping traditions alive (Russia's multicultural folklore: traditional arts and crafts, legends and fairy-tales, customs and holidays)

· Russia and other countries (culture, science and technological development, geographical discoveries)

· Russia: a glance into the future

The best artwork will be exhibited in February/March in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Any form of art and crafts, as well as digital art, is accepted. Works should reflect the Festival's theme. Age of participants may range from 6 to 18.


Event participation requests from foreign participants and participants from Russian cities other than St. Petersburg, along with complete lists of works, should be emailed before February 1 to:[email protected]

Works by foreign participants and participants from Russian cities other than St. Petersburg should be sent by post and are accepted until 1 February 2016. Works should be mailed to 192283 St. Petersburg, ul. Malaya Balkanskaya, d. 36, korp. 2, Extracurricular Education Center of Frunzensky District (the Center must be specified as the addressee). Works will not be mailed back.

In extraordinary circumstances foreign participants may submit their work in electronic form. Artworks along with their covering notes should be emailed before 1 February to the Festival's email: [email protected]. Artwork's photographs will be exhibited in a slide show at the exhibition as well as posted as part of Vkontakte virtual exhibition here: http://vk.com/multicolor_planet Format specification: image files should be in either.jpeg or.png format and of good quality.


Event Participation Covering Note

Organization ________


Email address of organization or contact person ________________________________


Contact person's first and last name __________________________________________________



№ photograph file name Or artwork photograph itself   First and last name of participant or the name of creative team. Art teacher's full name. Full organization name.   Age Artwork title, technique The number of children involved in creating artwork   Teacher's emal City, country
P1070508 Yanika Alekseeva Art teacher: Olga Mikhailovna Loginova Tallinn Linnamäe Russian Lycee Estonia       The Journey To The Past, Pastel     ******@mail.ru Tallinn, Estonia
(file P1070506 Chiara) Chiara Capitani Insegnante - Nadia Sorrentino Team creativo - Achille Lodovisi – Enrico Lenzi – Monja Albani Scuole secondarie di primo grado di Savignano sul Panaro Italia   «Particolare degli affreschi della Cappella dei Contrari della Rocca di Vignola» Tempera su preparazione a intonaco   Centro…@fondazionedivignola.it Savignano sul Panaro Italia
Or:   Margherita Corbelli, Valentina Sala, Daria Zini, Pietro Montagnani,Ikramallah Rachid Insegnante Tina de Falco Scuola primaria S.G. Bosco I.C Sassuolo 3 sud     "Cresciamo come alberi» Ricordo Carta, tempera colla   Tina…@yahoo.it Sassuolo (Modena) Italia



Label sample:


Yanika Alekseeva, 7 THE JOURNEY TO THE PAST Pastel Art teacher: Olga Loginova Tallinn Linnamäe Russian Lycee Estonia       Margherita Corbelli, Valentina Sala, Daria Zini, Pietro CRESCIAMO COME ALBERI Carta, tempera colla Montagnani,Ikramallah Rachid Insegnante Tina de Falco Scuola primaria S.G. Bosco I.C Sassuolo 3 sud Italia  


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