Oracles 1905 The Collected Works Vol. II 1906


The Death of the Drunkard p.1 The Death of the Drunkard p.1

The Balloon p.2

A Peep Behind the Scenes p.1


Lines on being Invited to Meet the

Premier in Wales p.1


September 1892 p.1

The Baloon p.2

Spolia Opima p.5 Spolia Opima p.2


Lines on being Invited to Meet the

Premier in Wales, September '92 p.6


A Peep Behind the Scenes p.8

A Welcome to Jabez p.3

Elvina p.3

Adaptation of 'Onward Christian

Soldiers' to the Needs of Brethren p.3


To Mrs. O...... n C...t p.9 To Mrs. O...... n C...t p.5

Elvina p.11

A Welcome to Jabez p.13


The Little Half-Sovereign p.15 The Little Half-Sovereign p.5


Adaptation of 'Onward Christian

Soldiers' to the Needs of Brethren p.18


Ode to Sappho p.21 Ode to Sappho p.6

In a Lesbian Meadow p.23 In a Lesbian Meadow p.7

"Tis Pity -" p.26 "Tis Pity -" p.7

Epilogue to 'Green Alps.' p.8

Two Sonnets in Praise of a Publisher p.8

My Wife Dies p.28 My Wife Dies p.9

The Nativity p.29

All Night p.31

Ode to Venus Callipyge p.35 Ode to Venus Callipyge p.9

The Cannibals p.10

The Blood-Lotus p.40 The Blood-Lotus p.12

The Nativity p.14

Translation from Baudelaire p.49 Translation from Baudelaire p.15

Chaldean Fools p.19

Invocation p.61

A Litany p.69

Call of the Sylphs p.72 Call of the Sylphs p.19

Chaldean Fools p.73

Invocation p.20

The Hermit's Hymn to Solitude p.74

Hymn to Apollo p.22


The Hermit's Hymn to Solitude p.23


The Storm p.79 The Storm p.25

Hymn to Apollo p.83

Venus p.87

Assumpta Canidia p.92 Assumpta Canidia p.26

Venus p.29

A Litany p.30

Night in the Valley p.99

March in the Tropics p.102 March in the Tropics p.31

Night in the Valley p.32

Metempsychosis p.103 Metempsychosis p.33

Advice of a Letter p.104 Advice of a Letter p.33

On Waikiki Beach p.105 On Waikiki Beach p.33

The Triads of Despair p.34

The Dance of Shiva p.109 The Dance of Shiva p.36

Sonnet for a Picture p.111 Sonnet for a Picture p.36

The House p.112 The House p.37

Anima Lunae p.116 Anima Lunae p.38

The Triads of Despair p.129

"Sabbe Pi Dukkham" p.133 "Sabbe Pi Dukkham" p.43

Dhammapada p.137 Dhammapada p.44

St. Patrick's Day, 1902 p.148 St. Patrick's Day, 1902 p.48

The Earl's Quest p. 151 The Earl's Quest p.49

Even pg.158 Eve p.52

The Sibyl p.159 The Sibyl p.52

La Coureuse p.160 La Coureuse p.52

Sonnet for a Picture p.52

To "Elizabeth" p.161 To "Elizabeth" p.53

Sonnets for a Picture p.162

Rondels (at Monte Carlo) p.163 Rondels (at Monte Carlo) p.53

In the Great Pyramid of Ghizeh p.165 In the Great Pyramid of Ghizeh p.53

The Hills p.169 The Hills p.55


Note: The Collected Works adds in two new poems: Two Sonnets in Praise of a Publisher p.8 and Eve p.52. The poem in Oracles which is titled All Night p.31 is re-titled The Cannibals p.10 when it appeared in The Collected Works. The only other change occurs in the title of the poem Lines on being Invited to Meet the Premier in Wales, September 1892. In Oracles the year 1892 is written as '92 while in The Collected Works the date is written out in full as 1892.


ORDEAL OF IDA PENDRAGON, THE (Dedicated to I, J and K) - (story)

by Martial Nay (Aleister Crowley)

The Equinox Vol.I:6 pg.113 HB, 1978


Note: Crowley, "In Paris I wrote 'The Ordeal of Ida Pendragon'. The hero, Edgar Rolles, meets a girl at the Taverne Pantheon (where I wrote the story) and takes her to a fight between a white man and a Negro... (later he) takes her to his studio and recognizes her as a member of the Order. He proposes to put her through the ordeal of crossing the Abyss."... Regarding the dedication: I= Leila Waddell, J = Jane Cheron and K = Kathleen Pruce. Crowley writes, that Ida "is a combination of these three woman."






AC/Originally a Yorke typescript supposedly dictated to Norman Mudd by Aleister Crowley.




Amrita, Thelema Publications, CA pg.39 HB, 1990



The Initiation Rituals of this order are not included in this listing as well as other papers and documents. Some OTO Papers are listed.

see - O.T.O.


ORGAN IN KING'S CHAPEL, CAMBRIDGE, THE (poem) by G. H. S. Pinsent (Aleister Crowley)

The Equinox Vol.I:2 pg.162 HB, 1978


ORGY OF CANT, AN (essay)

The Open Court, February 1916



Note: This was originally released as Honesty is the Best Policy.


ORIFLAMME (OTO) Number 1 - Freedom is a Two-Edge Sword

Ordo Templi Orientis NY/Falcon Press, Las Vegas PB, 1989


Note: This issue is primarily about John Whiteside Parsons (1914-1952)


ORIFLAMME (OTO) Number 2 - The Revival of Magick and Other Essays

Proof Copy - pre-publication/loose paper, OTO, 1997

Ordo Templi Orientis NY/Falcon Press, AZ PB, 1998


Note: This is a listing of the Proof Copy of the following Crowley essays: Humanity First, The Revival of Magick, The Camel, A Discussion of the Value of "Interior Certainty", The Soul of the Desert, A Hindu at the Polo Grounds, A Letter from Mahatma Sri Pramananda Guru Swamiji (Great Soul Saint Supreme-Bliss Teacher) to His Brother in India, Three Great Hoaxes of the War, Mystics and Their Little Ways, The Attainment of Happiness, An Improvement on Psychoanalysis, The Psychology of the Unconscious (for Dinner-Table Consumption), Billy Sunday, The Ouija Board, A Letter from The Master Therion, How Horoscopes are Faked, Art and Clairvoyance, Geomancy, Good Hunting! Eulogium upon Jeanne d'Arc, William Blake, On the Education of Children, On Sexual Freedom, Duty, An Open Letter to Rabbi Joel Blau, A Memorandum Regarding The Book of The Law, The Antecedents of Thelema, The Beginning of

the New World, On Thelema, The Method of Thelema, A Letter to Henry Ford, Gilles de Rais, A Lecture on the Philosophy of Magick, The Scientific Solution of the Problem of Government, Jack the Ripper, On the Ritual of the Pentagram, Fragments.... There are two essays which were not released in the final version: Jack the Ripper and On the Ritual of the Pentagram.'


ORIFLAMME, THE by Marcelo Motta & SOTO

Vol.VI No.1 see - Yoga and Magick (Book 4 Part I)

Vol.VI No.2 see - Magick and Mysticism (Book 4 Part II)

Vol.VI No.3 see - Magick Without Tears Part I

Vol.VI No.4 see - Magick Without Tears Part II

Vol.VI No.5 see - Thelemic Magick Part I

Vol.VI No.6 see - Thelemic Magick Part II


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