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Brush up your knowledge of English Grammar and choose the right answer paying attention to appropriate verb forms in Passive Voice

1. - Is there any bridge like this in your city?

- Yes, but it ___________ at the moment

A.? is still been built

B.? is still being builed

C.? is still being built

D.? is built


2. - Did you enjoy last lecture?

- Yes, although some issues __________rather poorly.

A.? has been presented

B.? was presenting

C.? had presented

D.? were presented


3. Paper __________ by the Chinese long before its use __________ in Europe.

A.? invented ------ known

B.? was invented --------- were known

C.? invented ------ was known

D.? was invented ------ was known


4. As soon as everyone __________ the examination __________, the test papers were given out.

A.? taking ------ was seated

B.? took ------ seated

C.? taking ------ seated

D.? taken ------ was seated


5. Higher education __________ available to all high school graduates in this country.

A.? have been made

B.? has been made

C.? has made it

D.? have made it


6. I __________ my watch at home, so I don't know what time it is.

A.? have left

B.? have been left

C.? was left

D.? am left


7. The British __________ to be very good at researching.

A.? says

B.? say

C.? is said

D.? are said


8. Although Mr. Smith is __________ a famous researcher, he talks very little about himself.

A.? known about

B.? known for

C.? knowing as

D.? known as


9. Once the plan __________, a postgraduate student may get as much as $1,000 as travel expenses.

A.? gets approved

B.? approved

C.? was approved

D.? gets approving


Exercise 2.1.5

Using the expressions from the English text, translate the Russian text into English. Use the Passive Voice in the Present Simple Tense. Check up the standard pronunciation of the words which are difficult to you. Tell this information in English.

ћне предложили место в аспирантуре после защиты дипломной работы, так как мой интерес к систематическим исследовани€м был замечен преподавател€ми во врем€ учебы на старших курсах. ќбласть моих исследовательских интересов определилась на последнем курсе.

ћне сказали, что дл€ поступлени€ необходима серьЄзна€ подготовка к вступительным экзаменам по специальности и иностранному €зыку. јнглийский €зык изучалс€ на младших курсах, поэтому мне пришлось много заниматьс€. Ѕыло прочитано несколько текстов по специальности на английском €зыке, выписаны основные термины, проанализированы грамматические трудности. Ќа экзамене мен€ могли спросить о проблемах, которые должны исследоватьс€ в моей диссертационной работе.

ћного было сделано во врем€ подготовки и мои ожидани€ оправдались Ц мой уровень знаний был оценен на Ђхорошої.

Supervisory arrangements of candidate programme training

Read the following text paying attention to the stages of candidate programme training and researching, to the predefence similarities in the RF and abroad. Make up your own glossary to be used for discussing the preliminary defense of your thesis. Write one or two pages describing your experience in the field of research (your reasons for independent study and your plans and current professional responsibilities).

There is a greater need to get research students more involved in researching and teaching process. The large majority of research students of Siberian State University of Railway Engineering are engaged in significant research projects, which develop railway industry and other related areas. Their expert findings contribute significantly to technological progress and economic strategy of RZD Company.

Each novice researcher work in libraries and university laboratories using various types of equipment and railway facilities. They have the right to teach undergraduate students and participate in research expeditions. Undertaking teaching, research students form a useful resource for the university departments though they need support in this role. To make the research students more effective in teaching our University has developed and implemented a scheme to provide training in teaching skills to them.

The research supervisors induct new candidate students into their environment. As supervision requires close personal relationship, the supervisors guide candidate students by hints and tips providing them with firm guidance and feedback. They monitor the progress in fulfilling the individual research plans and control their business trips and teaching loads which can influence their research effectiveness and the quality of their thesis. As new research students start their work typically with little or no experience in doing research and are faced with the necessity of ensuring "breadth" as well as "depth" in their investigation, the experienced supervisors help them by sharing their own experience.

The relevant departments annually evaluate the effectiveness of candidate studentsТ studies. The junior researchers must present their reports describing the progress being made in preparing the thesis as well as in preparing for the candidate examinations.


Exercise 2.2.1

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